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108 FREE Printable Halloween Crafts For Kids

Halloween is such a fun time of year to build memories with the kids!

We love creating easy Halloween crafts for kids and have made sure all of our activities are kid-friendly and not too spooky. They even have a free printable template so that it’s super easy to make!

These Halloween ideas are perfect for creating with preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary-aged children. They’re also perfect to do for a classroom or family Halloween party.

Browse through our whole list of Halloween projects and save the ones that your kids will love most!

We love creating here at Simple Everyday Mom, and we especially love it during the holidays! Halloween is one of our favorites because it allows for so much creativity. From spooky decorations to cute and silly costumes, there’s Halloween fun for everyone to enjoy!

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Halloween Printable Crafts

This year, get into the spooky spirit by making this vampire popsicle stick craft with the kids. Not only is it a fun activity to do together, but it’s also a great way to get them excited for Halloween. It’s also one of our favorite free Halloween ideas!

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This Frankenstein tissue paper craft is one of our favorites this year! It’s perfect for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and it also helps kids learn how to follow directions. The best part is that it’s super easy to make.

Bats are often seen as spooky creatures of the night, but they are actually amazing animals. This fun bat art project is easy for young kids to make with watercolors. Make it around Halloween and learn about this cool animals.

Collage image of Halloween Kids' Craft

It’s time to get creative with this Frankenstein art project! This easy activity is perfect for young kids who want to try out watercolors. All you need is some white paper, paint, and a few simple supplies. There are so many creative ways this activity can turn out, so download the free template today and let your child’s imagination run wild!

Bats are such mysterious creatures, and kids will love creating their own bat shape craft from paper this Halloween. You can use our paper eyes or swap them out for google eyes! This one is also perfect for both younger and older kids to enjoy together!

Paper bag puppets are some of the best Halloween project ideas! And making a vampire paper bag puppet is the perfect Halloween idea for kids. They’ll have so much fun as they pretend to be their favorite eerie creatures.

This Frankenstein headband craft is a blast for kids to wear! They can make them from colored paper or they can print them out on white paper and color them in. It’s a fun, hands-on way to get your kids excited for Halloween. Plus, it’s a great addition to any costume or just for some spooky dress-up play.

Halloween crafts for kids image collage

Frankenstein is one of the most classic monster movies of all time. And what’s a better way to celebrate than by making your very own Frankenstein out of paper? This Frankenstein handprint craft for kids is a super easy Halloween DIY to make and only requires a few materials. Plus, there’s no messy paint involved!

Halloween is the perfect time to break out the art supplies and get creating with the kids. And what could be more fun than making a paper werewolf? This quick and easy handprint werewolf craft is perfect for Halloween.

Making new things is always fun, and kids get to use their hands. Plus, who doesn’t love getting a little bit messy? With this handprint mummy craft, the little ones can make their very own mummy.

Halloween craft image collage

Can you believe this paper plate witch craft for kids is made with white paper plates?! It’s one of the best free Halloween ideas your little ones can make! Have your kids create their own unique paper plate witch with our printable template, some paper, and paint.

These zombie painted rocks are a fun family activity that’s perfect for Halloween! Go on a nature walk with your kids and collect some rocks to paint together. Then, watch our quick video tutorial to see how we make them!

You might not describe real bats are adorable (even though we do), but kids will love these paper bat crafts! Add this activity to your list of Halloween ideas, grab the free template, and make it with your preschoolers!

Halloween crafts for kids image collage

Make this witch puppet craft to celebrate Halloween. It’s a fun, easy activity to get in the spirit of things! Download your free template and let the kids go wild with their imagination while they create these witches.

This simple zombie paper plate craft is fun for boys and is so easy to create. With just a few basic supplies, your child can make a creepy (but oh-so-cute) zombie face using a paper plate as the base. This is also a fun way to introduce the concept of recycling and reusing materials!

October is here and it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit. This handprint witch craft is a fun, easy activity that kids will love- even if you don’t have many supplies on hand. Kids will love seeing their own handprint transformed into a Halloween-tastic witch! 

Halloween kids craft image collage

This zombie popsicle stick craft is perfect because it’s easy, inexpensive, and can be done in a short amount of time. Plus it’s a great way to use up those popsicle sticks and make something festive!

