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Best Board Games For Kindergarteners

Kindergarteners are the perfect age to start introducing a variety of different games too.

Board games are a great way to not only reinforce learning at home but also help with fine motor skill practice while they are having fun. 

We love playing games together as a family, in fact, we do it often. Not only is it fun family time together but we love that there is no prep or planning. Just pick a game and play!

These are the best kindergarten board games that are great for helping to reinforce educational skills and have fun!

If you want even more ideas, be sure to check out all of the best board games for kids!

Kindergarten Board Games

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Sum Swamp is the perfect game to teach early math skills such as addition and subtraction. As your kids race through the swamp they will meet funny swamp creatures and solve math problems along the way.

This is the perfect game for 2-4 players that your kids will have fun playing as they build more confidence in their math skills.

If you are looking for a game that practices teamwork and cooperation then Eye Found It is the game you want to get.

We love that it helps children learn to observe and pay attention to details along the way. The kids will love shouting “I Found it” when they find what everyone is searching for. 

Connect 4 is a two-player game that your kindergartener will love. In this game, your child will try to get 4 in a row while trying to block their competition from getting a 4 in a row first. This game helps with fine motor skills as your child has to pinch each disk to place it in the slot.

Not only that but it helps your child with identifying patterns to ensure they block a 4 in a row before it happens. 

In Mermaid Island all the players work together to make it to Mermaid Island before the witch. In this game, your children will learn basic strategy and social development. It is the perfect quick game to play with one another as it only takes about 10 minutes to play. Another great thing about this game is that no reading is required to play. 

Guess Who is a two-person game where each player takes turns asking each other yes/no questions to try and identify who the other player is.

This is the perfect game for helping children use observation skills and the process of elimination to solve the mystery of who it is. This is a quick game that never gets old because every round is completely different. 

We love Race to the Treasure in our home because it is another great cooperation game where we all win together. The key to this game is to collect 3 keys on the race and then make it to the treasure before the ogre.

This game focuses on strategy, cooperation, emotional development, creating positive self-esteem, and creative problem-solving. Up to 4 players can play together and it takes about 20 minutes. 

If your kids love the movie Trolls, then they will love Trolls in Trouble. This game is similar to the original Trouble game, but with a slightly different spin on it. This game is perfect for younger children because it teaches them patience as they have to wait to come out of their start until they roll the correct number or someone else does.

It also teaches emotional regulation as they may become frustrated when they have to go back to start. All in all, this is a fun game that kids love popping the dice to play. It also reinforces basic counting and strategy as they move their pegs around the board. 

Jenga is a great game of patience and strategy as they use their fine motor skills to remove a Jenga block from the tower without having it come crashing down. Once the block is removed they then have to carefully place the block on the top of the tower. How tall will the tower get? You’ll have to remove the blocks to find out. 

Kids love guessing games and that is why we love Hedbanz Junior for kindergarteners. Similar to the original Hedbanz game kids will use yes/ no questions to determine which card is on their head.

This junior edition is much similar for younger children since they are all animal cards.  Included in this game are also clue cards to help them come up with some questions to ask to figure out who they are! 

Does your kindergartener love a board game that isn’t included? Let us know in the comments below!

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