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Color By Number Ocean Animals

Are you trying to find a way to have your kids work on number recognition in a fun, creative way?

If so, you’re going to love these color by number ocean animal worksheets!

We love color by number worksheets because they’re a no-prep activity that not only helps children learn numbers but also colors and work on fine motor skills.

They’re perfect for coloring at home during quiet time or in the classroom for solo work.

Ocean Color By Number Printables

closeup of clownfish, octopus and turtle color by number

To set up all you need are a few items:

  • white printer paper
  • crayons or markers

Just print off these worksheets and let the kids begin!

If you’re using these printables with a younger child who can’t read the names of colors yet, simply color in the crayons with the matching shade.

sea turtle color by number with crayons scattered around
octopus color by number with crayons scattered around it

This will not only tell kids visually which color goes with which number but will also help them to associate the sight words for colors!

Inside this ocean color by number pack we have included the following animals:

  • shark
  • crab
  • dolphin
  • sea turtle
  • clownfish
  • butterfly fish
  • whale
  • octopus

There’s bound to be a coloring page your child will want to try!

whale color by number with box of crayons in corner

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Share With Us

Did you have your kids do these ocean color by number worksheets? If so, we’d love to see how they turned out!

Snap a picture of their finished worksheet and post it to our Facebook page or join our private Facebook group and share it in there!

crab and clownfish color by number with orange crayon and box of crayons

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Tuesday 12th of May 2020

Great math number activity sheets!

Sam T

Thursday 14th of May 2020


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