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Fun Thanksgiving Do A Dot Printables

Need a simple and fun learning activity for the kids to do over Thanksgiving break? These Thanksgiving do a dot printables are the perfect solution!

These printables are virtually no-prep. Just download, print and grab the dot markers from the art closet.

They’re great for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten aged children who are looking to work on a variety of skills and concepts.

Check out what’s included in this bundle below and make sure you save this for later!

And, if your child loves these activities, check out all of our do a dot printables.

Thanksgiving Dot Marker Printables

thanksgiving do a dot printable image collage with the words thanksgiving dot marker worksheets

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Thanksgiving Art Do A Dot Pages

thanksgiving do a dot printables

We always start out our dot marker printables out with art pages. With these, kids can use the dot markers to color in the pictures.

We’ve got two options for the pages; full color or black and white. If you print the black and white version, kids can color the background first and then use dot markers to fill in the circles!

Inside this set, we’ve included the following pages:

  • Boy pilgrim
  • Girl pilgrim
  • Boy native American
  • Girl native American
  • Turkey
  • Cornucopia

Alphabet Dot Marker Worksheets

Thanksgiving ABC do a dot printables

Children working on their ABC’s and learning to distinguish uppercase and lowercase letters will love these fun printables.

At the top of each page, there’s an uppercase and lowercase letter for the kids to reference. Below it, are the circles with different letters in them.

Kids will go through the circles and dot each one that matches the letter designated at the top.

If you want to reuse these printables, simply laminate them and use an object of some sort to mark the correct circles. Your kids can use things like bingo chips, mini erasers, cereal, buttons, or pom poms.

The following letters are included in this set: C, F, L, P, T, and W.

Graphing Do A Dot Printables

Thanksgiving dot the number printables

Preschool and kindergarten kids working on counting and graphing will have a blast with these printables.

On each page, there are items at the bottom, along with a number to graph. Children will look at each column, find the number and use the dot markers the indicated number of times to make their graphs.

We’ve included two pages of these dot the number printables that graph numbers 1-8.

Dot The Object Printables

These dot the object worksheets are a simple yet exciting way to work on visual recognition! If your child loves games such as I Spy, then chances are they won’t get enough of these!

To complete these pages, kids will look at the object in the top, right-hand corner of the page and then find the same object on the rest of the page.

Thanksgiving dot the object printables

When they find the same object, they’ll use their dot markers to dot the circle beneath it.

Again, to make these reusable just laminate and use with an object to mark the spots or use a dry erase marker to fill in the circles.

There are four pages of these printables that feature a boy pilgrim, fox, turkey, and an apple.

Thanksgiving dot the object printables

As a bonus, we’ve also included a dot the shape printable. On this page, there are eight different sunflower pictures, each one with a unique shape center.

Kids will look at the sunflower, then look below at the circles and dot the circle that matches the same shape as the sunflower center.

Thanksgiving dot the shape printables

Beginning Sounds Do A Dot Printables

If your child wants some extra practice listening for the beginning sounds of objects, these worksheets are exactly what they need.

On the left side of each page are the pictures and on the right side of the page are the circles with the letters in them.

Your child will say the name of the object listed in each row, then determine what letter that object starts with. When they find that letter in the row, they’ll use the dot marker to highlight that circle.

Thanksgiving beginning sounds dot marker printables

These Thanksgiving do a dot printables are a fabulous activity for preschoolers, pre-k, and kindergarten children!

All you need to do is print them out, grab your dot markers and let the fun educational activities begin!

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