If your kids love creating with paper plates, they’ll love this easy and cute paper plate bat craft! It’s one of our favorite spooky ideas, and your little monsters are sure to love it! Just download our free template and gather some simple supplies to get started.

This paper plate vampire craft is a quick Halloween activity you can do at home or in the classroom. Just snag the free template and let your kids’ creativity go! It’s perfect for a fun morning during October or boredom buster in school.

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This Halloween, don’t be afraid to do some DIYs with the little ones! Make a witch popsicle stick craft that they can decorate themselves. Grab some acrylic paint, paper, and some glue sticks and you’re ready to go.

This paper bag bat craft is not only fun to make but it’s also a blast to play with after you make it! They’re perfect for imaginative play as well. Have your little ones put on a puppet show with their new bat friend, or hang them up as spooky decorations for Halloween. 

Don’t forget about the little ones! Make monsters cute and kid-friendly with this monster paper bag puppet craft. It’s quick to make and can be made unique with color choices! You’ll want to add this to your collection of Halloween ideas, so don’t forget to download the free template!

Halloween craft image collage

This handprint bat craft is one of our most popular spooky cute ideas on the blog! It’s a fun activity that works well with preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten kids.

Create this simple and quick zombie toilet paper roll craft! All you need to do is print, color, and tape onto your cardboard tube. It’s that easy! It’s the best idea for zombie-loving kids to make this Halloween.

This crow craft for kids can be used as a non-spooky Halloween project or when kids are learning about birds. We’re giving you a free template so it’s super easy to make with the kids.

Halloween kids' craft image collage

Are you looking for more free Halloween activities? If so, this little bat popsicle stick craft is super cute and great for Halloween. You can use leftover popsicle sticks and some construction paper to create these adorable bats.

Kids of all ages will love these toilet paper roll pipe cleaner spiders. It’s quick and easy to create with a toilet paper roll, some googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and paper. Have fun creating your own spooky spiders!

Kids will love to make this paper plate mummy craft! It’s great for fine motor development and tons of fun! This project is so simple, that you can do it with your kids or grandkids in under 20 minutes.

Halloween crafts image collage

Need a simple Halloween DIY? This fast and easy brown paper bag ghost craft is perfect for kids. Best of all, it has a free template!

Make a toilet paper roll Frankenstein craft out of recycled cardboard tubes. This is great for Halloween and can be made with kids in about 15 minutes! It’s perfect for a last-minute decoration or a fun activity for a Halloween party.

You can’t make any paper plate DIY easier than making these paper plate ghosts! It’s perfect for young kids to make, and the end result is always boo-tiful! And the best part? It’s one of the best low-prep October ideas!

Halloween kids craft image collage

If your family enjoys recycled crafts, they’ll like this toilet paper roll bat craft! Grab some paper, googly eyes, scissors, and glue and you’re ready to go.

Who knew mummies could be so cute?! Turn your brown paper bag into this adorable little paper bag mummy craft! Your little ones will love transforming a paper bag into something spook-tacular with this idea.

This paper plate Frankenstein is the cutest Frankenstein on the block! Making this DIY is not only fun but also helps your kids work on fine motor skills, cutting practice, and more!

Halloween kids craft image collage

This paper bag zombie craft puppet is the grossest Halloween ideas we have, but if your kids are into zombies you can always leave off the exposed brains. Snag the free template and make it with the kids sometime in October.

Here’s another zombie that’s not creepy in the least! In fact, we think he (or she) is as cute as a zombie can be. Watch our video tutorial to see exactly how we made this cute handprint zombie craft.

Kids will love this adorable Halloween witch cut and paste craft. They’ll have fun improving their fine motor skills, scissor practice, and following instructions with a free template!

Halloween kids craft image collage

You can’t have Halloween without some reference to Frankenstein, right?! This paper bag Frankenstein craft is easy and comes with a printable template too.

Do your kids love popsicle stick crafts? If so, this mummy popsicle stick craft is ideal for the spooky season! You just need a couple of supplies like black paint, paper, scissors and glue.

