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9 Awesome Educational Games For Kindergarten

There’s nothing better than when kids enter kindergarten! During this year, they’re developing so many educational and social skills.

With kids this age being so interested in learning we love providing them with fun educational games for kindergarten to help reinforce these skills while having fun! 

Check out our list of great educational games for kindergarten as well as the best board games for kids.

Educational Games for Kindergarten

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Have a kindergartener ready to practice addition and subtraction skills? Sum Swamp is the perfect game for them.

With this game, your child will practice basic math skills and develop fluency along the way as they race through the swap meeting swap creatures, and solving math problems. We love that this game helps build confidence in math skills.

We love Sight Word Swat! It is actually one of our favorites. In this game, your kindergartener will build reading and vocabulary skills while competing to see who can find the sight word first.

The sight word flies are divided into different skill levels, so this game with grow with your child over the years. Not only does this game help build reading skills it also develops hand-eye coordination as well. 

Bohs Literacy Wiz Fun Game focuses on letter recognition, spelling, word building, and vocabulary as they use the upper case letter tiles to build the word they see on the card.

Once your child’s spelling skills increase you can even cover up the word and practice spelling it on their own. This is a game they can play by themself or with a friend. This game focuses on building concentration and memory skills both of which are critical for academic development. 

Crocodile Hop Floor Game is a fun game for kids that is lifesize! In this game, kids will practice finding colors, shapes, and numbers as well as use their problem solving and gross motor skills. We love that this game also helps teach kids to follow simple instructions. 

There’s a reason that Wild Kratts Race Around the World is nominated for a 2020 Parents’ Choice Award! It’s a favorite of both kids and parents!

Players will race around the world collecting Creature Power Suit Cards from each habitat. The first to collect all their cards wins! In this game, kindergarteners will learn strategy as well as social skills as they compete against one another to be the first to collect their cards. 

Outfoxed! is another great educational game for kindergarteners you’ll want in your game closet. In this game, kids will work together to figure out Whodunit.

Kids roll the dice to reveal suspects as well as find clues along the way. This game teaches strategy and problem-solving skills as well as learning to work with others towards a common goal. This game takes about 20-30 minutes to play. 

My First Castle Panic can be played alone or with up to 4 players. It is a fun independent game that kids work together to catch the monsters and throw them in the dungeon to protect the castle.

While playing this game, kids will practice matching colors, shapes, strategic thinking, planning ahead, and taking turns. This game requires no reading making it a great game for kindergarteners with limited reading skills. 

Another great cooperative game is Engineering Ants. In this game, kids will work together to free all the ants and get them to the anthill before the anteater arrives.

Kids will have fun working as a team as they play this STEM-based learning game that encourages inventing, designing, and building. 

Clumsy Thief Jr is a fun game where kids get to develop confidence while reinforcing math skills. In this game, players are constantly swapping hands of cards as they search for 2 cards in their hand that add up to 10. Beware of those thief cards that can steal your stacks of 10 from you!

In this game, kids will learn strategy as well as give and take skills. It is a fun game that kids will enjoy playing together! 

Did we miss a fun educational game for Kindergarteners? Share in the comments and we will add it to the list! 

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