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An EASY + Jawsome Shark Party For Kids!

If your child loves all things shark related, they’ll flip over this awesome shark party for kids.

We love throwing fun themed birthday parties at our house. In the last few years, we’ve written about lots of different party ideas, but this one is probably our favorite!

Today, I’m sharing my 8-year-olds latest party request – a shark party!

Read on below to discover some fun shark birthday party ideas! You’ll love how simple it is to pull off this epic party theme.

Shark Party Ideas For Kids

shark party image collage with the words shark party printables

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Shark Birthday Invitations

The first step in creating an awesome party for kids is finding the perfect shark party invitation.

Shark Party Invitations | Throw an awesome DIY shark party for kids with this fun, editable shark invite. #themedbirthdayparties #birthday #kidsparties #sharkparty #party

These invitations are 5″x7″ and are editable with Adobe Reader (you can get the free download here if you don’t already have it). If you want to use the same font that we did, you’ll need to download the free font TrashHand.

With this invitation, you’re able to edit everything except the “Party At Your Own Risk” text.

There is also an option to have a backside to the card. You can edit the blue letters to say anything you want, but the red “Notice” is not editable.

As you can see, we used this space to let the kids know they should bring some stuff with them and to tell them where we would be meeting.

Shark Invitations #kids #kidsparties #party #sharkparty

Since this is a digital file, you can either have them printed out (at home or a print shop) or you can use it as a digital invitation and send it via text message or through a service like Evite.

Shark Party Decorations

After you have the invitations ready and passed out to all the kids, it’s time to start thinking about the party decor. How you decorate the party really sets the theme for the whole event. Plus, it’s a great way to get the kids excited for what’s to come!

I love using an all in one party package like this shark themed one because everything you need is included and it all coordinates together.

4″x6″ Table Signs

Shark Party Decorations For Kids | Throw an awesome DIY shark party with these cool 4x6 table signs. #sharks #kidsparties #sharkparty
Shark Party Decor | These 4x6 signs are the perfect idea for dessert tables and tabletops. #sharks #boysbirthdayparties #partyideas

I  like to use these 4″x6″ table signs at every party we have. The picture frames are from Ikea and they’re super durable and neutral so they fit with every party you have. They’re a fun option to add to the food table, gift table, or to place around the party space as decor!

Edit: They no longer have this version of frames, but these ones will work great too!

With our shark party, we had one 4″x6″ table sign for the snacks and then two other generic ones to add an even more festive look to the tabletop.

Honeycomb Balls

Shark Party Ideas | Throw a simple, but awesome DIY shark party with these printables and quick tips. #kids #birthdayparty #partyideas

Another inexpensive way to decorate your party space is to use color-coordinating honeycomb balls. Depending on the color that you need, I’ve found the cheapest places to buy them are the dollar spot at Target, Michaels, and sometimes Hobby Lobby.

If you can’t find the colors that you need at those stores, Etsy or Oh Happy Day shop are my top online choices.

These decorations really go a long way in making your space look more festive! You can use them on your table, at the dessert station, in a photo booth, on fireplace mantles, or hanging from the ceiling.

Shark Birthday Banner

Shark Happy Birthday Banner For DIY Shark Party #sharks #kids #kidsparty #kidspartyideas #birthday

A birthday banner is another quick way to make your party location look decorated. For this, all you need to do is print out the banner, cut it out, punch holes in the top of each card and string some ribbon along it.

We used one banner to decorate our snack station and another one on our fireplace mantle.

Shark Banner Backdrop

Shark Party Birthday Banner #parties #kidsparties #childrenspartyideas #partyideas

At the party, we also hung up this banner as a backdrop. It’s 2.5 ‘x 6’ so it’s big enough to be seen if you use it at an outside venue like we did.

16″x20″ Shark Posters

Shark Party 16x20 Poster Door Welcome Sign
Shark Party Decorations | Use this shark poster to easily decorate your child's shark party! #party #partyprintables #kids #kidsparties

Using these 16″x20″ signs will also help you decorate a larger space. If you’re having it at home, you can use one on your front door and another one somewhere inside your house.

Shark Party Food Ideas

I always like to host my kid’s parties between meal times because it cuts down on the cost of the party and I don’t have to worry about the logistics of a meal.

We kept things low-key and only served cupcakes and two shark-themed snack items.

Shark Food Labels

Shark Party Food Labels | Print out these shark party food label cards to go with your awesome shark themed party! #sharkparty #shark #partyprintables #birthday

In this shark printable pack, there are 14 different premade food label cards with shark snacks and a full page (4 food label cards per page) of blank cards for you to write in your own ideas as well.

We chose pretzels and used the “driftwood” label and goldfish with the “fish food” label.

Shark Party Food For Kids | Find some simple ideas of food to serve at a shark birthday party and use these cool labels for your party. #party #partyideas #birthday #birthdaypartiesforkids #kids
Shark Party Food Labels | Use these awesome shark signs to label all your party foods. #sharks #party #partiesforkids

Shark Cupcake Toppers

What’s a party without cake, right?

