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Fun St. Patrick’s Day Do A Dot Printables

There’s something about St. Patrick’s Day that kids absolutely love!

We’re not sure if it’s getting to wear green and maybe getting the chance to pinch their friends, or trying their best to catch a leprechaun in their traps, but whatever the reason, kids love this holiday! 

If you’re looking for a fun mess-free activity for the kids this year you will want to check out these fun St. Patrick’s Day Do a Dot Printables.

Not only will they keep your kids busy, but they’ll also help reinforce educational skills as well. 

It’s easy as download, print, and let your kids have fun while learning early math and reading skills over and over again. 

Check out below what’s included in your 27-page bundle! And, if you want more do a dot printables check out all our fun worksheets.

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Dot Marker Printables

st patricks day do a dot printables image collage with the words st patricks dot marker printables in the middle

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Dot Marker Art Printables

Kids love do a dot art pages, and who can blame them! In this pack, we have included 6 different images.

Included in this do a dot printables pack is:

  • Leprechaun
  • Pot of gold
  • Shamrock
  • Rainbow
  • Flag
  • Leprechaun hat

We know how much kids love to do these do a dots over and over again, so we have created a black and white version (to save your color ink) and one with full-color pictures. 

With the black and white worksheets, they can use their dot markers and then color the rest of the page however they would like. 

st patricks day do a dot art printables

If you choose to print the color version try laminating them for endless fun. We usually pick up some manipulatives to help kids with their fine motor skills of picking up and placing the objects in the circles.

Some great object ideas are bingo chips, pom poms, dot stickers, or small pieces of cereal. Doing things like this really helps strengthen those small muscles in the hand. 

If you want to get really creative then you can grab a pair of kids’ tweezers and have your kids pick up the objects with tongs and place them within each circle. We guarantee kids will love doing this! 

St. Patricks Dot the Letter Pages

This printable pack comes with 4 Dot the Letter Pages. This pack focuses on the letters F, L, P, R, and S.

These dot worksheets are the perfect activity for your child to practice their letter recognition skills, whether they are just learning letters or are more advanced in this skill.

st patricks day do a dot letter printables

The purpose of this activity is for your child to use the dot markers/bingo daubers to dot all the upper and lower case letters that they find on the corresponding letter sheet. 

By laminating these sheets your child can do them over and over again by using a dry-erase marker. This is the perfect quiet activity for your child at home or in the classroom. 

Do a Dot Number Pages

We have also included 5 number dot pages, perfect for little kids learning their numbers. 

On each page, your child will identify and dot the corresponding number. We have included numbers 1-5 in this activity pack. 

st patricks day do a dot number printables

If you want to use these again and again just grab some fun manipulatives and use those to mark each number on the page. 

Do a Dot Fine Motor Practice

Did you know that each time your child holds the do a dot marker they are strengthening their fine motor skills and their pencil grip?

That’s why we absolutely love these fine motor practice dot activity sheets! 

With these sheets, your little learner will follow the pattern of the circles and dot each of them. Once complete, they will then go back with a pair of scissors and cut the line pattern. These dot marker pages are also great for developing hand-eye coordination!

If they’re not quite ready for cutting, they can also use a pencil to trace the dashed lines.

st patricks day do a dot fine motor printables

Kids have so much fun cutting out the lines that they don’t even realize that they are working hard to develop their fine motor skills. 

Graphing Practice

Graphing is a great beginning math skill for kids.

On this printable, your child will get to identify each object at the top and practice their counting skills to determine how many of that object there are.

Once they count them, they will then dot them on the graph and write the number on the blank line.

st patricks day do a dot graphing printables

This printable helps with counting, graphing, and the concept of less, more, and the same. 

We love using this sheet over and over again by laminating it and using manipulatives. 

Maze Page

The maze printable helps children identify a pattern and follow directions as they help the leprechaun find their way by dotting all the shamrocks on the pattern to the pot of gold. 

