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Pretend Play Vet Clinic Printables For Kids

Inside: Let your kids’ imagination go wild with these pretend play vet clinic printables! These are part of the ultimate printable activities for kids collection

One of my favorite things to do is watch my kids using their imagination to play.

It brings a smile to my face to see them playing alone quietly, completely wrapped up in their own world of make-believe.

Often, they have no idea I’m even watching them.

Sometimes it’s superheroes chasing the bad guys, sometimes it’s race cars screaming down the race track at the speed of light, and sometimes it’s so imaginative I’m completely clueless as to what’s going on.

But it’s always satisfying to know their brains are actively working and creating in entirely new ways.

In our ever-evolving world, I believe one of the greatest strengths we can help foster in our kids is their creativity.

Creativity is what solves our problems.

It’s what launches us out of our current thinking into uncharted territory.

It’s what we all wish we could tap into more easily.

So whenever I see my kids using their imagination, I like to find ways to reinforce it or help it develop further.

If one of my kids is enjoying art, I’ll offer new supplies next time they want to make something.

If they’re playing with their toys, I’ll grab another toy and mimic what they’re doing.

Whatever little thing I can think of to broaden the world of their mind.

One activity that my kids love to do is pretend to be dogs.

I don’t know how it started but it’s a pretty regular occurrence around here.

And sometimes, a mom can only take so much of their kid following them everywhere they go panting and saying “woof”.

So, if that sounds familiar or if you just have a child that loves animals, this pretend play vet clinic printable set is for you!

Let your toddler or preschooler develop their creativity with these pretend play vet clinic printables that kids are sure to love! They're perfect for dramatic play centers or rainy days inside.

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Pretend Play Vet Clinic Printables For Hours Of Imaginative Fun

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. You can read my full disclosure here.

Inside this set, I’ve included a variety of printables so your child can live out their dream of being a veterinarian today.


What’s Included:

This printable set is perfect for jumpstarting your kid’s imagination and it only requires a few things to get set up.

Hours Signs & Services List:

Let your patients know when to expect the doctor with these signs.

If you have an indoor or outdoor playhouse, these are great to put on the door.

You can also put them on the outside of teepees or even on the wall next to the pretend office space.

Tape the services list to the wall or counter so every patient knows the costs of the doctor’s services.

Patient Intake Form:

dramatic play for kids | vet pretend printables

On this paper, your little doctor will find everything they need to document their patient’s medical history. You’ll need to print one of these for every patient.

Bill Form:

vet pretend play ideas | animal lover | veterinarian

If your child is old enough, using the bill form along with the services list is a great way to practice reading and math skills.

Vet Stickers:

vet community helpers | preschool activities

No visit to the doctor is complete without stickers for a job well done.

There are 4 different styles of stickers for various animals. There are also band aid stickers you can print out and let your child use to fix up their patients.

Next Appointment Card:

pretend play printables | DIY vet office

These small cards are the perfect reminder to patients of when they need to come in next.

Prescription Forms:

imaginative play for toddlers & preschoolers | vet printables

Print some of these out for your child to give to their patients that need prescription medicine. They’re also a great way to have your kids practice handwriting.

Vet ID Badge:

dramatic play for kids | vet | preschool activities

With this badge, your kids will feel incredibly important. It’s standard business card sized and works great if you have a lanyard to attach it to.

Check out everything that’s included below:

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