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Fall Color By Sight Word Worksheets

It’s fall and that means it’s time for some new coloring pages for kids!

Traditionally, we make color by number printables, but we decided to try a new type with these fall color by sight word worksheets.

They’re adorable and are filled with apples, a fox, rabbit, mouse, leaves and of course a pumpkin!

Use them with kindergarten children learning sight words or get a head start with preschool and pre-k kids who want a challenge.

fall color by sight word printable image collage with the words fall color by sight word in the middle

Sight Word Coloring Pages

Recently our youngest boy started kindergarten and they’re beginning to work on sight words.

He doesn’t love regular worksheets, but he has a blast coloring!

We combined the two into these cute fall sight word coloring pages and hope they’ll be a hit with your kids too!

fox color by sight word printable

If your child doesn’t recognize color names, simply fill in each crayon with the appropriate color before handing it off to your child to do.

When you do it this way, the kids can look at the color and the sight word and begin without any help.

leaves in a basket color by sight word printable

These are the sight words we’ve included inside this set:

  • help
  • go
  • he
  • be
  • take
  • off
  • no
  • have
  • do
  • I
  • you
  • she
  • is
  • my
  • with
  • come
  • like
  • me
  • the
  • see
  • are
  • and
  • we
  • good
  • play
  • said
  • look
  • out
  • find
  • now
  • how
  • a
  • to
  • what

As you can see, it’s a long list!

rabbit color by sight word printable

We’d recommend just coloring one page every once in a while so your child doesn’t get bored or overwhelmed with the worksheets.

Fall Unit For Kids

Want to create an entire unit study around these printables? If so, keep reading because we have some great ideas to get you started!

We like to start each new unit with books because there are so many great reasons to read aloud to kids! Reading aloud can help kids build their vocabulary, grow their attention span and listening skills and become even more curious about the world around them!

So next time you’re looking for some fun storytime activities with your little one, grab a book from your shelf and read to them! Below are some of the top fall themed books for kids.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Leaf: The mischievous old lady swallowed a handful of leaves! Her tummy started to rumble. So she swallowed some more items. Then even more. But as her stomach grew full, the leaves began to poke out through her mouth… when suddenly – poofffff! – it turned into a scarecrow!

Pete The Cat Falling For Autumn: Pete is not a fan of fall. But he decides to do some detective work and finds out that there are lots of things about this season he loves, like corn mazes, hayrides, wearing scarves, and apple picking! This story helps kids learn that even though they might not love every season of the year, there are still good parts to each one.

We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt: The seasons are changing, the days getting are shorter, and children everywhere are starting to make plans for their favorite outdoor adventures – and what could be more fun than a Leaf Hunt?!

Add in some easy and fun fall crafts with some of our most popular ideas:

These fall pattern block mats are a great and simple way to get your little ones excited about fall while also learning shapes and colors. All you have to do is print them out, grab your pattern blocks, and let the kids begin!

Don’t forget about sensory play! This fall play dough kit is loaded with fun trinkets and manipulatives for kids to play with and can help them with stress release and creativity.

Share With Us

Did your kids color in these fall color by sight word printables? We would love to see how they look.

Take a picture of your finished project and share it to our Facebook page!

More Fall Ideas For Kids

Free Caramel Apple Sight Word Page

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