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10 Clever Disguise A Gingerbread Man Project Ideas [Free Templates]

It’s Christmastime!

That means lots of fun for kids including presents, eating delicious food and of course, decorating the house with all kinds of festive holiday cheer.

One extra fun festivity that’s great to do this time of year is make a gingerbread man.

Before you think that’s too hard or my kids aren’t good in the kitchen, don’t worry! These gingerbread men are made entirely out of paper.

And there’s a fun twist to them as well – they’re disguised!

That’s right! Take the classic gingerbread boy and girl and hide them in plain sight with our disguise a gingerbread man project ideas.

They’re fun, easy, and they all come with a free template to help you out so check them out and make some this winter season!

Gingerbread In Disguise Ideas

disguise a gingerbread man craft image collage with the words disguise a gingerbread man project ideas
hand holding mermaid gingerbread man craft

This mermaid gingerbread man craft is a fun and easy way to get your kids excited for the holidays. The girls will love creating this adorable paper mermaid with their own hands. Choose any color seashells and hair for a unique project.

2 spiderman gingerbread man crafts

This Spiderman gingerbread man craft is a fun and easy craft for kids. They will love this gingerbread man disguise and it’s perfect for creating at home or at school! The best part? It only takes minutes to make and is the easiest on the list!

This holiday season, your kids will love creating a reindeer gingerbread man disguise craft to hide their gingerbread men in plain sight! All they need is some construction paper, glue, markers, and our template – with a few simple steps, the gingerbread men can shed their cookie shapes and adopt the friendly form of jolly reindeer!

hand holding Mickey gingerbread man craft

Who says you need to eat your gingerbread man? This fun Mickey Mouse gingerbread man craft is made from paper and can be a great disguise for any gingerbread project. Kids will love this easy, no-mess craft!

2 cowboy gingerbread men

A cowboy gingerbread craft is a perfect disguise for your little one’s Christmas project. This craft will keep younger kids entertained and create memories that last long after Christmas has come and gone. All you need are some paper, glue, scissors, and our free template.

hand holding Grogu gingerbread man craft

The force is strong with this one! This Grogu gingerbread man craft is the perfect craft to do with your kids this Christmas. Get creative and make a gingerbread man who can disguise himself as Baby Yoda! It’s easy, fun, and great for all ages!

If you’re looking for something fun and creative to keep your little ones occupied, and save those delicious gingerbread cookies from being eaten – why not let them dress up a gingerbread man with the iconic colors of Santa’s suit? All you need is some paper, scissors, glue, and a sprinkle of holiday creativity. The children will have a blast making this gingerbread man disguised as Santa so that their beloved gingerbread man can stay safe as he watches over all the Christmas festivities.

grinch gingerbread man craft

Get your Grinch on this Christmas with a gingerbread man craft. This Grinch gingerbread man craft is all about disguising the cookie to look like someone else, and what better way than by turning it into our favorite green guy!

In just minutes you can have an adorable paper Grinch that will be perfect for hanging from the tree or setting out as part of your holiday decorations. We’ve got all the instructions right here so get ready to make some mischief in Santa’s workshop!

This Christmas, why not disguise a gingerbread man as an elf? This gingerbread man elf disguise craft is a fun and easy paper craft that kids will love. All you need is some paper, scissors, and glue, and you’re ready to go.

Winter just got a whole lot more fun thanks to this cute and clever craft – creating a snowman gingerbread man disguise craft out of paper! This fun project is perfect for kids who want to keep their gingerbread man safe from being eaten up as a tasty dessert. Watch as your little ones get creative with this craft, transforming simple construction paper into an adorable winter decoration. Not only will they love seeing their very own unique snowman, but it’s something that you can all enjoy for the holiday season!

Say hello to the elf on the shelf gingerbread man! This simple DIY project is an absolute joy. It combines vibrant colors and adorable designs to create a truly charming character. The best part? It’s a fantastic way to engage the little ones in creative play and spread some Christmas magic.

Be sure to keep checking back for more ideas each year!

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