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6 Pete The Cat Activities That’ll Teach & Engage Your Children

Inside: Bring I Love My White Shoes to life in a whole new way with these Pete The Cat activities for kidsThese are part of the ultimate printable activities for kids collection

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If Pete the Cat was on Facebook, our relationship status would be one word:


Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes. It’s a book all about the excitement of a new pair of shoes (what mom can’t get behind that?!), but the book is so alluring to my kids that we read it roughly 75 times a week.

I might be exaggerating, but the real problem with the book is my toddler’s fascination with the background illustrations.

Ever noticed the pesky yellow bird that’s on just about every other page?

I might not have if it wasn’t for my toddler.

You see, I do something crazy every time I turn the page:

I begin to read the words.

And, in the mind of my 2.5-year-old, that’s insanity.

How could I go on reading the story when there’s a quirky yellow bird on many of the pages who needs a little attention?

pete the cat activities

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The story goes a little something like this:

Pete the Cat was walki-

Bird! Bird! Bird! Bird!

….walking down the st-

Bird! Bird! Bird!

….down the street in his-

Bird! Bird! Bird!

Yes, I see the bird! I see it; it’s a bird. There’s a bird on the page …the street in his brand new white shoes.

Two and half minutes later, and I finished one sentence.

And then there are the other 20 pages!

If you’re anything like me or you can’t bring yourself to read the book one more time, I’ve got you covered.

Pete The Cat Activities

You and your kids can both win with these printable activities for kids. It takes the theme of I Love My White Shoes, and brings it to life with 8 pages of fun kids activities.

felt pete the cat pattern

You can also make a felt storyboard set with this free printable cat and shoe pattern. Enter your email below, and the PDF file will automatically be delivered to your inbox.

Free Felt Pattern Set 

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Color Matching: There are two versions of this activity. One is matching Pete’s shoe color to the correct color word and one is matching Pete’s shoe color to the correct color circle.

You can have older children match the shoe to the word and younger ones match to the color. Even my 2.5-year-old was able to play with this sheet with a little modification.

First, I pointed to a shoe and asked him, “what color is this shoe?”. He said the color and then I asked him, “what color is the same?”. He pointed to the correct color on the right half of the sheet, and then I drew a line from the shoe to the correct color.

Gratitude Cards:

Cut out the cards and have your children write one thing they are grateful for in the white space provided.

childrens books and activities

Gratitude Drawing: 

Have your children draw a picture of something they are grateful for and then write about it in the space below.

clothespin clip cards

Fruit Counting: 

Cut out each card. Next, count how many fruits are in each picture and then use a mini clothespin to choose the correct number below the picture.

pete the cat activities for toddlers

One way to modify this for toddlers is to count along with them. Use their finger to point to each fruit and count along the way. Then, point to the correct number and say the number aloud. Help them use the mini clothespin to attach it to the correct number.

Pete the cat activities

Fruit Patterns: 

Cut out the fruit pictures along the bottom of the page. Look at the pattern, then determine which fruit comes next. Glue the next fruit in the box provided.

pete the cat learning resources

Handwriting Practice: 

Have your children practice their handwriting while writing the colors of Pete’s shoes.

pete the cat activities

Felt Cat Free Play: 

Cut out the pattern, then use packing tape to secure it to the felt. Cut all the felt pieces out, then glue the eyes and nose to the cat’s face with the felt glue. Use puffy paint to draw the details of the shoes.

Let your kids have free play time with the felt character or use it while reading the story.

Your Turn

Now you tell me, what’s your favorite way to bring your children’s storybooks to life? Let me know in the comments below. 

More Pete The Cat Fun

Free Felt Pattern Set 

Enter your email address below to download the free cat and shoe pattern & create your own felt storyboard at home.

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Lauralee Boling

Sunday 17th of February 2019

Been all over your great site and cannot find the free printable for Dr. Seuss hats! I'm guessing it's not on there any more. But if it is, I'd love to know how to access it. Thanks!

Sam T

Monday 18th of February 2019

Oh, sorry you're running into problems! If you go to that page here ( and enter your email in the form at the end of the page, the link will be emailed directly to you.

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