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How To Plan The Ultimate Construction Party For Kids

Find everything you need to plan the best construction party including printables, decorations, food ideas, party supplies, favors, and more!

Little boys love everything that’s loud and moves.

From trains to trucks, airplanes, and of course, tractors!

If your little one loves tractors, dump trucks, and everything construction related, then they’ll love having a construction themed birthday party.

Read on below to see just how easy it is to throw together when you use this construction printable pack.

Construction Party Ideas

Construction Party Ideas | Find everything you need to throw an amazing construction party from food ideas, decorations, games, printable packs, cake and cupcake ideas, invitations, favors and more!

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Party invitations set the whole theme of the event, so they’re the first thing I choose when designing and party planning.

These invitations are formatted as 5″x7″.

You can print them at home, print them at a local place (I love Costco for invitations), or use them as a digital file to text guests or use with a service like Evite.

To edit them with your party details, you’ll need to have the free version of Adobe Reader (download it here). To achieve the same look, you’ll also need to download the free font Londrina Solid.


Honeycomb Balls

Construction Party Decoration Ideas | Make your under construction theme come to life with these easy decoration ideas including a simple honeycomb centerpiece, 4x6 table signs and fun place settings. #kids #kidsparty #kidsparties #ideasforkids

Once the invitations are all set and sent out, planning out the construction party decorations is the next step.

Since we threw a shark party just a few short weeks before this one, I decided to reuse the light blue honeycomb balls and buy more coordinating ones in yellow and orange.

They’re a great idea and an inexpensive way to fill a lot of empty space. We used them on the food table, the regular table, and on the fireplace mantle. You can also use them more traditionally by hanging them from the ceiling.

I bought honeycomb balls from Target and Oh Happy Day Shop. If Target has the colors you need, get them there first. Most honeycomb balls have tape circles to hold them in place, but Target’s balls have velcro circles so you can reuse them as many times as you want!

Tip: You can also use paper clips to attach them so you can reuse the regular ones as well.

Happy Birthday Banner

Construction Party Happy Birthday Banner Printable #kids #construction #constructionparty #party #birthday

Inside the construction party printable set, there’s a happy birthday banner as well. It’s the perfect way to say ‘happy birthday’ to your little builder on their special day!

This one features a black background with caution striping along the edges. The end flags are on a white background and have tractors on them.

Construction Party Printable Banner #kids #birthday #bdayparty

All you need to do to construct them is print, cut them out, punch holes in the tops and thread some coordinating ribbon through them.


Construction party printable table signs | decor ideas #party #partyplanning #partydecor #printable

If you’ve seen any of my other birthday parties, you know I always use my trusty Ikea 4″x6″ picture frames.

They’re a great way to personalize the dessert table or just for added decorations anywhere you need a little extra something.

In the construction birthday printable pack, there are 5 different construction signs available, including:

  • hardhat safety sign
  • overtime treat sign
  • birthday number sign (numbers 1-5)
  • party zone sign
  • dump everything and party sign
Construction Party Door Sign 16x20 #party #partyideas #diy

In addition to the 4″x6″ signs, there’s also a 16″x20″ party zone sign to hang on the front door.

Backdrop Banner

Construction Party Ideas | Plan an awesome party for your child with this all in one party printable pack. #birthdayideas #firstbirthday #boybirthday

One effective construction birthday party idea is hanging a sign behind the food or dessert table. This one is 36″x24″ so it fills a good amount of space.

This year I tried a new online printer for my banner called Printastic and I was very satisfied with the results and the price! In case you’re wondering, I used the 13 oz matter vinyl option.

Construction Party Favors

Party favors are the best part of planning a birthday! Your little boy or girl will love handing out these fun gifts to all their party guests.

For this construction party theme, I had a variety of party favors.

Construction Party Favor Ideas | Create these easy and cute DIY favors for kids with just a few supplies. #party #birthdayparty #kidsparties
Boys Birthday Party Favors | Create these construction themed party favors with just a few supplies. #boys #party #partyideas

The main favor was a mini tractor inside a clear bag with chocolate rock candy on the bottom. I tied them up with some thin yellow ribbon and added the “thanks a ton” favor tag. They looked so adorable!

You can use any toy construction vehicle and sweet treats to make these favor bags – it all depends on your little construction worker’s favorite thing!

Boys Party Ideas | Make this year's party awesome with this construction themed party. #boysparty #partyideas #partyplanning

We also bought plastic construction hats for each of the kids to bring home with them.

Boys Party Ideas | Recreate this construction themed birthday party for your little one. #party #bday #kidsparties
First Birthday Party For Boys | Say Happy Birthday with this cool construction themed birthday party. #kids #kidsandparenting #ideasforkids

On the table, we had construction bubbles, construction cone drink bottles, and a tractor coloring page placemat with a box of Crayola crayons.

The kids loved being able to bring all their loot home at the end of the construction theme party!

If you decide to go with a bunch of construction party favors, these construction mini totes are perfect to hold everything.

Construction Party Supplies

Boys Birthday Party Themes | Throw together this construction themed party in a flash with printable pack. #printable #constructionparty #boys

At this party, we used plain light blue dinner plates with yellow dessert plates nestled inside. On top of each table setting, we also added the “dig in” circular plate insert from the printable pack.

We used yellow utensils wrapped in orange napkins all sealed up in the “party zone” napkin wrappers.

As I said in the favor section, we used these construction cone drinks, bubbles, printable placemats, and crayons to complete the table setting.

