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19 Fun Turkey Activities For Kids

The leaves are changing, kids are back in school and there is a chill in the air.

That can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

This November, we want to make sure you have more than enough activities for kids on hand to keep them occupied so we’re sharing these fun turkey activities for kids.

Whether you are looking for turkey worksheets, fun turkey crafts that work on fine motor skills, or turkey games, we’ve got a bit of everything!

These ideas are perfect for preschoolers, kindergarten, and early elementary aged children.

Scroll through and save your favorites for later. There are plenty of ideas to keep your kiddos busy all November long!

Turkey Ideas For Kids

turkey activities for kids image collage with the words turkey activities for kids

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close up roll a turkey printable game

This roll a turkey printable is a fun and simple game kids can play. All you need are some colorful pom poms, a die, and our free template. Play this game and help kids with fine motor skills, counting, colors, and more!

turkey connect the dots mockup

These turkey connect the dot printables are a simple activity that you can print out and let the kids color and connect!

two popsicle stick turkey crafts

It’s not too late to get out those popsicle sticks and create a turkey popsicle stick craft with your favorite little one. They will love adding the details of this adorable craft with you!

disguise a turkey crafts

If you are looking for Thanksgiving activities to do with the kiddos, this disguise a turkey craft is sure to please. It’s easy and can be done at home or in the classroom. Use our free turkey template to hide your turkey this November!

This Thanksgiving, add some extra cheer to your holiday by having the kids create a handmade card! With some scissors, glue, construction paper, and of course those all-important helping hands, they can make a turkey handprint card that is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Not only will this craft be fun for the kids – they get to help create their own unique artwork!

turkey coloring pages

Kids love to color! These free turkey coloring pages are perfect for Thanksgiving. They’re great for keeping kids busy during the holiday and practicing their fine motor skills at the same time.

hand holding name turkey craft

Have your kids practice spelling their names with this fun and educational name turkey craft! They’ll love seeing their name spelled out in feathers on this cute guy.

Thanksgiving Fun

Looking for some Thanksgiving fun and learning for your kids? Look no further than this Thanksgiving fun bundle! It’s packed with 79 pages of Thanksgiving-themed worksheets, do a dot printables, family activities, and more. This is the perfect way to get your kids excited about Thanksgiving and help them learn all about this special holiday. So don’t wait – grab the Thanksgiving printables bundle today!

2 paper bag turkey crafts

This paper bag turkey craft is perfect for kids. They can use scraps of paper to make this fun, simple project that they’ll love! It’s also a great way to teach them about the story of Thanksgiving and how thankful we can be this holiday season.

thankful turkey made from oatmeal container

Kids will love this cute and easy thankful turkey craft that they can make to teach them about gratitude. This is a great project for kids of all ages! It’s also a fun way to get your family involved in the holiday spirit!

2 handprint turkey crafts

Everyone loves handprint crafts! Make this cuttle little turkey handprint craft this holiday season – it’s perfect for the classroom or to do at home!

headband turkey craft

This craft is a great way to get your students or kids in the holiday spirit! It’s especially fun to see them on all the children if you’re putting on a Thanksgiving program. The best part? You can use any colors you want and it doesn’t take much time at all. This turkey headband craft would also be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner with family!

Fun Thanksgiving Do A Dot Printables

Your kids will love these turkey do a dot printables! This fun and festive holiday activity is perfect for preschoolers. It’s also great for pre k, kindergarten students, or anyone who needs an easy way to learn letter recognition, counting skills, or fine motor control. Just download the free PDF file below and get ready to enjoy this Thanksgiving tradition with your little ones!

paper plate turkey craft

We’re almost there, Thanksgiving! You know what that means? Yes – turkey.

But it also means more time with the kids and activities for them to enjoy while they are off school. This time we have an adorable paper plate turkey craft perfect for your little ones this season. They’ll love making these cute turkeys out of some old supplies you might already have around your house!

2 turkey craftivities

Do a quick Thanksgiving craft and writing activity with this turkey craftivity. They’re perfect for elementary-aged children and come with a free template too.

pin the beak on the turkey printable mockup

Gather the family together this Thanksgiving to play Pin The Beak on the Turkey! It’s a fun game that’ll have the family laughing.

Crafting with your kids is an opportunity to unleash their creativity and use those pint-sized fine motor skills. Let them try this turkey art project! They can paint or color the template, then assemble the pieces to make their very own unique turkey creation. They’ll feel proud of their work afterward, and it will make for some adorable home decor this Thanksgiving season!

Every year at this time, families all over the country are looking for fun activities to do that will help them get into the spirit of Thanksgiving. And what better way than with an adorable little toilet paper roll turkey craft? If you’re feeling creative and want something easy but festive then follow these instructions on how to make one!

Turkey crafts are a classic Thanksgiving activity. This tissue paper turkey craft is quick and easy to make but will be such a hit with the kids at your next family gathering or classroom party. Download our free template and get crafting today!

2 printable turkey crafts

This Thanksgiving, printable turkey craft. This is an easy activity that will help you bring the fun of this holiday into your home with kids! It’s also a great way to work on scissor skills while introducing young children to the parts of a turkey.

Gobble up the fun with this fun turkey trouble craft! It’s an exciting adventure that lets kids dive into a world of giggles and creativity, where turkeys don fancy pizza delivery disguises. It also offers a good opportunity for kids to enhance their fine motor skills and let their imaginations run wild.

Feathers, fun, and a flurry of creativity – that’s what awaits your kids with this cute turkey photo craft! It’s not just about creating a festive decoration, it’s about making memories. As they add their own photo to the craft, they’re not just personalizing a turkey, but creating a cherished keepsake that captures the joy and spirit of the Thanksgiving season.

Get your kids ready for a gobble-good time with this accordion turkey craft! This is more than just a fun activity, it’s a Thanksgiving adventure waiting to come alive in vibrant colors. As your kids dive into this creative journey, they’ll be flexing their fine motor skills and letting their imaginations run wild

This easy turkey card craft is a wonderful way for your kids to express their gratitude and send heartwarming holiday greetings. Beyond the joy of crafting, it’s also a fantastic way to boost their fine motor skills, scissor skills, and handwriting.

Ready, set, gobble! This turkey paper cup craft is the perfect holiday activity for your kids! It allows them to create an adorable turkey by just using simple materials that can be found around the house. It’s also an exciting way to boost their hand-eye coordination and scissor skills.

This torn paper turkey craft is a fun activity that your kiddos will absolutely love! It is about creating a cute turkey while flexing their fine motor skills and creativity. They get to transform something as simple as torn paper into a work of art!

Which turkey activity will your kids want to do first? Let us know in the comments below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.