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Fall Worksheets For Preschool

These fall worksheets for preschool are a fun supplemental activity for preschool-aged kids!

They are engaging and cover a wide range of topics from pre-writing practice, counting, graphing, color matching, letter recognition, and more.

Each page is filled with cute fall-themed animals and objects to celebrate autumn.

These printables are perfect for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten children.

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Fall Printables For Kids

Apple Tree Number Matching

apple tree number matching worksheet

With this printable, kids will match the number of the apple to the empty space on the tree. It’s a fun way to learn counting or letter recognition.

There are two different trees that kids can choose from. One tree counts numbers 1-13 and the second counts the numbers 14-26.

The apples are sized a 1″ circles, so they’re easy to cut out with a circle punch.

We recommend laminating both the trees and the apples so they can easily be reused.

Number Strip Puzzles

preschool number strip puzzles

Number strip puzzles are a classic for a reason – they’re fun and simple!

Simply print out the mouse or squirrel puzzle, cut on the lines, and let your child reassemble the puzzle on their own. They can use the numbers on the left side to help build their furry friend.

These are another set we recommend laminating. You can also create a busy binder page with these by adding adhesive velcro to the back of the strips and on a blank, laminated paper.

Fall Leaf Number Matching

fall leaves number matching activity

Cut out these fall leaves and let your child match the written number to the picture of the dice.

These printables are great for helping children learn to subitize or to instantly recognize the number displayed in a group.

Laminate the leaves and use them over and over again!

Letter Recognition & Writing

alphabet preschool printables

We’ve also included three letter recognition worksheets that focus on the letters C, P, and W.

On each worksheet, kids will color the items that have the selected letter. On the bottom, kids will practice writing the uppercase and lowercase letters.

Prewriting Worksheets

fall pre-writing printables

For children who need a little extra help with pre-writing skills, we’ve included 4 pages of prewriting practice.

Choose the worksheet that’s best for your child’s level and increase in difficulty over time.

We recommend laminating these pages and using a dry erase marker so kids can practice over and over without printing out more pages.

Letter Mazes

alphabet preschool printables

We love these letter mazes because they’re a fun way to work on letter recognition and do it without feeling like work!

Simply use a crayon or dot marker to follow the selected letter from the start to the finish line. We’ve included the letters B, H, and O in this set.

Fall Learning Worksheets

fall preschool printables

Besides everything listed above, we’ve also included 6 other worksheets including the following:

  • counting raindrops (numbers 1-6)
  • number matching (numbers 1-10)
  • big or small worksheet
  • nut color matching worksheet
  • fall graphing worksheet (numbers 1-10)
  • fall pattern worksheet

All of these printables are a fun way to help kids learn at home or in the classroom! Grab these worksheets here!

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