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Animal Do A Dot Printables

Young children love these animal do a dot printables! They’re a great indoor activity for when you can’t get outside or when you need an independent activity for your child to do.

Inside our animal do a dot printable pack we’ve loaded it with 29 pages of fun! These worksheets are fun for older toddlers, preschool, pre k and kindergarten children.

Check out all the easy activities below.

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animal dot marker printable collage with the words "animal dot marker printables" in the middle

Dot Marker Coloring Pages

Of course, you have to included dot marker coloring pages, right?!

We have 6 cute animals included in this set:

  • Crocodile
  • Elephant
  • Fox
  • Hippo
  • Moose
  • Seal

There are two options for these pages. You can print them in full color or you can print them in black and white.

The black and white version is great if you just want to print off and let the kids dot away. They can also color the animal with crayons or markers when they’re done.

color and black and white images of animal do a dot printables

The color version is great for reusing. We suggest laminating them and then using other manipulatives to cover all the circles.

Here are a few ideas of things you can use instead of dot markers:

Just be sure to supervise any kids who may try to eat the objects you give them to cover the circles.

Do A Dot Counting Pages

black and white counting do a dot worksheets

We’ve included ten dot marker counting pages for kids to work on counting! These are all in black and white.

On each sheet, there are three areas. The first, on the left, is the number. Kids will dab all of the circles in the number then say the number.

After that, they’ll use the marker to dab the correct number of animals on the right side of the sheet.

Finally, they’ll use the tens frame box on the bottom to dab the correct number of boxes.

If you want to make these reusable you can as well. Laminate them and then use a manipulative to cover the number circles and some colored dry erase markers for the animals and tens frame.

Find The Letter Printables

6 letter do a dot worksheets

There are also six find the letter printables for kids to enjoy. On each page there is the letter along with an animal that begins with that letter.

Kids will use their dabbers to dot every uppercase or lowercase designated letter they can find on the page.

We have included the letters and animals below:

  • C is for crocodile
  • E is for elephant
  • F is for fox
  • H is for hippo
  • M is for moose
  • S is for seal

Free Printable Color By Dot Page

do a dot coloring page worksheet

Lastly, we’ve added a color by dot page. For this printable, your child dots each animal in the picture with the correct color listed in the key.

If your child is old enough to read or knows colors by sight, you can let them complete this worksheet by themselves.

If they are not able to read, simply fill in the key with the correct color in each circle and then let your child complete the page!

These printables are a simple and quick way to keep your kids entertained and learning. You can get the entire pack below. If you want to try out a sample first, be sure to enter your email in the form at the end of the page to get a free color by dot worksheet.

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Paige Follett

Monday 21st of June 2021

is there an option to buy just one of the activities out of the set?


Monday 21st of June 2021

Hi Paige! Sorry, but they’re only sold together in the set.


Thursday 18th of February 2021

I'm not seeing anywhere to get the complete package of worksheets?

Sam T

Thursday 18th of February 2021

You can get them here

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