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100+ Awesome Printable Activities For Kids

Are your kids bored at home? Do you want some educational, yet fun activities for them to do? Have you run out of fun ideas?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re in luck! We have over 100 awesome, fun, and engaging printable activities for kids to keep your little ones (or students) busy and learning.

These printable activities for kids vary in age from late toddler to preschooler, kindergartener, and beyond.

They’re great for quiet time activities, planning parties and holidays, and teaching your children. Plus, they’re always fun!

Read on below to find all of our worksheets, printable crafts, coloring pages, holiday activities, and more!

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Kids Worksheets

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Are you looking for some fun and engaging worksheets for your kids? If so, we’ve got lots of ideas that will help you with homeschooling, supplemental learning, or the classroom.

These fun and educational preschool worksheets are colorful, cute, and engaging for young children. There are lots of different styles of printables that will help kids work on things like:

  • Letter recognition
  • Handwriting
  • Patterns
  • Simple math
  • Scissor skills
  • Graphing
  • Counting
  • Number recognition
  • and so much more!

Printable Crafts For Kids

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We love crafts and crafting with kids! They’re not only tons of fun to make, but they also help their development in so many ways. From increasing creativity to helping to improve scissors skills to focus and beyond, there are so many reasons to incorporate crafting into your child’s life.

We have so many craft choices for you below, (almost) all of which have a free printable template to make crafting with young kids even easier!

Coloring Pages For Kids

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Did you know that coloring is not just a fun activity for kids to do? Coloring can actually help kids with many different things! Learn about some of them below:

Brain Development – As your child colors, they are visualizing what the picture should look like. When the picture is finished, they will be able to recognize that their drawing was successful because it looks just like what they saw in their head! Recognizing success can help your child have a growth mindset and see challenges as something fun instead of stressful!

Imagination – This one is huge for young kids. Kids are learning that this is a tool that they can use to think about all different sorts of things. They are using their imagination as creativity and play!

Improved Mood – Coloring is an easy way for kids to relax and not worry about daily life or stressors as much as before.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination – Kids will have better control over their pencils and crayons as they color! It will help them be more successful in other areas too, like tying shoes and learning to write.

Improved Concentration – Focus is a big area that kids struggle with as they start school. Coloring can help teach your child how to focus on something for a longer period of time.

Improved Motor Skills – Coloring will help your child create different strokes that can be helpful when learning how to write letters or numbers. It also increases the control they have over their hands by forcing them to color within the lines!

Check out our huge collection of over 100 coloring pages for kids!

Learning Printables

space pattern block mats printable

If you want to help your kids learn without traditional worksheets, these learning printables are for you! Some of them are hands-on with manipulatives, so use dot markers, but all are fun ways to learn!

Printable Holiday Activities

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The holidays are such a fun way to spend time with kids and craft, grow, and learn! Find lots of printable holiday ideas that will keep your kids busy!

Do you have a printable activity for kids you’d like to see me make? Leave a message in the comments below. 

More Printable Activities For Kids

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