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9 Awesome Educational Games For Preschoolers

Preschoolers love games. In fact, we think they could play games all day if they could.

That’s one of the many reasons we love introducing them to games that help reinforce educational ideas. 

We have rounded up a list of our favorite educational games for preschoolers. These games are perfect for kids ages 3-5.

Your preschoolers will love playing these over and over again and you will love how much they learn and grow while having fun. 

If you are searching for other fun games, be sure you check out the best board games for kids as well. 

Educational Games for Preschoolers 

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Bunny Hop is the perfect game to help reinforce color recognition and memory skills.

In this game, your preschooler will create a strategy to collect 4 bunnies that are different colors before their opponents. This game keeps preschoolers entertained and engaged for hours. 

If you want a game that helps reinforce sequencing and strengthens gross motor skills and coordination then you will want to grab Pancake Pile-Up!

In this game, your child will flip over a card and then have to create that sequence as they are stacking their pancakes on the plate. This game requires no reading and is a great activity to have tons of fun while reinforcing important educational skills. 

Raccoon Rumpus is the perfect matching game for preschoolers that helps strengthen their memory.

In this game, your kids will help the masked bandits get dressed as they roll the die and search for a match. But be careful if they roll underwear they lose all their costumes which will certainly make your kids laugh. 

There is a reason Feed the Woozle is an Amazon Choice game! In this game, your kids will need to try and feed the Woozle 12 treats before all the snacks are gone.

We love that this game has three different levels so it can grow with your child. It helps your child develop dexterity, fine motor skills, body awareness, counting, and problem-solving.

Not only that, but it teaches shared decision making in this cooperative game that they play with others. This game takes about 15 minutes to play. 

Let’s Feed the Very Hungry Caterpillar is based on the book we all love! In this game kids move their caterpillar from fruit to fruit collecting butterfly pieces. The first person to collect their 5 pieces wins.

When your child plays this game, they will practice strategy and decision making as they make choices as to what direction to move on the board. The beauty of this game is that each time they play they can mix and match butterfly pieces to create a unique butterfly. There is no reading required in this game. 

Boggle Junior introduces your kids to the ABC’s in a whole new way. In this game, your preschooler will match the letter die with the corresponding letters on the card.

While playing this game for preschoolers, your child will practice word recognition, matching, spelling, and memory. Your kids will love the colorful cards as they practice these beginning reading skills. 

If you are looking for a cooperative game for your preschooler, then Richard Scarry’s Busy Town Eye Found It is a great option.

In this game, your kids will race across Busytown as they work together as a team and practice skills such as object identification and matching. Your kids will love shouting “I Found It!” while working with their team to get through Busytown. 

Pengoloo is a great board game to help teach kids to follow directions. In this game, preschoolers will roll the dice and lift up 2 penguins hoping to find 2 eggs that match in color. Once your child collects 6 penguins they win!

We love that this is a wooden board game that is certainly built to last. This game reinforces memory recognition, practices social skills, and color recognition. 

We love games that reinforce letter recognition and in Alphabet Island, your preschooler will get to do just that!

In this game, your kids will race to match upper and lower case letters as well as beginning sounds with corresponding pictures. The child that collects the most letter discs wins.

This is a great game for your child when they are learning how to read as they start to recognize upper and lower case letters as well as beginning sounds. 

Is there a game we missed? Share it with us in the comments so we can add it to this list! 

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