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3 Free Pokemon Color By Number Printable Worksheets

Today we’ve combined two things that kids love: Pokemon and coloring.

But these aren’t just your standard coloring pages; they’re Pokemon color by number worksheets.

That’s right. You’re being a great mom by giving your kids an activity that’s fun and educational!

If your kids love Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur, these printables are perfect for them. Print them out and use them today!

Also, be sure to check out all of our fun color by number worksheets for more practice.

Color by Number Pokemon Pages

Pokemon color by number printables with the words Pokemon color by numbers

Color by number pages are such an awesome boredom buster because they teach kids lots of things like:

  • number identification
  • focus
  • color sight words
  • fine motor skills
  • relaxation

and so much more!

We’ve made some general color by number pages (that also include addition and subtraction) a while back and more recently some classic Disney color by number printables, and now it’s time for Pokemon.

Charmander Color By Number Printable

If your child isn’t able to read yet, just print out these sheets and color the crayons in with the correct crayons so they can reference the colors instead of the words themselves.

Charmander color by number

My 3.5-year-old loves coloring these Pokemon coloring pages but he doesn’t have the focus to use the color by number part yet.

For him, I’ll color the background so he can see the Pokemon characters a little better and then color them however he wants.

If you want regular coloring pages, be sure to download these free Disney coloring pages or these cool Star Wars coloring pages.

Pikachu color by number

We hope your child loves these Pokemon printables!

More Pokemon Ideas For Kids

pokemon kids' craft image collage

Don’t stop with these Pokemon coloring pages! Crafts are another fun activity the kids will love. Besides being fun, crafting provides a host of benefits.

First, they can help to improve fine motor skills. Cutting, painting, and gluing all require coordination and precision, which kids develop with practice.

Crafts are also a great way for kids to express themselves. They can communicate their thoughts and feelings through art, in a way that words sometimes cannot.

For more crafting ideas, try out this Pikachu card craft. If it’s around Easter, try out these DIY Pokemon Easter eggs.

We also recently made this cute Pikachu paper bag puppet craft. It’s fun to make and great for pretend play once the kids are done making it.

When Thanksgiving rolls around, use these disguise a turkey printables to turn your turkey into Pikachu!

Pokemon Kids’ Books

Books are a great way to get even further into a theme! On top of that, reading to kids helps them develop a stronger vocabulary and helps them learn to focus. It’s a win-win situation! Try out some of these cool books about space:

Below are some great Pokemon books for kids:

Bulbasaur color by number

Kids’ Pokemon Activities

These fizzing Pokemon balls are a fun science experiment kids will love!

Sprinkle in some sensory play with this Pokemon play dough kit! Your child will have so much fun squishing and shaping this play dough that they won’t even realize how much fine motor skill practice is involved.

This free printable Pokemon I Spy worksheet is another no-prep project that will help kids with working memory, counting, and more.

More Printable Activities For Kids

Free Pokemon Color By Number Pages

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