You can easily make these reusable as well by laminating and then covering them with a manipulative or using a dry-erase marker. 

If it is snack time we will sometimes give the kids small pieces of cereal to mark the path and then once it is marked they can eat their snack. Lucky Charms is the perfect cereal for this!

Shape Identification

The last sheet included in this St. Patrick’s Day printable set. is shape identification where your child will get to identify the correct shape that matches the shape in the leprechaun hat.

This is the perfect printable to help with shape identification and matching objects. 

st patricks day do a dot shape printables

When your child uses all these St. Patrick’s Day Do a Dot activities, they will be strengthening their fine motor skills, and practicing important beginning math and reading skills.

So, grab your St. Patrick’s Day dot markers and get ready for some learning fun! These pages are perfect for personal use at home or single classroom use.

More Kids Activities

St. Patrick’s Day Ideas For Kids

St Patrick’s Day is a great time for kids to get creative! With these fun activities, your lil’ leprechauns can celebrate the day while learning something new.

Keep reading for some of our favorite ideas to keep your little ones entertained this holiday!

Children’s St. Patrick’s Day Books

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, reading to your kids is a great way to celebrate the holiday. Reading aloud helps your children develop their language skills and improve their listening comprehension.

While you work through the story, your kid’s imagination will be sparked, and their love of reading will increase!

Here are some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day books your kids will love!

Free St Patrick’s Day Crafts

Crafting is an important part of childhood development, as it helps to foster creativity, self-expression, and concentration. Crafts also promote problem-solving skills and provide a great opportunity for children to celebrate special occasions or explore a new theme.

Take a look at our list of fun, creative St. Patrick’s Day crafts that kids of all ages can participate in below!

St. Patrick’s Day Name Craft – This fun craft will allow your little ones to work on their spelling skills while having a blast! This activity is made simple with just a few supplies and our free downloadable template. Both younger and older children will have a lot of fun spelling out their names on the gold coins!

Rainbow Card Craft – Your kids will love spreading some St Paddy’s Day cheer with this rainbow card craft! Have your little ones unleash their creativity and make these colorful cards to give away to family and friends. This craft is the perfect addition to your morning work station at home or in school!

St. Patrick's Day craft ideas image collage

Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft – These little leprechauns will bring some serious St. Patrick’s Day fun! Your kids will love painting and designing these paper plate leprechauns. Who wouldn’t want a wee little leprechaun to sit in their home this St. Patrick’s Day?

Shamrock Leprechaun Craft – This adorable craft will have the luck o’ the Irish running through your home or classroom! Your kids will love bringing this little guy to life by decorating the printable shamrock however they please. Let their imaginations run wild, and soon they’ll have their very own leprechaun friend!

St. Patrick’s Day Activities

These St. Patrick’s Day cutting practice worksheets are great for helping your little ones practice their cutting skills in a festive way. They are the perfect no-prep classroom or homeschool printable activity. Your kids can develop their counting, picture matching, and fine motor skills while enjoying the fun illustrations on this PDF file.

Coloring can be both entertaining and educational with our St. Patrick’s Day color by numbers. Encourage your children to stay within the lines and watch their creations come alive! Your little ones won’t even realize they are working on their pencil grip and counting skills – they’ll be having too much fun!

st. patrick's day activities for kids image collage

For a no-prep activity to keep your kids occupied, try these leprechaun coloring pages! They’ll love using their favorite colors to turn these cute little creatures into works of art. Use them as a group activity or for some independent work time. There’s no need to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; your kids can make their own with this fun digital download!

Do you want to put together some St. Patrick’s Day-themed sessions for your children/students? Have crafting meet playtime with these popsicle stick St. Patrick’s Day puppets. Putting together these adorable puppets will keep your kids engaged long after the craft is complete! Your little ones can use their puppets to re-tell stories or use their imagination to create new ones. It’s a fun way to keep their creativity flowing and get them excited for the holiday!

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More Kids’ Activities

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