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The 8 Best Cooperative Board Games For Kids

Cooperative board games are a fun way for kids to work together.

Kids can benefit from cooperative board games in many ways, such as learning how to work together and communicate with each other, developing problem-solving skills, creativity, and critical thinking, which kids can use in school and beyond!

These skills also help kids develop social skills alongside teamwork.

Whether you’re playing these games in the classroom with students or as a family for game night, we think it’ll help kids get along and all have a good time!

Check out some of the best cooperative board games below and get ready to have fun.

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Cooperative Games For Kids & Families

child with game with the words 8 best cooperative board games for kids

Race To The Treasure

cooperative board games for kids | family time

This game is the most recent addition to our board games for kids and we love it.

4.8 stars from over 500 people can’t be wrong; This is one of the best kids board games on the market (and our favorite).

It has a simple objective: all players work together to build a path and collect 3 keys to the treasure. But beware, the Ogre is racing to the treasure too. Make a path to the treasure before the Ogre does and everyone wins!


best board games for kids

Outfoxed is kinda like the animal version of Clue. There’s one fox who stole Mrs. Plumpert’s pot pie and the players are the detectives.

You go around the game board either revealing suspects or finding clues. Your goal is to narrow down the suspects until you’re certain of the thief’s identity. Do that before the fox reaches the fox hole and everyone wins. Don’t reach the objective and the fox gets to eat the pot pie.

This is the next game we want to add to our collection.

Hoot Owl Hoot

cooperative board game for toddlers | fun game for kids

This is one of the top board games for toddlers. There’s no reading required and kids reinforce color matching, taking turns, cooperative gameplay, and more.

In this game, kids race to get their owls from the start of the board to their nest at the end before sunrise. Get all the owls back before the sun makes it to sunrise and everybody wins.

You can make it more or less challenging by increasing or decreasing the number of owl pieces you play with.

Dragon Dash

cooperative board game for boys

Dragon Dash is a cooperative race featuring knights (these are the players) and dragons. The queen has asked the knights to build a path through the kingdom, but the terrible dragons are here to stop them.

If you can complete the path before the dragons stop you, you win! If not, the dragons win.

Robot Turtles

cooperative board games | stem board game | learn programming

This game is my top pick for board games for older children.

Robot Turtles is a fabulous STEM game that teaches kids the fundamentals of programming. In the game, the kids use their cards to program the computer (the adult acts as the computer) and move their turtle along the path.

The objective of the game is to get your turtle from the start position to the gem. Once every child reaches their gem and wins, the game is over.

Although it sounds simple, there are plenty of ways to increase the difficulty depending on the age and skill of the child. Your kids can unlock cards like ice walls, lasers, boxes, and more. And once they’ve mastered those, there are a whole other set of instructions for advanced play.

This is a game we definitely want to add to our collection!

Disney Eye Found It

disney board game | cooperative game

Any Disney lover will adore this giant, 6-foot long board game. The objective of the game is simple: get all the players from the start to Cinderella’s castle before the clock strikes midnight.

Along the path, players can land on Mickey silhouettes which let them all work together to find as many of one item on the board as they can. After the timer runs out, each player gets to move that number of spaces.

But watch out because players can also land on the clock tower which moves the clock one or two hours closer to midnight!

We’ve played this game tons of time and it never gets old because we’re always finding new objects that we’ve never noticed before. There are seriously tons of illustrations on this game board!

Mermaid Island

cooperative board game for girls | mermaids

Mermaid Island is the best board game for families with girls. Kids will love racing the mermaids against the Sea Witch to see who can make it back to Mermaid Island first.

Play a wand token and the Sea Witch must go back one space. Watch out for that tricky Sea Witch because if she lands on a space where a mermaid already is, that mermaid must start back at the beginning.

Get all the mermaids to Mermaid Island before the Sea Witch and everyone wins!

Snug As A Bug In A Rug

preschool board game | kindergarten cooperative game

This cooperative game is a great game to reinforce color, size, number, and shape matching.

The object of the game is to get all the bugs from the top of the rug (game board) to underneath the rug before the 3 stink bugs come out and stink the place up.

There are 3 different ways to play the game, each with increasing complexity, so this game will grow with your kids’ skill for quite a while.

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