One of the items I wished I used were these construction cone candles for the cake; they’re just too cute and perfect for any birthday boy or girl!!

I also love these mylar construction themed balloons and these latex construction themed balloons. Plain yellow and black balloons would also work great, too.

If you need more decorations around the space, you can use this caution tape to add a little more festivity.

Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

I don’t like being in the kitchen, so I always buy store bought cake and cupcakes. I usually end up buying them at Target because they’re inexpensive and close by.

Boys Birthday Cake | Decorate a store bought cake with a these cake toppers and some raisenettes to make an easy and fun cake or smash cake for your little one. #cake #birthdaycake #boys #construction

For the cake, I chose a simple white vanilla bean cake and then added Raisinettes along the bottom to look like little boulders. Next, I added the construction cake toppers and that was it!

Simple and festive.

If you prefer, you can also use a plastic tractor like this one on the top and have it double as another gift!

Birthday Cupcakes For Boys | Dress up some store bought cupcakes with these construction themed cupcake toppers and wrappers. It's a simple and fun DIY that's easy to do. #kids #parties #kidsparties
Construction Cupcake Toppers & Wrappers | Boys will love these fun road sign cupcake toppers and wrappers. #kids #boysparty #boybirthday

I also bought the cupcakes at Target, but with these ones, I chose yellow frosting. I printed out the construction party cupcake toppers and cupcake wrappers and added them to all the cupcakes.

Construction Party Games & Activities

Since this party was for 3 and 4-year-olds, we chose simple, classic construction games that don’t have too many rules or are complicated for kids to understand.

Tractor Tractor Game

First, we played a version of button, button which we called tractor, tractor – it’s always a good time!

In this game, all the kids sit in a circle while one kid is designated “it”. The child who is “it” closes their eyes while all the other kids pass the small tractor around the circle quietly.

Whenever the “it” child feels like it, they say stop and the other children freeze. The “it” child keeps their eyes closed while all the other kids put their hands behind their backs.

Once all the kids have their hands behind their backs, the “it” child gets to guess who has the small tractor. When a child is called on, they show their hands, and game play continues until the “it” kid finds the tractor.

When the tractor is found, the next child in the circle gets to be “it” and the game continues until every player has a turn to be “it”.

This game is so simple, but the kids had loads of fun playing it.

Bubbles & Coloring

Construction Party Coloring Page Placemat | Give the kids something fun and simple to do with these printable coloring pages. #kids #kidsandparenting #ideasforkids #coloring

When the kids began to arrive, we had them color their giant dump truck placemat.

I had these printed at Staples on their 18″x24″ paper. The file is formatted with 2 placemats per 18″x24″ page, so it came out to just under $1 to print each coloring page placemat.

Boys Birthday Ideas | Plan a DIY construction party for little kids with these ideas and printable pack. #boys #birthdayideas #partyplanning

After they all arrived, we went outside and blew bubbles, which surprisingly last a really long time!

Pass The Package

After the tractor game, we played the classic game pass the package.

There’s a little bit of prep work for this game so plan ahead. To begin, you’ll need 2 contrasting wrapping papers, small trinkets to wrap, and one grand prize.

You’ll begin by wrapping the grand prize first in one of the wrapping papers. Next, you’ll wrap the grand prize package inside the contrasting wrapping paper with a small trinket inside that layer. You’ll continue alternating wrapping papers while placing the small trinkets in each layer until you have all the trinkets wrapped.

To play the game, kids sit in a circle with music playing.

They’ll pass the package around the circle until the music stops. Whichever child is holding the package when the music ends gets to open one layer of the package and keep the trinket.

Play continues until all the layers are unwrapped and the grand prize is reached.

Since we had very young kids, we told them if they ended up with the package when the music stopped, but they had already opened it then they would hand it to their neighbor to open.

We had enough prizes for all of the kids to get one and for a few to get 2 trinkets so everyone loved the game!

Construction Cone Ring Toss

This was another simple game the kids enjoyed.

All you need are about 4-6 traffic cones (like the ones you’d see on a real construction site!) and some rings. Just set them like you would bowling pins and let the kids toss rings onto them.

The child that lands the most rings on the cones wins!

You can also buy a set like this one with the cones and rings packaged together.

Cardboard House Decorating

I also really wanted to have a cardboard house for the kids to construct and paint, but I decided, in the end, it would be too messy to deal with. I didn’t think until after the party that we could have just let them color the house instead of painting it, but oh well!

Construction Food Ideas

I always like to throw parties between meal times so I only need to provide snacks.

At this party, we decided on pretzel sticks, grapes, popcorn, graham crackers, and of course cupcakes!

Construction Party Food Ideas #download #food #partyfood #constructionparty

Inside the construction party printable package, there are 10 prewritten food label cards and a page of blank food label cards that you can write in your own items.

To make it coordinate, we named each of our foods as follows:

  • pretzel sticks = logs
  • grapes = wrecking balls
  • popcorn = pebbles
  • graham crackers = plywood
Construction party food label printables #kids #kidsandparenting #ideasforkids

The printable package also includes spare tires (mini chocolate donuts), nails (good for food like veggie straws), nuts & bolts (snack mix), pipes (licorice), and boulders (anything round like blueberries, whoppers, etc).

Construction Party Planning Food Ideas #partyfood #printables #partyprintables

That’s it!

With so many wonderful options, I’m sure you’ll throw an awesome construction party too.

If you have any questions I didn’t answer about this party, just let me know in the comments below.

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