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FREE Dinosaur Cutting Worksheets For Kids

Dinosaurs are one of the most fascinating creatures ever to exist! Kids love them, and they’re a great way to get little ones excited about learning. 

Help your children learn about dinosaurs and explore their creativity with our dinosaur cutting worksheets! They’ll discover how to use scissors confidently, develop fine motor skills, and have fun while doing it. 

With fun, easy-to-cut designs featuring sweet dinosaur illustrations, our worksheets are both engaging and educational. Download these dinosaur cutting worksheets today for an exciting activity your child will love!

Take a step back in time and give your little one a Jurassic adventure with our other dinosaur activities. With our kid-friendly dinosaur coloring pages, crafts, and other worksheets, your kids will never be bored again!

Dinosaur Cutting Practice Printables

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In this collection of dinosaur cutting worksheets, you’ll receive the following dinosaur printables: 

  • Dinosaur counting worksheet
  • Dinosaur cut along the line worksheets (x2)
  • Dinosaur finish the picture cutting worksheet

Learning how to use scissors correctly is an essential skill for growing children. And what better way to help them than with our dinosaur-themed cutting worksheets? Our cutting practice sheets will have your little ones snipping through lines and curves in no time!

With every cut along the cutting lines, your kids will develop important motor skills, increase their hand strength, and improve hand eye coordination. 

There are so many fun ways to enjoy these fine motor skills activities! Just print them onto white paper, grab some scissors, and let your kids get started.

Dinosaur Counting Worksheet

Our dinosaur counting worksheet perfectly combines numeracy with cutting practice. Your little ones must match each number with the corresponding amount of dinosaurs. It’s a fun, hands-on way to teach them counting and early math skills.

dinosaur cutting practice

Dinosaur Cut Along The Line Worksheets

Then, with our dinosaur cut along the line sheets, they’ll need to focus on which direction the lines go. With dotted lines in a variety of shapes, this is a great way to help them differentiate between different cutting motions. 

dinosaur cutting practice

Dinosaur Finish The Picture Cutting Worksheet

Finally, our ‘finish the picture’ worksheet is an excellent tool to test and demonstrate your kids’ cutting skills. Your child can complete the sweet dinosaur images once they’ve snipped out each piece correctly. This activity is also great for developing problem-solving skills and patience!

dinosaur cutting practice

More Dinosaur Ideas For Kids

Dinosaur Ideas For Kids

Dinosaurs have long been a popular topic among kids. There’s so much to discover, and seeing their excitement is priceless! To help create even more fun dinosaur-related activities, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to spark your imagination. 

Keep reading to find some of our favorite dinosaur ideas for kids! They’d be the perfect addition to your lesson plans or as a fun activity for kids who love dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Books For Kids

Reading is such an incredible tool for children’s development and growth, and there are countless reasons why parents should prioritize reading to their children.

It can inspire their creativity, spark their imagination, and even teach them empathy by introducing them to characters from different walks of life. Try out these fun books:

Never Let A Dinosaur Scribble! – A little boy heard people say, “Never let a dinosaur scribble!” but he just couldn’t help himself. He gives his dinosaur a crayon and lets the dinosaur go. What will happen?! Kids will be waiting on pins and needles to see the ending.

How To Catch A Dinosaur – If your kids are into STEAM activities, they’ll love this book that has the same group of kids trying to create crazy contraptions to catch a dinosaur!

Tiny T. Rex And The Impossible Hug – Not only does this book have adorable illustrations, but it’s also a great book to help kids learn kindness!

dinosaur cutting practice collage

Dinosaur Crafts For Kids

Dinosaur Puppet Craft – Your little paleontologists will love this fun, budget-friendly dinosaur theme craft! It’s an engaging activity that helps develop their hand-eye coordination and encourages creativity and imaginative play! Who knew a simple paper bag could be so roarsome?

Printable Dinosaur Craft – Get your kids excited about dinosaurs with this educational craft. They can flex their creative muscles by coloring and cutting out the pieces to create their little dinosaur. Kids will love making a prehistoric scene and setting the stage for their own creative play!

Collage image of Dinosaur Crafts For Kids

Dinosaur Egg Craft – Are you ready to hatch some fun? Using a few simple supplies and a bit of imagination, your kids will have the best time making these hatching dinosaur eggs. This easy dinosaur craft is perfect for a rainy day activity or as a fun addition to any kids’ party! 

Dinosaur Headband Craft – Transform your little ones into their favorite creatures with this easy, fun craft. This is the perfect project for dinosaur lovers, and they can proudly wear their creations all day long! It’s also an excellent way to get the whole family involved and spend some time together. 

Dinosaur Activities For Kids

Combine creativity with mathematics using our dinosaur color by numbers. It’s the perfect activity to get kids thinking logically and solving problems – in a super fun way! Each page features a different dinosaur and encourages your kids to recognize numbers and colors.

Looking for some fun, fine motor activities? These dinosaur dot to dots are sure to entertain your kiddos and hone their fine motor skills. Little kids can follow the numbers to complete each picture and then color them in once complete!

Collage image of Dinosaur Activities For Kids

Let the learning fun begin with these dinosaur worksheets! From handwriting practice to letter mazes, your kids will love mastering these activities. These worksheets are perfect for home or school, and you can print them as often as needed. 

If your little ones can’t get enough of their favorite creatures, you have to try this dinosaur mud sight word writing tray.

It’s a multi-sensory approach to learning and encourages creativity as kids form letters in ‘mud’ (chocolate pudding!) With 100 dinosaur word cards, kids can explore the world of letters with this fun activity.

dinosaur cutting practice

Dinosaur Free Cutting Worksheets

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