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8 Engaging Counting Games For Kids

Toddlers and preschoolers love counting. So often we will hear them around the house counting objects as they pick up or play.

Since they love counting so much we love introducing them to counting games for kids

These games will help reinforce counting while they have fun playing with one another. 

We are sharing our favorite counting games for kids that are specifically designed to help young children develop their counting skills that they will have so much fun playing. 

If your kids love games you will want to introduce them to the best board games for kids as well! 

Counting Games for Kids

child playing game with the words 8 counting games for kids on it

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Kids will love playing Number Slap Jack. This is a fun game that introduces your kids to numbers 0-20 and is perfect for preschool and kindergarten-aged kids. In this fast-paced game, your child will practice their number recognition skills.

We love the bright cards that have the number visually, written out, and in a ten-frame box so that your child can easily count the dots if they get stuck while playing. These cards can be used to play Slap Jack, matching, or used as flashcards.   

Count Your Chickens is a cooperative game where mama hen has lost her chickens and needs your help to bring them back.

Each player will spin and then collect that number of chickens. In this game, children will practice counting, use problem-solving skills, practice shared decision making, and practice emotional development.   

Zingo Number Bingo is another fun counting game. In this game, the Zinger dispenser dispenses tiles while your child tries to fill their Zingo card as quickly as they can.

Once their card is full they yell “Zingo” to win. This game helps develop counting, practices simple addition, number sense, and word recognition skills

Hi Ho Cherry-O is a fun counting game where kids spin the wheel to determine if they pick fruit off the tree or have to put it back.

Your kids won’t even realize they are practicing simple math while trying to be the first one to fill their bucket. Kids love playing this classic counting game together.

Pete the Cat Button Game is a simple game where kids move around the board collecting and losing buttons as they go. Once all the buttons are gone the player with the most buttons wins.

As kids play this they will practice color recognition, counting, and decision making. This game requires no reading and is a fun way to reinforce counting with a book character that kids love. 

If you are looking for a fun colorful game that reinforces reading and counting, then you will want to grab The Ladybug Game.

While playing this game, your child will try to help the Ladybugs get home while trying to avoid the Praying Mantis as they collect aphids to feed the ants. This is a game that kids learn quickly and can easily play on their own. It takes about 20 minutes to play. 

Shelby’s Snack Shack is fun for younger kids! In this game, Shelby needs your help to find all her buried bones. Each player will spin the spinner and then collect the spun amount of dog bones with the dog pinchers.

Your child will strengthen their fine motor skills and strategic thinking (as well as counting) to find all the bones as they try to collect the most bones to win. While they play they will also practice their numbers and counting and engage in social skills. This is perfect for younger children because there is no reading required to play. 

Acorn Soup is a tasty game your kids will have a blast playing together! In this game, your child will help squirrel make soup while following the directions on the recipe card.

This is a cooperative game where each child takes a turn reading the ingredient list and then adding the correct number of that ingredient to the soup. Not only will your child get to practice counting and number recognition but they will also use their fine motor skills and creative thinking through imaginative play

Did we forget a fun counting game for kids? Share it with us and we will add it to the list! 

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