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7 Pet Pattern Block Mats For Kids

Use these printable pet pattern block mats to teach young children simple math concepts and keep them entertained!

Pattern block mats are a great resource to introduce toddlers, preschoolers, prek, and kindergarten children to simple math concepts.

Kids can learn many skills from playing with these puzzle mats including fine motor skills, shape recognition, patterns, counting, symmetry and so much more!

Today we’re sharing these cute pattern block mats that are perfect for keeping kids busy, learning and having fun!

Pet Pattern Block Mats For Kindergarten

collage of animal pattern block mats

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Many people often use the terms tangram mats and puzzle block mats interchangeably, but they’re not exactly the same.

We’ve in fact titled many of our blog posts with the word tangram when they’re actually pattern block mats since so many people use tangram when they mean pattern block mats.

dog pattern block mat
fish tangram puzzle mat

Looking for a fun way to help your kids learn shapes and fine motor skills? We’ve got the perfect solution – print out our giant bundle of pattern block mats! There are 11 different mats with tons of fun themes, like holidays, seasons, animals, and more. They’re fun and educational and can be used over and over again!

Tangrams Vs. Pattern Blocks

What exactly is the difference between these two terms?

Tangrams have 7 pieces which include a parallelogram, a square and 5 triangles. The 5 triangles are broken down into 2 big triangles, a medium triangle, and 2 small triangles.

Puzzle blocks, on the other hand, have 6 unique pieces. These consist of a square, a triangle, a hexagon, a trapezoid and 2 different sized rhombuses.

cat pattern block mat

The printable PDF mats that we’ve made today are for use with pattern block mats. You can get the pattern blocks we use at home, here.

Animal Pattern Block Templates

Depending on the age of the child using these pattern block mats, you can help them learn different skills like:

  • symmetry
  • naming shapes
  • discussing the basics of geometry
  • working on fine motor skills
  • work on counting
  • color recognition
  • pattern recognition

and so much more!

parrot pattern block mat

What we love most about it though is the fact that the kids have no idea they’re learning because they’re having so much fun doing it!

Inside this printable pet pack, we’ve included the following pattern block templates:

  • dog
  • cat
  • fish
  • gerbil
  • chameleon
  • turtle
  • parrot
printable chameleon tangram mat

When you download this pack you’ll get a 21 page PDF that includes 7 pages of full color templates, 7 pages of black and white pattern block pictures, and 7 pages with no background (for those who want to use less ink).

We usually print out mats out on heavy, white card stock then laminate them for durability. In fact, we’ve had our original set of tangram puzzle mats for over a year and a half and they still look brand new!

gerbil tangram mat

Pattern Block Mat Activity Book

Another genius way to use the mats is to create a busy book to take with you on the go.

To make one, simply laminate your pages then add adhesive velcro to the mat and the back side of the pattern blocks. You can hole punch the mats and add them into a 3 ring binder to take with you to doctor appointments, car rides or wherever you go!

Our kids love using and playing with these pattern block printables and we bet yours will too!

If you’d like to try this activity out with your child, don’t forget to enter your email in the form at the end of the post to get your free sample pattern block mat.

More Learning Activities For Kids

Free Dog Pattern Block Mat

Free Dog Pattern Block Mat

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Kathryn Barry

Monday 24th of February 2020

I can't find the download link for the pet themed pattern block mats. Could you help me find it or send it to me?

Sam T

Monday 24th of February 2020

yeah, there's a form at the end of that page that says "free dog pattern block mat". If you enter your email in that form, the sample will be sent to you directly.


Wednesday 15th of May 2019

Good morning Sam, I purchased the transportation shape mats but am very disappointed that the actual shapes that would fit the mats do not come in the printable I paid for. Where can these be purchased?

Sam T

Wednesday 15th of May 2019

Hi Sue! So sorry that wasn't clear. I purchased my wooden ones from Amazon, but you can purchase them at a variety of retailers. Were you under the impression that printable ones would be included?

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