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12 Out Of This World Space Books For Kids

Inside: Teach kids about our solar system in a fun and engaging way with these space books for kids.

This week’s activities are all about the mysteries and facts of outer space.

So far, we’ve colored these space coloring pages and played this fun solar system for kids game.

We’ve already learned lots of cool facts about the planets in our solar system. It’s amazing how much I’ve forgotten since I was a kid!

And of course, we had to talk about poor little Pluto and how he got kicked out of the planetary club.

Today, we’re settling down with these 12 awesome space book for kids.

Young kids of all ages will love reading these books about space that are fun, engaging, creative and educational!

Read on below to find the perfect ones for your kids or students.

Children’s Books About Space

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Roaring Rockets is a perfect book to introduce toddlers and preschoolers to space. The short length, simple text, and rhyming words will keep the kids’ attention until the end of the book.

What’s Out There? A Book About Space is an interesting book for older children who love space and astronomy. This book doesn’t have a story, rhymes or anything that will keep young kids engaged, but it’s filled with interesting facts and cool illustrations.

Astronaut Handbook is a great kid’s book all about what it takes to become an astronaut. This fun picture book talks about the hard work, environment, skills and more needed to become an astronaut!

Pete the Cat fans will have a blast with his new book all about his adventures in space in Pete the Cat Out of This World. Every child who loves stories will enjoy this book.

How to Catch a Star is a cute story about a boy who sets out on a mission to get a star of his very own. This children’s picture book is a fun reminder to keep trying and reaching for your dreams no matter what!

Lost In The Solar System is a classic Magic School Bus book that teaches kids all about space while entertaining them with Ms. Frizzle and her class. These books are packed with information, so they’re best for older kids who can sit down and have the patience to make it through the whole book.

Pluto’s Secret is a must read for all kids who wonder why Pluto got kicked out of the planetary club. The cute illustrations draw kids in, while the text teaches them all about the history, discovery and reclassification of Pluto.

Little Kids First Big Book Of Space is a kids book that’s loaded with tons of cool facts about outer space. National Geographic Kids makes some of the most engaging and educational books for kids, so if your child loves learning, this book is a must read!

Dr. Seuss books like There’s No Place Like Space! are so awesome for little learners! They’re already familiar with the characters and love the rhyming in each book. This space book is perfect for kids who like to learn in a playful way.

Mousetronaut is a fun book all about a special little mouse named Meteor who finally makes it into outer space. When a problem arises in the space shuttle, little Meteor knows exactly how he can help! Kids of all ages will enjoy this best selling storybook.

Hello, World! Solar System is a fabulous board book for every tiny space fan. The pages are colorfully illustrated and have simple facts that will help young kids learn without feeling overwhelmed.

If your child loves numbers, A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars. is the perfect space book for them! This book is best for older children since there are lots of facts, math, and science.

Whatever the age of your child, there’s a space book here they’re bound to love!

More Fun Books For Kids

Fun Space Activities

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