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Monkey Worksheets For Kids [Free Printables]

Kids love discovering the world around them, and building on this natural curiosity is a great way to help them learn.

One topic that always fascinates children is animals! There are so many different creatures to explore, from the tiniest ants to the biggest elephants.

Monkeys are especially popular with kids, thanks to their playful personalities and mischievous antics! Our monkey worksheets are perfect for bringing this fascinating animal into your child’s learning experience.

Each page features something new and interactive to help kids learn. With handwriting practice and problem-solving activities, your child can get creative while expanding their knowledge

For some more hands-on learning, don’t forget to check out our other preschool worksheets!

Monkey Printables

Monkey worksheets cover image

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In this set of fun worksheets, we’ve included the following printables:

  • Mm is for Monkey Maze worksheet
  • Mm is for Monkey handwriting worksheet
  • Label the Monkey activity

Our first worksheet features a maze with various capital and lowercase letters. Your kids must find the letter M and work their way to the end of the maze! This activity is perfect for introducing your little ones to the letter M in both its capital and lowercase forms.

Your kids can practice writing the letter M on the next page with our handwriting worksheet. As your little monkeys trace and copy the letter M, they’ll get more familiar with the shape and learn to recognize it in words.

monkey worksheets collage

Finally, our last worksheet is a labeling exercise. In this activity, kids can look at the monkey illustration and then fill in the word bubbles with labels for each body part. Not only does it help them practice their spelling skills, but it also works their cutting and sticking skills!

Preschool Zoo Theme Ideas

We have a range of other resources to get your preschoolers excited about animals! Whether they want to get stuck into a craft project or enjoy a story time session, our preschool zoo theme ideas are perfect for inspiring curious minds.

Keep reading for some great activities to keep your little ones engaged!

Zoo Animal Books For Kids

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to help your child’s development, then grab a book and start reading!

Reading books to your kids has been shown to have a multitude of benefits – it can improve their vocabulary, enhance their listening skills, and even boost their creativity.

Whether your child is just starting to babble or already reading on their own, reading aloud is a powerful tool that you can use to nurture their growth and development.

monkey worksheets label the monkey

Zoo Animal Crafts For Kids

Engaging in crafting with your little ones helps to enhance their creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills. They get to explore different textures, colors, and shapes, which stimulate their senses and encourage them to think outside the box.

Your children will appreciate the shared memories and the opportunity to improve their communication skills as they work on a project with you.

Making crafts with your kids is a fantastic way to unlock their potential and have some fun, too!

Elephant Paper Cup Craft – This craft truly brings the zoo to life for your kids! They’ll have a blast putting together an elephant from ordinary paper cups. Your kids can learn about this amazing animal and its unique features as they create their elephant!

Paper Bag Puppet Lion – If your little ones are fascinated by lions, then this is the perfect craft! They can make their very own lion puppet with a few simple supplies. Our printable template makes this roar-some craft even easier! 

zoo animal crafts collage

Monkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft: Who doesn’t love a fun toilet paper roll craft? Not only is this project easy to complete, but it teaches kids to recycle materials in creative ways.

It’s the perfect craft to keep your little monkeys busy – they’ll have a blast transforming paper rolls into friendly primates!

Tiger Headband Craft: Your kids can make their own tiger headbands with our printable template! By cutting out and gluing the features of a tiger, they’ll use their fine motor skills and their imagination.

Kids will have a roaring good time showing off their tiger headbands to family and friends.

Zoo Activities For Preschoolers

Use our zoo animal worksheets to get your kids excited about learning. They’ll be counting, coloring, and recognizing letters in no time!

These worksheets are a great way for them to use their imaginations while developing important foundational skills. Your kids will have so much fun they won’t even realize how much they’re learning! 

Check out these polar bear color by numbers for something super fun and educational. Each page offers a brr-illiant surprise as kids use their counting and coloring skills to bring each polar bear to life.

These simple but effective worksheets help kids learn numbers, recognize colors, and boost their overall development!

monkey worksheets letter maze

Take your kid’s education to the next level with these letter z tracing worksheets. Kids will practice handwriting, letter recognition, and sounds as they trace each letter and image. They’re also perfect for repeat use, as laminating and using dry-erase markers allow for easy cleanup!

For a unique twist on learning, tiger slime is an amazing sensory activity for kids. It not only provides tactile stimulation, but it encourages creativity and engagement as well!

Kids will love exploring the stretchy slime while creating unique patterns. Better yet, you can sneak in some science as they learn about the different ingredients used to make it! 

monkey worksheets letter trace

Fun Zoo Ideas

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More Fun Ideas For Kids

Monkey Worksheets

Monkey Worksheets

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