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Have You Seen My Dragon Activities Your Kids Will Love

Inside: Enrich your kid’s learning and spend quality time with them as you do these Have You Seen My Dragon activities. These are part of the ultimate printable activities for kids collection

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Every once in a while, you fall in love with a children’s book.

You aren’t expecting it, but as soon as you see the first page, you find yourself as engaged as your kids.

Have You Seen My Dragon, by Steve Light, is one of those books.

In the book, a little boy is missing his dragon and sets out in the streets of New York City to find him.

On each page, he visits a different part of the city searching for his friend and finds opportunities to count various objects in the city along the way.

The illustrations in this book are the real magic.

Each page is loaded with details and unexpected scenes that will have your kids wanting to explore everything. 

My kids loved it and I’m sure yours will too.

Even though we read the book several times, my kids still didn’t want to move on, so I created some supplementary activities to go along with the book.

These printables are a great way to spend the day talking about the book and to continue learning.

Have You Seen My Dragon Activities

I’ve created a dragon printable activity pack you can download instantly below. It includes a 40 piece memory game, 20 piece beginning sound clothespin cards, 10 piece counting cards and 2 piece I spy game.

Alternatively, you can download the free printable I spy game by entering your information in the form below.

printable i spy | book activities for kids | have you seen my dragon



The one thing you need to remember is to trim down all the cards prior to the time when you want to do the activity.

After reading the book, decide which activity you want to do first.

have you seen my dragon game | memory | printables for kids

We started with the memory game and placed 10 pairs face down, in a grid, on our kitchen table. Older children can play alone, while younger children make great assistants for you. You let them pick two cards, compare them, and ask them if they match. 

After the game was finished, we split up and did the counting cards and beginning sound cards.

book activities for kids | have you seen my dragon | counting cards

My 6-year-old played with the beginning sound cards. He looked at the picture, said the word aloud, and then placed a mini clothespin on the letter started that word. After every card was done, I told him if he was correct or if he needed to try again.

kids books | activities for kids | printables for kids

My 2.5-year-old and I played with the counting cards. We took them out one at a time and pointed at the object(s). I said what the object was and asked him to count with me as I used his finger to point to each item individually. I also asked him different questions about the pictures like, “what color is the monkey?” or “what’s your favorite card?”.

free printable ispy | book activity | have you seen my dragon activities |

Finally, we wrapped up our activities with the iSpy game. I gave the harder one to my older son and the easy one to my toddler.

My younger son had fun finding the objects, while I tallied them up for him. After we found all of one item, I had him count the total with me. 

We had a blast bringing this whimsical book to life with our activities and I’m sure your kids will too!

Don’t forget you can purchase the activity pack here or download the free printable I spy game by signing up below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.