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File Folder Numbers Activity For Preschoolers That’ll Keep Them Quiet

Inside: Download a bee themed numbers activity for preschoolers that’ll keep your little one entertained and quiet while on the go!

If you saw last week’s post on a shape matching game, then you know I’m trying to find ideas to keep my 3-year-old quiet during church.

He’s an active boy and sitting in a confined space for an hour isn’t his idea of a good time.

We used to bring toys and coloring pages (like these free Disney coloring pages or these color by number printables), but now he’s over those too.

Which means an hour in church has been feeling like 10 hours in some child-reigning alternate reality.

And that’s no beuno for me.

So, I’m starting to compile a set of games I think he’ll like to do.

Even if he doesn’t get the learning aspect in the beginning, just having some fresh activities he’s never done before is guaranteed to keep his attention.

Plus, I turned this one into a file folder game and my little guy can’t resist playing with velcro.

Bee Numbers Activity For Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

Numbers Activity For Preschoolers | Create a cute, simple game that'll keep your preschooler engaged and quiet when you download this printable bee number activity.

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This printable game for kids is a fun way to teach number recognition and the ability to quickly see how many items are present on each bee.

I like to keep these games simple and straightforward so you’ll only need a few supplies.

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Number Game For Preschool & Kindergarten | Teaching Ideas | Printable Games For Kids



  1. Print all pages out on heavy, white cardstock
  2. Laminate if you plan on using printables long-term
  3. Cut out all bees & beehives
  4. To turn into a file folder game, attach adhesive velcro to the back side of all pieces. On each side of the file folder, attach the corresponding velcro piece in the middle and four other velcro pieces around the central piece. Be sure there is enough room between the velcro pieces so the beehive doesn’t cover the bee’s velcro.
  5. To turn into a clothespin game (and also work on fine motor skills), hot glue each bee onto the top of a clothespin. Have your child clip the bees onto the correct beehive.
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Ideas For Beginning Learners:

My child doesn’t know all of his numbers yet, so we won’t be using the full set of bees and beehives. In the beginning, we’ll only use the numbers 1-3 and the matching bees (excluding the written number bee).

I plan to show him the bees and count the number on each of the bees. Then, we’ll search for the matching beehive.

Once he understands how to count the hand numbered bees, the tally bees and the dice bees, I’ll expand into numbers 1-4.

Over time, when he has a solid grasp on the concept, I’ll give him all 10 sets.

preschool activities | Create your own easy to travel file folder game for kids learning their numbers when you download this printable bee themed number game.

Ideas For Advanced Learners:

If your child already knows numbers 1-10, you can give all the bee and beehive sets to him. Adding in the written number bee is a great way to introduce sight words as well!

What’s the best way you’ve found to teach your child numbers? Let me know in the comments below. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.