Practice fine motor skills with this super easy Frankenstein cut and paste craft. It’s great for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten children. Just print, cut, paste, and go! Who knew one little project could improve so many skills?

Halloween kids craft image collage

This sugar skull craft for kids is a fun idea for Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos. While the skull is intricate, it’s great for toddlers all the way up to adults. Grab the printable and let the kids color and display their masterpiece! 

Toddlers and preschoolers will have a blast creating this handprint ghost art for kids.  All you need is some white paint, black construction paper, and a cute little hand and you’re set! Kids will love seeing their spooky ghosts!

Kindergarten and elementary children will enjoy making this haunted house craft for kids. Click through to see all the details and learn how to make your own unique haunted house silhouette. 

Halloween kids' crafts image collage

This Halloween black cat craft is an excellent choice for second, third, and fourth-graders. Download the template and have everyone make their own unique version. Then, hang them up in the classroom to create a spooky black cat gallery!

We love projects that have free templates, and this next one is no exception! This paper plate monster craft is a silly Halloween idea little kids will love! It’ll put all those leftover googly eyes to good use.

Frankenstein is coming to town! This Frankenstein popsicle stick craft will give your kids some spooky Halloween fun. The best part? It’s easy and free with this printable template. No electricity or science experiments are needed to bring this Frankenstein to life!

Collage image of Halloween Kids' Craft

Are you looking for a fun and easy project to do with the kids this Halloween? If so, we think you’ll love this handprint vampire craft! You don’t need any paint, and it’s really simple to make.

This bat tissue paper craft is perfect for kids who want to work on their fine motor skills and a creative way to celebrate at the same time. It’s a fun way to use up some of those scraps of tissue paper lying around, and it’s a great project for Halloween! Plus, your kids will love hanging these bats up in their room once they’re done.

Collage image of Halloween Kids' Craft

This year, forgo the store-bought Halloween decorations and make your own spooky crafts with the younger kids. One easy project is a witches brew handprint craft! It’s so fun to make and is one of the best witchy Halloween ideas!

These monster popsicle stick crafts are perfect for creative kids! Just give them some paint, scissors, and glue, and they’ll be able to make their own silly monsters. They can even get creative with the materials, using different colors and patterns to make their monsters unique.

The Frankenstein shape craft is a cool activity that allows kids to create their own Halloween decorations. It lets them exercise their creativity by assembling various shapes to create their own adorable Frankenstein character.

Are you looking for a wonderful activity for your kids to enjoy? These Frankenstein gnome crafts are perfect for creative kids! It combines the iconic Frankenstein monster with the whimsical charm of gnomes. It allows kids to express their creativity while creating unique and spooky decorations.

Halloween crafts collage

Get your kids ready for a spook-tacular time with this bat card craft! It’s a perfect way for kids to dive into the spooky season. They’ll love cutting and gluing to create their very own bat-shaped masterpiece. It also allows them to practice their fine motor skills and handwriting.

Charge up your kiddo’s creativity with this cat mummy craft! This activity lets them create a charming cat dressed as a mummy. It brings a touch of ancient Egypt into your home. It also helps them explore their artistic side and exercise their fine motor skills.

Ready your kids for a monstrously good time with this frankenstein paper cup craft! Kids can create a friendly Frankenstein using easy-to-find materials. It also helps them develop fine motor skills and shape recognition in the process.

Collage image of Halloween Kids' Craft

This zombie card craft brings kids to a zomb-tastic adventure right in the comfort of your home! It lets them create their own unique zombie cards, complete with spooky eyes and brains. It is a great way to boost their creativity and practice essential skills.

Looking for an easy activity this Halloween? This witch gnome craft is perfect for kids! It’s all about snipping, gluing, and creating a lovely witchy friend. It also gives those little hands a great workout, enhancing fine motor skills and explore their imagination.

The mummy gnome craft is here to add an extra dash of Halloween spirit to your kids’ playtime! They will exercise their fine motor skills and creativity while creating a cute little gnome dressed as a mummy.

Collage image of Halloween Kids' Craft

This frankenstein ghost craft is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit! Kids can create their very own ghostly pal while learning valuable skills along the way.

