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16 Fun Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers (That Aren’t Junk)

Inside: Tired of the same ‘ol junky Easter basket ideas for toddlers?  Create the perfect Easter basket for your little one when you mix and match these fun, educational and useful gift ideas.

Remember getting those premade Easter baskets when you were a kid?

They usually spring colored with plastic grass and loaded with candy and junky toys.

They’re so tempting for parents to buy because they’re ultra convenient but when you think about it, they’re really a waste of money.

They get your kids all hopped up on sugar and you end up with half-broken toys strewn all over the house.

It’s definitely better to make the Easter baskets yourself.

And if you’re searching for the best toddler Easter basket ideas, you’re in the right place.

I’ve gathered 16 of the cutest, non-junky and completely useful toys (and more) to put in their basket this year!

Fun, Useful & Interactive Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

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Happy Easter Mouse Book:

Books are a standard in our Easter baskets around here. I feel like I’m giving my kids a little educational boost when they get a new book and the little mouse from If You Give A Mouse A Cookie is a favorite for toddlers.

Jellycat Rabbit:

Little boys and girls love stuffed animals and this bunny from Jellycat is amazingly soft! I love all their stuffed animal and this one is excellent for Easter. 

Glitter Chalk:

Crayola chalk is always vibrant and fun, but glitter adds a whole new level to the process. I’m adding this glitter chalk to my toddler’s Easter basket this year for sure!

Hide & Squeak Eggs:

These adorable little eggs are fun, educational and entertaining. Toddlers crack open the eggs to reveal the little chicks inside which squeak when you press down on them. On the bottom of each egg is a shape that toddlers match to the egg carton to put the chicks back in their specific spot.

Animal Sound Maker:

These animal sound maker cans are a blast from the past, but toddlers think they’re hilarious when they tip the can upside down and hear an animal noise.

Bath Squirter:

Toddlers are always getting dirty (or is that just mine??), so bath toys are ideal for reluctant bath-takers. These farm animal squirters are so cute!

Game Dinner Plate:

When I saw this game dinner plate, I about died! What a genius way to get your kids to eat more dinner!!

Coloring Page Driving Placemat:

If you’ve ever found yourself trying to entertain your toddler while you’re out at a restaurant, you’ll wish you had these coloring placemats with colorful cars.

Gummy Bear Night Light:

These adorable little gummy bear night lights come in 5 different colors and have a soft, rubbery body along with a 60 minute sleep time so the light doesn’t stay on all night. Perfect for night time visits to the potty.

Tegu Magnetic Pocket Blocks:

We love Tegu blocks at our house ever since we got them a few years ago for Christmas. This magnetic block set is perfect for keep toddlers occupied at doctor’s appointments, restaurants or anytime you need an activity.

Kinetic Sand:

If your kids have never played with Kinetic Sand, you have to get this for their Easter basket. No matter if your 3 or 33, kinetic sand is so mesmerizing and fun to play with and it comes in 11 different colors.

Paw Patrol Pez:

I don’t like giving candy very often, but I know toddlers will love these Paw Patrol Pez dispensers.

Snoopy Toothbrush:

Like I said in this post on boys Easter basket ideas, toothbrushes (like these Peanuts toothbrushes) often make it in my boys’ stocking stuffers and Easter baskets because they always need them, they’re cheap and the kids love them!

Romeo Plush:

PJ Masks is a huge hit with toddlers and this Romeo plush is super-discounted (for now)! Snatch him up before he’s gone!

Monkey Around Game:

Monkey Around is one of the only board games I’ve seen that was created exclusively for toddlers. It’s a fun game that focuses on gross-motor activity and will have your toddler giggling in no time.

What are your top picks for a toddler Easter basket? Let me know in the comments below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.