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Free Printable Scarecrow Coloring Pages

It’s that time of year again where we celebrate fall by going to pumpkin patches, picking out a costume for Halloween, and visiting our local farm.

We always make sure to stop and see the scarecrow that’s at the farm. He’s fun to look at with his straw hat on, smiling face, and arms outstretched as if welcoming you into the rows of corn!

The kids are always mesmerized by him- even the tiniest ones who can’t quite make out his face.

Why not use these fun printable scarecrow coloring pages to bring fall farm fun home with you?

Coloring is a great activity for kids. It’s loads of fun and helps them develop important skills like concentration, focus, patience as well!

And if you like these coloring pages, be sure to check out all of our coloring pages for kids as well!

Scarecrow Coloring Sheets

scarecrow coloring pages with the words free printable scarecrow coloring pages in the middle

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Inside this scarecrow coloring page set, we’ve included 3 unique pages that include:

  • Stand alone scarecrow
  • Scarecrow with corn and pumpkins
  • Scarecrow with hay and chickens

They’re all perfect fall-themed and ready to be used! Just enter your email in the form at the end of this post (just above the comments) to have your copy sent to you.

Fall Unit Study

Do you want to incorporate these scarecrow coloring pages into a fall unit study for your kids or students? If so, read on below because we have some great ideas to get you started!

Reading to kids is one of the best things you can do for your children!

Reading helps preschoolers develop their vocabulary, improves their literacy rate, boosts creativity, cognitive abilities as well as social-emotional intelligence- among other benefits.

So next time you’re looking for some fun storytime activities with your little one, grab a book from your shelf and read to them! Below are some of the top fall themed books for kids.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Leaf: The mischievous old lady swallowed a handful of leaves! Her tummy started to rumble. So she swallowed some more items. Then even more. But as her stomach grew full, the leaves began to poke out through her mouth… when suddenly – poofffff! – it turned into a scarecrow!

Pete The Cat Falling For Autumn: Pete is not a fan of fall. But he decides to do some detective work and finds out that there are lots of things about this season he loves, like corn mazes, hayrides, wearing scarves, and apple picking! This story helps kids learn that even though they might not love every season of the year, there are still good parts to each one.

We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt: The seasons are changing, the days getting are shorter, and children everywhere are starting to make plans for their favorite outdoor adventures – and what could be more fun than a Leaf Hunt?!

scarecrow coloring page

Fall Kids’ Craft

Crafting is an excellent activity for young children because it’s a fun way to explore creativity, learn new skills, build self-esteem and confidence while also developing motor skills!

You’ll find your child will gain more dexterity in his or her fingers when they’re cutting out shapes with scissors, punching holes into paper, or coloring with markers.

Crafting is also fun and lets kids explore their interests in the arts without having to commit themselves to one specific activity! Add in some of these fall-themed crafts that kids will love!

Paper Plate Hedgehog Craft: Fall is the perfect time to get your kids crafting. This paper plate craft will not only be fun, but it also lets them paint and use their imagination.

Easy Acorn Craft For Kids: This paper acorn craft is perfect for kids in kindergarten and elementary. It’s easy to make and helps develop fine motor skills. Make sure to use the free printable template as well!

Pumpkin Craft For Preschoolers: This is the perfect fall activity for kids! All you need are a few simple materials and the free printable template. It’s great for young kids too. Get your paper pumpkin craft on!

Paper Plate Apple Craft: This apple craft is a fun way to get your kids excited about the fall season. The supplies are easy to find at home, so it’s perfect for back-to-school crafts that don’t need any materials purchased!

scarecrow coloring page

Fall Kids’ Activities

Want some educational ideas as well? Keep reading below for some great resources.

The best thing about these fall worksheets for preschool is that they’re not just fun- they also help kids with learning patterns, counting, handwriting, and more! These are great to have on hand if you want your child to work on specific skills while having a little bit of downtime. You can use them as educational tools for homeschooling, too!

Let your kids learn to recognize their sight words while they color with these fall color by sight word worksheets. This is a great quiet time activity and it’s perfect for children in kindergarten or preschool who are learning how to read.

It also helps them with fine motor skills that will be necessary when writing later on in life. Let your child get excited about fall colors as they practice reading, spelling, and writing!

scarecrow coloring page

These fall printables for preschool are another great option because they help children work on fine motor skills, counting, color matching, shapes, and more! They’re perfect for a rainy day when you can’t get outside to go play. You’ll find that the activities in these sheets will give your child an opportunity to practice important skills without them even realizing it!

Your child will enjoy these simple, yet exciting fall pattern block mats that are a great STEM activity for kindergarten. They help kids with fine motor skills and patterns while also teaching them how to count, sort shapes and colors.

Fun Fall Resources

If you love fall in your home, you’ll love these ideas:

More Fall Ideas For Kids

Free Scarecrow Pages

Coloring Pages

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