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Kids Books About The Body: Anatomy, Personal Hygiene & Germs

Inside: Read these kids books about the body when they’re learning all about the human body, personal hygiene, and the immune system.

If you’ve been following along this week, you know we’ve been learning all about the human body.

So far we’ve done lots of fun crafts, art and so much more!

It’s been an exciting and educational week! Today we’re wrapping everything up with our favorite kids’ books about the body. There are books here for kids of all ages from toddlers, to preschool, kindergarten, and beyond.

Read on below to see which one is best for your kids.

Human Body Books For Kids

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The Fantastic Body book is one of the best books for kids on the human body I’ve ever seen! The illustrations are really engaging for kids and it’s loaded with facts that will keep older kids reading for hours.

Curious George Discovers Germs is all about the day George gets sick! He learns about what germs are, how they affect your body and how to get better again. This book is a must-read for Curious George fans.

Like all the other Dr. Seuss learning books, Inside Your Outside! is a great book for kids who want to learn all about the human body. These books are filled with lots of details and facts, so they’re best for kids who can focus their attention for longer periods of time. 

Looking for more book options for kids? Check out these rhyming picture books. There are so many fun choices!

National Geographic Kids’ books never disappoint and the Ultimate Body-Pedia is no exception. The pages are loaded with colorful images, cool facts, and kid-friendly diagrams. I’d recommend this book to kids ages 6 an up. The Magic Shcool Bus: Inside the Human Body book is a classic. Each page has illustrations of various body systems and facts, along with a silly story of Ms. Frizzle and her class.

My Body is a great book for toddlers learning about their own body. This book focuses on the external parts of the body kids can see (eyes, ears, etc) and has colorful, engaging illustrations.

Do Not Lick This Book is a funny book that follows Min, a microbe, all around the human body. This book is great for keeping kids attention and learning about germs. It also features actual electron microscope images for kids to see as well.

Parts is a goofy book about a boy who is concerned about what exactly is going on with his body. Kids will love hearing the rhyming story and gross explanations of what he believes is happening inside his body.

Germs Are Not For Sharing is a simple board book that teaches toddlers the basics of good personal hygiene. It’s simple and short so little kids can sit through the entire story.

Look Inside Your Body is a fascinating kids book all about internal organs and systems of the human body. This book is great for preschool and kindergarten aged kids because there are over 100 flaps for kids to open.

Ready, Set, Brush! is the perfect book for young Elmo fans who are a little resistant to brushing their teeth. In this fun pop-up book, Elmo and his friends guide toddler and young kids through the basics of good oral hygiene.

My First Human Body book is a fun coloring book that teaches kids facts about the human body. This educational coloring book features various organs and body systems and is fun for kids to use!

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