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11 Best Math Games For 3rd Graders

Have a child who’s working on math skills?

Math can be fun when there are games involved to help children practice their skills in a fun and less intimidating way.

Whether you’re trying to help your third grader learn multiplication or division, there are a number of different fun math games that are sure to help.

You can even make it into a fun family game night!

These math games for 3rd graders will have children practicing as they complete the games. They’ll have so much fun playing the games, they won’t even know they are learning as they go!

If you want even more board game fun, be sure to check out all of the best board games for kids.

Third Grade Math Games

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Elementary math has never been so fun! Race To Infinity! is customizable to your children’s age and will have them practicing their addition and subtraction skills.

Multiply, divide, and conquer! Your third grader will love passing through the four different difficulty levels as they master their math skills in this silly board game.

Smath is a crossword puzzle style game that is adaptable to multiple skills level! It’s for 2-4 players and gets great reviews! Work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Mountain Raiders is an engaging math game that helps kids work on mastering 2 and 3 digital addition as well as some subtraction! The objective is to get to the treasure without getting caught by the monster!

Kids who want to work on multiplication and division will love Monster Sock Factory. This silly math game is played by helping the monster give socks out to everyone in the snowy valley. There are 4 versions of gameplay so kids will always be excited about playing!

Math Builder is a strategy based math game that will help children build math equations with multiplication, division, and subtraction. Unlike some of the other games, this one is a collaborative game, so kids work together to win.

To win the game, kids must connect two of the rivers on the game board with their equations. To us, it’s like a math version of Scrabble!

Math Master is not a board game like the other ones listed on this page, but it can be just as fun! Open this set and have your child work on exactly what they need with these write and wipe mats.

They have cute illustrations and a variety of activities to keep kids learning and coming back for more!

Clumsy Thief is a fun math card game for kids! To play, kids must look at the cards in their hand and find 2 cards that add up to 100. They place these sets on the table and wait for the other players to do the same.

Once everyone has finished the first step, players will look for 1 card to add to the top cards on the table that again add to 100. But watch out! Players can use their thief cards to steal piles! Jail cards can counteract thief cards, so keep a close eye on the cards you’re dealt!

Money Bags is an engaging math game that will help your child learn all about money. Players try to collect as much money as they can before the game ends.

The game uses a die and spinner to move players along the board, towards the finish. Each time the player lands on a space, that space will indicate the amount of money they’ve earned for their turn.

Along the way, there are also special spaces where players get to pick up the money bags jackpot or exchange their exact change to the bank for a special interest bonus!

Proof! is a simple yet fun mental math game that will help kids work on addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, and square roots. This math game is one of our favorites from all the ones listed!

Check the Oven! is a funny bluffing card game that incorporates math skills. Players get 5 food cards and work to get a set of the same food cards that adds to 12.

It doesn’t stop there, though! Players must ask for a set of food cards to reach their goal of 12.

Every other player offers them cards facedown so no one can see. The main player gets to select which hand they will choose, but be careful, some players may be bluffing or may even give you a broken pie card!

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