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Best Board Games For 5 Year Olds

One of the most difficult things to find while shopping is the best board games for five year olds. It’s that age where lots of games skew either too young or too old.

However, we’ve found some very fun and engaging games right in that sweet spot of 4-6 years of age. If you have a five-year-old boy or girl to shop for, try these nine games!

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5 Year Old Game Ideas

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The imaginative childhood game now comes with real-world visual aids. This game comes with colored tiles and a spinner to add more structure and drama to the game we all know and love.

The Floor is Lava is for children and adults, but the activity level and focus on communication makes it a great learning activity and exercise filled fun for young children.

Zingo is an exciting twist on Bingo that’s perfect for kids 4 and up. It has won a variety of awards from Parents Choice to Oppenheim Gold. There are even editions of the game for sight words and word building.

Zingo is a great way for up to seven players to practice early reading and matching skills. It’s easy to learn and fun to play!

Eureka! Disney’s Eye Found It! is a great way to encourage playful development in children. It’s one of the best games for five-year-olds but beware of choking hazards for toddlers. The thoughtfully designed board game comes with an astounding six-foot-long board.

The game only takes about 15 minutes long and 6 kids can play at the same time.

This game encourages cooperation and attention to detail. It’s available in a Disney and a Dreamworks version plus a travel version in the form of a card game (which we also love!).

We love Sequence for kids because it brings strategy games to a younger audience without requiring them to have reading skills.

It’s a clever addition to your collection of games for five-year-olds. It’s also an excellent 2 player game but the game allows for up to 4 players.

Concept Kids Animals is the kids’ version of the original Concept board game. It’s a cooperative and fun learning experience that helps children explore and identify the animal kingdom.

This is an amazing learning tool and a good way to build teamwork. The game includes two difficulty levels and provides about 20 minutes of play in each session.

It’s really great for helping kids with critical thinking and learning to explain concepts!

I Spy Dig In is a version of I Spy that is much more tactile than other variations on the detective game. This game specifically sets the bar at age five, unlike most games that have a range of say 4-6.

This game is ideal for kids who love hands-on learning and it uses the same visual detection skills of more traditional I Spy.

Besides the wacky theme, Yeti in my Spaghetti can best be described as pick up sticks meets Jenga.

Instead of straight sticks in a pile, you have twisty strands of pasta over a bowl. Resting on top is a ferociously cute yeti; just don’t let him drop in the bowl!

This game is great for helping kids with fine motor skills and identifying cause and effect.

When we think of games for five-year-olds we don’t usually consider things with names like Shark Bite, but the menacing shark in this game is only defending the food he’s already swallowed!

Players use poles to try and remove sea creatures from the shark before it can chomp down with its unpredictable jaws. It’s simple, surprising, and fun play kids will want to do over and over again!

Charades for Kids is another great adaptation suitable for five-year-olds. No reading is required in this familiar game of pantomime. Each card has the word and a picture for non-readers.

There are three levels of play in this version of the game, so kids never get bored!

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Ruby Gayle

Thursday 6th of May 2021

I was looking the best games for my children and i got your blog. It's very nice collection of all board games. I like these all games. Thanks for sharing!

Sam T

Friday 7th of May 2021

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