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Free Printable Apple Worksheets For Kids

Fall has arrived, and it’s time for some fall fun like jumping in a pile of colorful leaves, picking apples at the orchard, or going on a hayride! There’s so much to love about this season. 

To kick off the season, we have a great educational activity featuring a fall favorite. Kids will take a bite out of learning with these free printable apple worksheets!

There are 3 worksheets in this set that focus on the letter A. Kids will practice their handwriting, learn to recognize the letter A and label the parts of an apple.

These pages not only make learning fun but help kids develop essential skills. Read on below to learn more about each worksheet.

Check out our apple activities that has lots more fun apple themed printables and crafts!

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Apple Printables

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In this set of worksheets, we’ve included the following printables:

  • A is for Apple handwriting worksheet
  • A is for Apple letter maze worksheet
  • Label the Apple worksheet

Up first is the A is for Apple handwriting sheet where kids can practice writing the letter A with confidence!

As they trace and write the letter A, it will enforce the movements used to write the letter and improve their fine motor skills. They’ll practice both uppercase and lowercase Aa’s as well as the word, apple.

Apple worksheets trace letter a

On the next sheet, kids will follow the Aa’s to navigate their way to an apple tree. This activity not only reinforces letter recognition but sharpens kids’ problem-solving skills and fine motor skills as they fill in each square.

This is a great activity to work on their focus and patience as they work towards their end goal.

The final sheet is the Label the Apple worksheet. Kids will grab the scissors and glue to cut and paste each label in the correct box.

As they complete this activity, they will boost their vocabulary and learn the different parts that make up an apple. Once they have completed the labeling exercise, encourage them to color in the apple.

These worksheets are an engaging and playful way to introduce the letter A and the word apple to kids’ vocabulary. The essential skills gained will help them in their education journey!

apple worksheets label the apple

Fall Ideas For Kids

We’ve put together an exciting list of fall ideas for kids that feature some awesome fall crafts and educational activities. These fall ideas will get kids to flex their creative muscles and learn at the same time!

There’s something for everyone to enjoy, so check out the fantastic lineup below. Be sure to save the ones you know your little learners will enjoy.

Children’s Books About Fall

As a parent or caregiver, you want to give your child the best start in life, and reading can provide invaluable benefits. Reading books to them can help improve their vocabulary skills, and strengthens their language skills, memory, and concentration.

Plus, reading lets your kids explore different worlds, ideas, and perspectives, which helps to build empathy and understanding. The benefits of reading to children are limitless, so grab your favorite book and get ready to embark on a journey together!

So next time you’re looking for some fun storytime activities with your little one, grab a book from your shelf and read to them! Below are some of the top fall-themed books for kids.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves: The mischievous old lady swallowed a handful of leaves! Her tummy started to rumble. So she swallowed some more items. Then even more. But as her stomach grew full, the leaves began to poke out through her mouth… when suddenly – poofffff! – it turned into a scarecrow!

Pete The Cat Falling For Autumn: Pete is not a fan of fall. But he decides to do some detective work and finds out that there are lots of things about this season he loves, like corn mazes, hayrides, wearing scarves, and apple picking! This story helps kids learn that even though they might not love every season of the year, there are still good parts to each one.

We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt: The seasons are changing, the days getting are shorter, and children everywhere are starting to make plans for their favorite outdoor adventures – and what could be more fun than a Leaf Hunt?!

apple worksheets letter maze

Fall Crafts For Kids

Fall crafts are a delightful way to celebrate the season while igniting creativity in growing kids. These hands-on activities engage their imagination and fine motor skills as they explore colors and textures.

Crafting is also a chance for them to develop important cognitive and sensory abilities. We’ve gathered a few fall crafts to get you started with, so keep reading below to choose some to do.

Handprint Acorn Craft – We’ve got a fantastic craft that turns tiny hands into adorable acorn characters, complete with cheerful smiles! Kids will create a hands-on masterpiece, and the fun and template is absolutely free!

Pumpkin Name Craft – Get your pumpkin pals ready for a name craft that’s sweet as pumpkin pie! It’s a fun and easy activity where kids will practice spelling their names with the pumpkin seeds. This personalized craft will make for a cute fall decoration once they’re finished.

fall crafts collage

Paper Plate Scarecrow Craft – Get ready for some autumn magic as kids turn a simple paper plate into the cutest little scarecrow! This scarecrow friend is a great way to welcome the fall season, so grab the template to get crafting!

Corn Craft – Get ready for an “a-maize-ing” time with this fall craft. It’s perfect for tiny hands to create! This easy-peasy paper craft is great for developing fine motor skills, so let’s get creative and make this corny craft together!

Fall Activities For Kids

Get set for a bundle of fall-tastic fun with our fall printables for preschool kids! From tracing to finger-painting pumpkins and rollin’ with the owls, it’s a blast!

With snail shapes, woodland animals, and connect-the-dots adventures, kids can dive into a colorful world of playful learning! They’ll paint, write, and match their way through this fall!

Fall into fall fun with our adorable fall color by sight words sheets! Let’s swap numbers for sight words and color in apples, foxes, rabbits, mice, leaves, and pumpkins!

Perfect for kindergartners practicing sight words or preschool and pre-k kids ready for a playful challenge. So gather up the crayons or markers to get them busy filling in these cute illustrations!

fall activities collage

Ready for fall-tastic fun? Our fall worksheets have it all! From counting raindrops to alphabet adventures, fine motor skills to pre-writing practice, your kids will have a blast! They’ll color, match, and navigate mazes through 25 different autumn-themed worksheets.

Here’s some fun fall cutting practice for preschoolers! This is a fun activity with no prep needed! Print on plain paper for kids to color before cutting, or print on colored paper to skip it. Kids will master cutting shapes starting with a square and rectangle, then zig-zags, circles, and ovals.

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More Fall Ideas For Kids

Free Printable Apple Worksheets

Apple Worksheets

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