Are your kids ready for a spellbinding adventure? This witch paper cup craft is the perfect potion of fun and creativity! It’s an easy way to celebrate Halloween while also exercising those all-important fine motor skills.

Our mummy card craft is perfect for kids to get busy, letting their creativity run wild. It’s a fantastic way to practice those all-important fine motor skills. It’s also a lovely way to spread the Halloween cheer by gifting these charming homemade cards to friends and family!

Collage image of Halloween Kids' Craft

Prepare your kids for a spellbinding Halloween with this witch card craft! It’s a delightful way to boost their creativity and imagination. It lets them create their own enchanting designs.

Get your kids ready to flap into the Halloween spirit with this bat gnome craft! This spooktacular activity lets kids help our friendly gnome get all dressed up for the big night, complete with wings and ears. It’s a fun way to practice their fine motor skills as they cut and glue their way to a ghoulishly good time!

This monster handprint craft is all about transforming kiddos’ handprints into the wackiest, most adorable monsters they can imagine! It’s a fantastic way to flex their creative muscles while also giving those fine motor skills a good workout.

Collage image of Halloween Kids' Craft

This frankenstein card craft is all about letting your kid’s creativity run wild, as they create their very own eerie yet adorable Frankenstein face. It’s a great opportunity for them to pen down a fun and spooky message inside the card.

Are your kids for a boo-tiful time? This tissue paper ghost craft lets their creativity fly high. By just using simple basic materials that can be found around the house they can create a cute ghost friend. They’ll also be practicing their fine motor skills.

Bring the spirit of Halloween alive with this zombie cat puppet craft! Kids will enjoy creating their own ghoulish feline friend, while also flexing their imaginative muscles and exercising their fine motor skills.

Collage image of Halloween Kids' Craft

Ready your kids for a screechingly good time with this cute bat paper cup craft! As they assemble their very own fluttery friend, they’re also sharpening those all-important skills like hand-eye coordination and attention to detail. And when they see their finished bats hanging about, it’ll be a soaring boost to their self-esteem and sense of achievement

Brace your kids for a monstrously good time! This zombie paper cup activity is a fantastic way for kids to tap into their creativity and get their hands moving. It is also about the satisfaction of transforming a simple paper cup into a silly, spooky zombie!

This frankenstein photo craft lets your kiddo’s face light up the classic monster with its own unique twist. It develops their creativity and it also creates an unforgettable Halloween keepsake that will bring joy every spooky season.

Collage image of Halloween Kids' Craft

This mummy paper cup craft is a great way to celebrate the spooky season. It helps kiddos enhance their fine motor skills and exercise their creativity. With just some basic materials like colored cups and cardstock, they’ll be able to create an adorable mummy that they can proudly show off.

Our zombie tissue paper craft is the perfect Halloween activity to get kids bubbling with excitement! It’s a thrilling adventure into the world of spooky creatures. It is also a fantastic way to flex their creative muscles and develop their fine motor skills.

Get your kids ready for a monstrously good time with this frankenstein puppet craft. It’s not only a fun activity. It also gives the kiddos a chance to sharpen their motor skills and learn to follow instructions while creating an adorable Halloween decoration.

This haunted house craft is a thrilling adventure into the world of color and imagination! It’s a fantastic opportunity for kids to explore their artistic side and discover the joy of creating their own masterpiece. It’s a great way to help them develop fine motor skills while having fun!

Candy Corn Crafts & Activities

Halloween crafts for kids image collage

Whether you love candy corn or can’t stand it, we think everyone will love these cute candy corn activities. There are paper plate crafts, puppet crafts, headband crafts, and more – all perfect for Halloween night!

This candy corn gnome craft is a fun and simple activity that kids will absolutely love. It’s all about creating a charming gnome that sports the classic colors of their favorite Halloween treat. And the best part? They’ll have a cute and festive decoration to show off when they’re done!

Pumpkin Crafts For Kids

Halloween crafts for kids image collage

Of course, you can’t have Halloween with pumpkins! Find lots of fun pumpkin crafts for kids that are easy and perfect to make all October long!

We have the best ideas to keep kids busy all October long! Which one are you going to make first?

More Fun Crafts For Kids

More Halloween Ideas For Kids

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