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Star Wars Cutting Practice Worksheets For Early Learners

Help your young Star Wars fan learn valuable skills with these Star Wars cutting practice worksheets. 

Practicing and mastering the use of scissors is an essential skill for preschoolers. In fact, it’s one of the things they need to know before they start kindergarten.

But, when all this practicing ends up with a million 1/8″ paper pieces strewn all over your floor, you find yourself a little less inclined to let your toddler go to town cutting paper.

At least I do.

Sometimes, even after I clean up and vacuum, I’ll still find random pieces on the floor over the next few days.

But, I know my 3-year-old still needs to work on his fine motor skills, so I came up with these Star Wars scissor practice worksheets.

He’s not very experienced with scissors so I don’t expect him to be able to do all of these activities by himself, but they’ll be great practice for him as we go forward.

Read on to download your own free copy of these Star Wars cutting practice printables.

Also, be sure to check out all of our preschool worksheets for even more ideas.

Free Star Wars Printable Cutting Worksheets

Star Wars cutting worksheets with the words free printable Star Wars cutting worksheets

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Star Wars cutting worksheet

This counting worksheet (above) is great for mid-skill levels. There are only straight lines, which are easier to cut, but the lines are closer together and require more accuracy to cut out the shapes.

Once your child has cut out the numbers, they can use a glue stick to paste the correct number into the empty squares.

Star Wars cutting worksheet

This Star Wars worksheet is great for beginners because there are only straight lines and there is more space to cut around the droids.

After your child has cut the lower half of each droid out, have them glue them to the correct upper half of the droids on the left side of the paper.

Star Wars cutting worksheet

In this worksheet, kids can work on cutting smoothly on a curve. This can be a little trickier for young hands, so don’t be discouraged if they aren’t able to do it on the first try.

Star Wars cutting worksheet

Finally, there’s a classic cutting practice worksheet that has a straight line, a curved line, a wavy line, and a zigzag line.

These Star Wars worksheets are so much fun for kids learning how to cut and hopefully (fingers crossed) you won’t end up with tiny pieces of paper all over your floor when they’re done!

Also, don’t forget if you want to save on ink, you can print these out in black and white as well.

More Fun Star Wars Activities

If your kids love Star Wars and you want to capitalize on that with more fun and educational activities, keep reading below for our favorite ideas!

First, we always love starting a new theme with books and there are no shortage of age-appropriate Star Wars books for kids.

Below are some of the most popular – read them with your kids and help them increase their vocabulary, learn to focus, and develop a love of reading!

Vader’s Little Princess: This is not a storybook, but a collection of comics and captions as Darth Vader raises daughter, Leia. It’s funny and has cute illustrations.

Star Wars I Am A Little Golden Book Series: Little Golden books are a classic for a reason – kids love them, they have great illustrations, and have a simple storyline. Grab these to read to your little Jedis!

5-Minute Star Wars Stories: We love all of the 5-minute story books, but this one is perfect for Star Wars fans! Find classic and new characters, all wrapped up in short stories that are perfect before bedtime!

We absolutely love crafting! Not only is it fun for kids, but it can also help them continue to work on fine motor skills, following directions, and creativity!

Add in some of these fun Star Wars crafts:

This Star Wars playdough kit is a great sensory play option for kids! It’s loaded with fun Star Wars characters and sparkly black galaxy playdough! Let kids explore and get creative with this fun set.

Download Your Free Star Wars Scissor Practice Sheets:

Free Star Wars Scissor Worksheets

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