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28 Adorable + Easy Zoo Animal Crafts

Everyone loves zoo animal crafts, right?!

Find some of the best projects for kids to make for a zoo themed birthday party, preschool theme, or just for fun!

We’ve got lots of ideas from lions, to bears, to elephants and so much more. These crafts also come with a free printable template to make them super simple to recreate with your kids (or students).

These projects will work great with preschoolers, kindergarten, and elementary aged children.

Be sure to check back often to see what new animals we’ve added to the list! And, see our gigantic collection of animal crafts for kids here.

Zoo Animal Craft Ideas

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We’ve made lots of headband crafts for kids, but this elephant headband craft is one of our most favorite! Make it as a craft or print it out in black and white for kids to color in with markers.

Don’t you love watching those cute and slow-moving sloths in the trees? This sloth craft is so easy to make and only requires some paper.

Make the king of the jungle when you create your own lion craft for preschool.

Do you want to keep your kids entertained all year long with fun animal crafts? We’ve got you covered! Our animal craft book has 52 weeks of unique & adorable animal crafts for kids. Watch your child’s creativity blossom as they improve fine motor skills!

This adorable panda paper bag puppet craft is simple and quick.

Let your kids paint their very own paper plate giraffe with this easy tutorial!

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Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We’ve already shared a fun lion craft, but what about this cute bear craft? It’s another quick and easy zoo craft kids will love!

Speaking of tigers, this brown paper bag tiger craft and this paper plate tiger craft are so adorable and quick to make.

If you’re lucky enough to have Australian animals at your local zoo, you’ll have to make this paper bag koala craft.

Unleash your child’s inner creativity with this fun and easy lion paper plate craft! Watch as they transform a simple paper plate into an adorable, friendly lion.

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Grab your stack of paper plates and make this paper plate monkey craft.

This elephant craft for kids is a simple papercraft that is perfect for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten children.

We have another fun headband craft the kids will enjoy creating, but this time it’s a lion headband craft! Kids will love how happy this headband looks.

This paper bag puppet lion is a great craft to do if you want your kids to have fun with their friends and make something they can take home. It’s an easy project that will only require a few supplies! This would be perfect for any zoo-themed birthday party or field trip too.

This tiger headband craft is a great craft to make with your kids at home. Put on this paper tiger headband and you’ll be ready to go meet the animals! This would also be perfect if you’re planning an animal-themed birthday party or unit study.

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Want more paper plate crafts? Try out this paper plate koala craft or this paper plate sloth craft. Make something a little more colorful when you make this peacock handprint craft or this giraffe puppet craft.

penguin craft images

Let’s not forget about all those cold-weather zoo animals! We’ve always loved polar bears so we made this polar bear handprint craft or this polar bear paper bag puppet.

penguin craft image collage

If your child loves penguins, we’ve got tons of fun ideas for them to make like these crafts:

walrus craft images

One of the most spectacular marine mammals to see in real life is a walrus! Create this walrus arctic animal craft for kids or this handprint walrus craft for kids.

zoo animal craft image collage

Every little one is mesmerized by the cute and curious monkeys at the zoo. Make this handprint monkey craft as a fun keepsake for years to come!

Another cute craft for kids is this lion card craft. Make it to give to Grandma, Grandpa, or for a friend’s birthday!

Love handprint crafts? Try this handprint lion craft, this handprint zebra craft for kids, or this handprint tiger craft.

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This monkey craft for kids, this koala card craft, or this tiger handmade valentine card are all simple card crafts that kids will have a blast making!

bat craft image collage

Even though bats may be a little scary for young children, this preschool bat craft and this paper bag bat craft are super cute and friendly looking!

paper plate elephant craft and handprint sloth craft

Make this elephant paper plate craft. It’s cheery and fun for kids!

Everyone loves sloths, right? Well, now they’re even cuter when your child makes this handprint sloth craft.

Step your kids into the world of playful pandas with this cute paper plate panda craft! It’s a fun-filled activity that lets kids transform everyday items into their very own panda friend. It’s a great way to enhance their creativity while learning about these adorable creatures.

Get your kids ready for an adventure down under with this cute koala handprint craft! It’s a great way to express their artistic side and learn about animals at the same time. It also boosts those essential motor skills while having fun!

Kids can hop into fun with this kangaroo paper bag puppet craft, transforming a simple brown paper bag into an cute kangaroo complete with a pouch. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or caregiver, this craft is sure to bring lots of fun to a zoo day.

Introduce your children to the world of elephants with these elephant books, perfect for creating unforgettable zoo-themed adventures. From heartwarming tales of friendship to exciting wild escapades, these stories offer both fun and valuable lessons in kindness, acceptance, and teamwork.

Any one of these easy zoo animal crafts for kids will keep them entertained and excited! Which one will you make first?

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I love your crafts. The kids enjoy them too. But I noticed there isn't one for a Kangaroo


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Sam T

Wednesday 3rd of February 2021

I would love that! Thanks so much!

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