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Easy Paper Plate Monster Craft For Preschool [Free Template]

One of the best things to do with kids during the fall season is non-spooky Halloween crafts for kids. 

When children are toddlers, preschoolers, or kindergarten-aged oftentimes Halloween can be too scary. In our home, we do everything we can to instead focus on the fun, silly, and light-hearted aspects of Halloween. 

This year we’re sharing this cute and cool paper plate monster craft for preschoolers! It’s an easy Halloween craft for kids they’ll love creating.

It’s super simple to make and odds are, you probably already have everything you need waiting for you in the craft closet. 

Read on below to learn how easy it is to make this monster craft with your kids or students. 

Monster Paper Plate Craft

paper plate monster image collage with the words paper plate monster

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Download the monster template and print it out on the corresponding colored card stock. Cut out the pieces of the monster template you want to use. 

Cut out the center of the paper plate to leave it with a wreath shape.

Paint the paper plate in a fun color. Let it dry completely.

Next, glue the horns, one on each side of the paper plate to the top and back.

Take the teeth and glue them to the back of the paper plate, on the top and bottom of the inner circle.

Glue on as many googly eyes as you want!

That’s all there is to it! 

Halloween Fun

Want some more fun and educational Halloween printables for your kids? We’ve got you covered! Our Halloween printables bundle has a little bit of everything – from color by number pages to pattern block mats & more. Your kids will have a blast practicing their fine motor skills, counting, letter recognition, and more. It’s packed with 77 pages of fun so there’s lots of variety and learning potential. Your kids will never get bored!

Monster Craft Benefits For Children

This craft is not only fun but also offers kids an opportunity to work on developmental skills! When kids are creating their own monster craft, they’re getting tons of chances to develop their fine motor skills.

They’ll be able to exercise their hand muscle strength as they cut out the monster’s horns and teeth. Then, they’ll work on hand-eye coordination when they glue those pieces onto the paper plate.

Painting also is another way they’re able to work with their hands and increase their fine motor abilities. All of these different aspects of this craft prepare young children for handwriting practice.

Another amazing benefit of this craft is the ability for kids to exercise their creativity!

At home, since we’re developing crafts, we’ll have a finished project for the kids to look at before they even start. This can be useful when explaining how the finished product will look, but sometimes kids believe theirs must look just like the example. 

This is the time when you want to tell your kids (or students) to use their imagination and create a monster that’s unique, just like them!

Occasionally, children will need some direction on how to do this. We suggest letting them pick out their own color (or colors) for the paper plate. They can also add more than two horns, change the color of the horns, and mix up the way the monster’s teeth look. 

orange paper plate monster craft

They can also change the number and variety of eyes they put on the monster. All of these combinations will get their young brains actively working to create a unique final project that’s one of a kind! 

Fun Ways To Use This Craft

Of course, you can make and use this craft any way you’d like to, but if you’re looking for some fresh ideas, we have some for you! 

paper plate monster craft

To make this craft into a personalized wreath, glue on some construction paper letters to spell out their name on the bottom. Alternatively, you could have the kids write their names on the bottom with a marker.

Then, let the kids hang or tape it to their door during the month of October. Boom! You have a cute Halloween wreath for the kids. 

Another option with this monster craft is to turn it into a mask puppet. Simply make the craft as the directions specify, then take a jumbo wooden craft stick and glue it to the bottom of the paper plate.

The kids can stick their faces through the middle and take goofy pictures all night long! 

Ideas For Halloween

We love celebrating Halloween! It’s full of spooky surprises, fun activities, and delicious treats.

Whether you’re planning a party or want to have some educational fun, here are some of our favorite ideas for Halloween!

Halloween Books For Preschoolers

Below are some of the top-rated Halloween books for kids. Add them to your home collection or borrow them from your local library.

Room On The Broom: This has to be one of our favorite Halloween books of all time! The story follows a witch and her cat as they happen upon some animals who help the witch. There’s danger, mystery, and friendship in this adorable children’s story.

5 Minute Spooky Stories: We love Disney’s 5-minute storybooks and this one is perfect for Halloween! See how all your favorite Disney characters celebrate this spooky holiday.

Ten Timid Ghosts: This is a fun countdown book about a witch who moves into a haunted house where 10 ghosts already live. The witch scares the ghosts out one by one until they devise a scheme to get her out of their house. This Halloween children’s book is good for kids who love rhyming stories!

Halloween Easy Crafts

Frankenstein Shape Craft – This hands-on activity is super fun and easy to make! Your kids can improve their shape recognition skills by recreating the classic Frankenstein character. They’ll love piecing together this spooky monster craft!

Mouse Pumpkin Craft – This cute mouse pumpkin is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit! Your kids will have a blast making this spooky little mouse from paper and other craft materials. It’s simple, fun, and will be the sweetest Halloween decoration around!

halloween crafts collage

Handprint Mummy Craft – Have your kiddos craft a Halloween mummy they can proudly display! As they trace their hands, your kids will work on their hand-eye coordination and concentration skills. This mummy craft will also be a cute reminder of how small their hands used to be!

Paper Plate Bat Craft – Give a regular paper plate a Halloween makeover by transforming it into a spooky bat! Your kids will have the best time painting the plate and sticking on the bat wings. This is a great craft to do at home or in the classroom, and it looks spooktacular hung on the wall!

Fun Halloween Activities

Print out these bat worksheets so your kids can work on their reading and writing skills! With a focus on the letter B, they’ll practice tracing, coloring, and writing while having a ton of fun. Pack these worksheets into your little one’s backpack for some on-the-go Halloween learning!

Help your kids get ready for Halloween by printing out our candy corn pattern worksheets! By completing these pages, they’ll have a much better understanding of sequencing and pattern-making. We’ve also incorporated cutting practice to make this activity even more beneficial.

Halloween activities collage

Do a dot printables are an exciting twist on coloring pages that your kids will love! Our Halloween do a dot printables will help your kids practice fine motor skills, number recognition, and more. Plus, they’re a great way to celebrate the spooky holiday!

For a fun way to learn letters, try these Halloween letter worksheets! Your kids must connect each matching letter pair by drawing a line between them. Not only is this activity engaging, but it also helps kids improve their problem-solving and letter-identification skills!

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For a chance to have your child’s craft featured, simply snap a picture of the completed project and post it to our Facebook page, email it to us directly by clicking here, or use #simpleeverydaymom on your social media!

Spooky season is here and what better way to celebrate than with this delightful candy corn headband craft! This candy corn headband craft is a wonderful way for kids to improve their fine motor skills and follow instructions. The craft is simple, engaging, and easy to make!

More Halloween Ideas For Kids

Easy Paper Plate Monster Craft

Easy Paper Plate Monster Craft

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Drying Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

This easy paper plate monster craft is a fun Halloween craft for preschool & kindergarten!


  • Colored cardstock
  • Paper plates
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Monster template


  • Paint brush
  • Scissors


    1. Download the monster template and print out on the corresponding colored card stock.
    2. Cut out the pieces of the monster template you want to use. 
    3. Cut out the center of the paper plate to leave it with a wreath shape. 
    4. Paint the paper plate wreath a fun, monster-y color. Let dry completely. hands using paintbrush to paint monster
    5. Glue on the horns/antennae and teeth. 
    6. Glue on as many googly eyes as you want!hands gluing googley eyes to monster

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Monster Craft Template Pieces

Monster Paper Plate Craft 

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