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Fall Printables For Preschool Kids

We love creating themed learning activities for every season and holiday so today we’re bringing you these fall printables for preschool kids!

These worksheets and activities are fun, engaging and almost zero prep for Mom (or teacher).

They’re great for helping preschoolers learn at home or for supplementing in the classroom or at the library.

Learn about all the great skills that are reinforced when kids use these fall printables.

Also, be sure to check out all of our preschool worksheets for even more ideas.

Learning Printables For Preschoolers

mockup of preschool printables with the words preschool fall printables in the middle

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Prewriting Sheets

fall themed preschool pre writing worksheets

We’ve included two pages of pre-writing sheets. These worksheets are perfect for little hands that are learning how to properly hold a pencil and work on writing.

We think the best way to use these sheets is to laminate them, then let your preschooler use a dry erase marker to practice following the dashed lines over and over again until they’ve mastered it!

To mix things up, you can also print these pages out and let them practice scissor skills by cutting out along the lines.

Roll An Owl Game

roll an owl printable preschool game

This roll and owl game is such a fun fall activity for little ones. All you need to do is print the pages out, laminate if you want, and cut out.

Then, just grab a dice and get playing!

This game will help kids learn to take turns, follow directions, work on subitizing, and more!

Connect The Dots

fall themed connect the dot worksheets

Dot to dot printables are a classic activity because they’re fun, simple, and a good challenge for preschool kids.

We’ve included a caramel apple and a cute little bird on a stump. When kids do these printables, they’ll reinforce counting, work on pencil grip and fine motor skills.

After they’re done with the printables, kids can color and complete their pictures.

Apple Patterns & Pumpkin Counting

fall preschool printables

These two worksheets are a simple way to keep the kids busy learning.

Complete the apple pattern printable by drawing, stamping, or finger painting the next colored apple in the series.

On the pumpkin counting worksheet, kids will finger paint and count along with the numbers of pumpkins in each row.

Having a hands-on aspect to this activity helps keep kids more engaged and helps kids make new connections in the brain!

We’re offering these two pages as a free sample, so be sure to download the sample by entering your email in the form at the end of this post.

Wolf Color Matching Cards

wolf color matching card game for preschool kids

These cute wolf color matching cards are a fun way to reinforce color matching. Simply print, laminate, and cut out the cards and hats.

After they’re ready, set them out for the kids to match the winter hat to the wolf with the matching scarf.

This is a great idea to add to a busy bag too!

Snail Shape Flashcards

snail shape flashcards for preschoolers

If your preschooler is working on learning shapes, these snail flashcards are perfect. Print them out, laminate and use them in a variety of engaging ways!

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Use playdough to create the shape on each card
  • Go on a hunt around the house to find objects that are the same shape as the cards
  • Trace the shapes on each card (after laminating) with a dry erase marker
  • Place the shape cards in a long line on the floor. Say the name of the shape and have your child run to the correct card
  • Create a tactile experience with the cards by tracing the out­ line of the shapes with glue and adding craft sand on top. Let dry, then give to your child to trace with their finger.

Woodland Animal Flashcards

woodland animal memory game cards

Of course, we had to include some flashcards! We love flashcards because there are so many fun ways to use them.

We recommend laminating them so they last for a long time!

All of these activities are simple, fun ways to help your preschool child learn and be ready for kindergarten!

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Free Preschool Sample Pages

Fall Preschool Printable Sample

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.