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Glue & Foam Pumpkin Craft For Kids

Halloween time is quickly approaching and we’ve couldn’t be more excited around here! 

When we think about Halloween one of the first things we think about are pumpkins. 

Whether you use pumpkins to decorate your house, carve pumpkins or make pumpkin crafts for kids, there’s no escaping all things pumpkin! 

This week we’re sharing how to make this glue & foam pumpkin craft  with just a few supplies you likely already have lying around the house. This craft is a cool new way to use white Elmer’s glue and celebrate this spooky holiday! 

Read on below to see how to make one with your kids this Halloween season.

Pumpkin Halloween Craft For Kids

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Pumpkin Craft Supplies

Glue Pumpkin Craft For Kids Directions

1. Download the pumpkin template and print both pages out.

2. Place the pumpkin template inside the laminating sheet and set aside.

3. There are 2 options for this step:

  • You can cut out each of the noses, eyes, mouths, and stems and then trace them onto the foam and cut them out again OR…
  • To save time, just place the craft foam underneath the pumpkin features template and trace on top of the white paper. The pressure from the pen will give an outline on the foam that you can follow. Just make sure you have good lighting so you can see it clearly!

4. Mix 1/2 cup white Elmer’s glue with 2 tablespoons orange paint in a mixing bowl until completely and evenly combined.

5. Pour the orange glue mix into your medium squeeze bottle.

6. Using the orange glue and the laminating sheet you set aside, trace the outline of the top pumpkin, then lightly fill in with glue.

I say “lightly” because on my first attempt, I squeezed a lot of glue on the template and it took about 2 days before it was completely dry! Also, if you plan to use them as window clings, the thinner, the better.

7. After the pumpkin is filled in with glue add the stem, eyes, nose, and mouth to make a Jack ‘O Lantern.

8. Wait at least overnight for the glue to dry. Test it gently with your finger to see if it’s solid yet. If the pumpkin doesn’t pull off easily from the laminating sheet, it’s not done drying.

See how to make them in the video below:


That’s it!

Really the hardest part, especially for kids, is waiting for the pumpkins to dry.

The type and amount of glue and paint you use will change the length of time needed to dry, so try to be patient 🙂

When our pumpkins were completely dry, we put them in our front window so the kids could see them from outside our house.

Make It Educational

One idea for making this activity educational is to focus on social skills.

After your child has made the pumpkins, ask them how they think each pumpkin is feeling. This is a great way to talk about emotions!

If your child mixed angry eyes with a smiling face and can’t come up with a word for the expression they see, cover the eyes and ask what emotion the mouth looks like. Then, when they’ve determined the emotion of the eyes, cover the eyes and focus on the mouth.

Another way to make this activity educational is to have the child name all the parts of the Jack o ‘lantern.

As they name each part, ask them if they have the same part on their body. This will allow them to think critically and examine their body for the corresponding parts.

Whether you do this pumpkin craft for fun or whether you add in a little learning component, your kids will have a blast making these Halloween jack o’lanterns.

Share With Us

Did your kids make this glue pumpkin craft? If so, we’d love for you to share a picture with us by posting in on our Facebook wall!

We can’t wait to see all your spooky jack o’lanterns! 

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