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7 Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Kids To Celebrate Gratitude

Start some new holiday traditions and spend more quality time together with these fun Thanksgiving activities for kids

If there’s one (non-religious) holiday you celebrate that has the most impact on your children it’s Thanksgiving.

In a world of instant gratification, entitlement, and selfishness, Thanksgiving is a respite from the world.

It’s a time for gratitude, love, slowing down and appreciating not only what we have now, but those who came before us and helped us get where we are.

Of course, there’s also family, fun and delicious food, but I love the idea of having a day set apart to really contemplate everything we’re thankful for.

Create some new family traditions and spend quality time together doing these fun Thanksgiving activities for kids. Download the entire printable pack for games, easy crafts, coloring and more!

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Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Kids (& The Whole Family)

To help rally the holiday spirit, I created these activities the entire family will enjoy. Some activities can be done on Thanksgiving and others are to build up anticipation for the big day!

In order to do all the activities, there are a few supplies you’ll need.

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Thanksgiving Gratitude Activity

thanksgiving gratitude activity tree


I’ve included two different sizes of gratitude activities. One is a standard 8.5″x11″ which can be printed at home and the other is a 16″x20″ full-color poster.

The smaller size is great to give your children for a Thanksgiving day activity. There are white leaves on the tree where you kids can write one thing they are grateful for.

The poster sized print is meant to be used by the entire family.

You can print it off at a print shop (I prefer Costco for this sized poster), then print the corresponding leaves on your home computer.

Cut the leaves out and starting a week before Thanksgiving, have each member of the family write one thing they are thankful for on a leaf.

Use glue dots to place them on the tree and see how full you can get the tree before Thanksgiving day.

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Thanksgiving Wordsearch For Kids

Thanksgiving word search for kids | printables for family & kids

This Thanksgiving word search is perfect for entertaining the older kids at the Thanksgiving table. Print them out and place a few on the table before dinner.

Thanksgiving Bingo

thanksgiving bingo for kids | Celebrate the holiday season as a family with this fun Thanksgiving bingo game

Included in this pack are 7 unique Thanksgiving-themed Bingo cards and their corresponding calling cards.

Print out as many cards as you need and all of the calling cards. Cut the calling cards out and stack in a pile. Have your Bingo markers ready and you’re all set!

Thanksgiving I Spy

Thanksgiving I spy | printable activities for kids

There are two different levels included in the Thanksgiving pack. The first one is for older children and includes 12 different items to find. The second is intended for younger kids and has bigger pictures and only 8 items to find.

Thanksgiving Coloring Placemat

printable Thanksgiving placemat coloring page for kids | Keep the kids entertained before and during Thanksgiving dinner with this cute Thanksgiving coloring page.

Entertain your kids before or during Thanksgiving dinner with these printable Thanksgiving placemats.

Kids (& Stuffed Animal) Turkey Hats

turkey headband craft for kids

It isn’t Thanksgiving without a turkey headband, so of course, there’s one included in this Thanksgiving package. There’s a large size intended for children and a small size that’s perfect for stuffed animals!

Thanksgiving Don’t Eat Pete Game

Thanksgiving activities for kids | Don't Eat Pete Thanksgiving game

This game is a classic. There’s no reading, no complex rules, and everyone gets to eat a delicious snack! What could be better, right?

To get the game ready, print out the game board, then use some sort of edible markers (m&ms, marshmallows, etc) to cover every spot on the board.

The object of the game is for the person who is “it” to avoid eating Pete so he can eat as much candy as possible. The person chosen to be “it” will leave the room. While he is gone, all the other players determine which space will be Pete.

Then, the “it” person returns, and starts, one at a time, eating the candy off of the spots. When he goes to eat the candy from Pete’s spot, all the other players yell, “Don’t Eat Pete” and that person’s turn ends.

Play as many times as you want. And believe me, your kids will want to take a turn more than once!

Find all these fun Thanksgiving activities for kids here!

Your Turn

Now I’d love to hear some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions. Let me know in the comments below.

If you’d like to try a sample page first, you can download a free printable Thanksgiving Don’t Eat Pete game below.

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