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Pretend Play Doctor Printables That’ll Ignite Their Imagination

Encourage your child’s creative side with these fun pretend play doctor printables.

There’s nothing more fun for kids than being in their own realm of pretend play.

I mean, sure, they love iPads and iPhones, but if you really watch your kids when they’re on electronic devices versus using their imagination there’s no competition.

It’s like you can almost see their mind working.

When they’re doing free play, they engage all their senses and immerse themselves in their new reality.

Whether they’re pretending to be a veterinarian, imagining themselves as king of the castle or simply doing their own personal puppet show, kids are 100% in their element in pretend play.

To encourage that imaginative spirit, I’ve created these pretend play doctor’s office printables.

They’re perfect for free play at home or in the classroom (especially in preschool or kindergarten).

Read on to learn more about this fun activity for kids.

Doctor Dramatic Play Printables

Doctor Dramatic Play | These doctor pretend play printables make the perfect kindergarten or preschool activity when studying community helpers! #pretendplay #kidsactivities #ideasforkids #preschooler

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These doctor’s office printables are so easy to get ready and only require a few supplies.


What’s Included In The Pretend Play Doctor Pack

As you can see, this printable pack is loaded with tons of fun doctor printables to engage your child for countless hours!

If you choose to laminate your pages, be sure to have some dry erase markers on hand so your children can use and reuse the pages over and over again.

Pretend Prescription Pad

Pretend Doctor Printables: Prescription Pad

Every junior doctor needs a prescription pad to tell patients exactly what medicine will help them get better.

Patient Exam Form

pretend doctor forms: exam check sheet

There’s also a patient exam form so the sick child can check boxes to describe which part of the body is hurting.

There’s a form for boys and a form for girls.

Patient Exam Play Form
Pretend Play Doctor Forms | These printable dramatic play dr pages are perfect for imaginative play, especially when reviewing community helpers. #pretendplay #communityhelpers #teachers #elementary

With the patient exam form, kids identify their patient’s (or their stuffed animals!) ailment, determine a diagnosis and form a treatment plan.

Pretend Patient Intake Form

Doctor Pretend Play Printables | These DIY doctor printables are perfect for creating your own doctors office at home or at school! #ideasforkids #toddler #preschool #homeschool

Just like the real doctor, kids will need to fill out a new patient intake form.

This is a fun way to help kids remember important information about their birthday, their address, phone number, allergies and more.

Pretend Doctor Bill, Reminder Card & Doctor ID Badge

Doctor Community Helper Pretend Play | These dramatic play printables are the perfect preschool activity when discussing community helpers. #communityhelpers #preschool #kindergarten #teacher #homeschool

Don’t forget about the bill.

Have your little doctor write down the services they performed and the price. Then, let them use their math skills to add it all together to find the grand total.

I’ve also included small appointment reminder cards and a doctor id badge so your child can feel official!

Patient Sign In Form

Doctor Community Helper Activity | Have your children or students take turns being the doctor and patient with these doctors office dramatic play printables. #teacher #kindergarten #homeschool #communityhelper

If you’re using these dramatic play doctor printables in your classroom, this patient sign in form is a fun way to have students practice writing their names and recording the time.

Doctor’s Office Printable Signs

Doctor Role Play Printables | Have fun and play pretend with these dramatic play doctor's office printables.

No doctor’s office would be complete without somewhere for patients to check in and wait for their appointment.

Printable Sticker Bandages & Patient Stickers

Pretend Play Doctors Office

Print these out on full sheet sticker paper, cut them out and your child will be armed with bandages and the cutest after visit stickers ever.

Printable Nurse Hat

Pretend Play Nurse Printable Hat

If you have more than a few children playing with these printables, let one be the nurse. They can help the doctor and wear this cool nurse hat.

If your child loves to play pretend, I’m certain they’ll have a blast creating their own doctor’s office at home with these fun printables!

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