We chose cupcakes since they’re easier for kids to eat without making a big mess and since we’d be at the park.

The shark party package includes three different shark cupcake toppers including a shark fin, a party at your own risk sign, and a lifesaver with a bite taken out of it.

Shark Cupcakes | Use these shark party cupcake toppers to make easy shark themed cupcakes in an instant! #sharkparty #sharks #party #kidsparties #birthday
Shark Cupcake Toppers | Throw an awesome and easy DIY shark party with these printable shark cupcake toppers. #themedbirthdayparty #birthdayideas #partyideas #kids #kidsbirthdays

Shark Cake Toppers

If you prefer having a shark cake, this printable set also includes 2 different shark cake toppers (full-body sharks & shark with the mouth open) to instantly transform any store-bought cake into a shark party cake!

Below is an example of what the cake toppers would look like.

Shark Cake Topper Printables

Shark Candy & Dessert Ideas

Sometimes we also get themed cookies, like when we had this awesome Pokemon birthday party.

If you’re looking for some amazing shark cookies, these ones from Etsy fit perfectly with the theme.

In case you’re wondering, I have ordered sugar cookies from Etsy a few times (3, I think) and had them shipped to my house, and each time they arrived perfectly intact!

Another great option for some sweet treats are these cool shark candies. You can set them out as a snack for the party or package them in a small favor bag as a simple party favor!

We also wanted to use these shark lollipops, but I completely forgot to order them before the party!

Shark Party Supplies

You don’t need too many items to turn any space into a cool shark themed birthday! Below are some of my favorite ways to decorate on a budget.

Shark Balloons

One of my favorite ways to decorate is with balloons! This 3D mylar shark balloon is perfect for setting the scene.

Instead of traditional balloons, love using  36″ round balloons. You don’t need nearly as many of them to have a big impact and they give the party a unique look.

Shark Party Tableware

For our table, we used solid colored disposable plates in a light blue dinner size and a true blue dessert size. We went with red napkins to contrast the blues and light blue forks.

Shark Party Ideas | Create a simple but cool shark table setting with solid colored paper plates, a shark toy favor, napkins and some decorations. #partyideas #partyplanning #boysbirthday #birthdayparty
Shark Party Table Setting #kids #kidsparties #parties #children

Shark Water Bottle Labels

Since parties are usually loaded with sugar, we always opt for water instead of sugary drinks or soda.

In the party printable set, we’ve even included water bottle labels to turn your water into decorations as well! There are two different labels that say “beware of sharks” and “party time”. The other two have a picture of a lifesaver and a shark fin.

To make these easy to apply, I use full sheet label paper and a laser printer so the colors don’t run if they get wet. If you don’t have label paper, you can also use tape or a glue dot to secure these to the water bottles.

Shark Party Ideas | Transform plain water bottles into decorations with these printable shark themed water bottle labels. #party #printables #kidsparty #sharkparty

Shark Pinata

If you’re looking for an awesome shark pinata, look no further than this one from Amazon. It gets great reviews!

Shark Party Favors

When it comes to kid parties, deciding on the party favors is one of my favorite things about party planning!

There are so many amazing options available for shark party favors, but what we ultimately decided on were plastic toy sharks and these faux shark tooth necklaces for kids.

Shark Party Favors For Kids Birthday #sharkparty #shark #party #parties
Shark Party Favor Ideas | Give a simple but fun favor with these plastic toy sharks. Add a printable tag and you're all set! #kidsparties #birthdayparty #kidspartyideas

We also included bubbles for each of the kids to take home as a favor. I pulled off the old labels and used the “shark repellant” bubble labels included in the shark party package.

Shark Party Favor | These simple DIY shark themed bubbles are perfect for kids of all ages! #sharkparty #partyprintables #ideasforkids #kids #kidsparties

Part of me wants to throw another shark party just so I can use some of the other amazing shark favor ideas out there!

If you want even more options, check out these cool candy shark tooth necklaces, these shark favor goodie bags, these bulk shark stuffed animals, or these “jawsome” rubber bracelets.

Shark Games For Kids

We had my son’s party at a playground with a splash pad, so we didn’t play any formal games, but it turns out there are lots of fun games for a shark party!

If you’re planning to DIY the party games, you’ll love these shark games from There’s Just One Mommy, which include save the sea animals, walk the plank, feed the shark, and keep the shark away!

If you prefer ready-made game ideas, this shark bean bag toss game is great in the pool or inside. There’s also this pin the fin on the shark game.

You can also turn a lot of traditional party games into any party theme you want with just a little creativity.

I hope you’ve found all the inspiration and answers you need to throw an awesome shark party for your little one!

If you still have questions about anything from our shark party, just let me know in the comments below.

More Shark Ideas For Kids

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Friday 8th of September 2023

Where did you purchase the plastic shark favors?


Friday 8th of September 2023

If I remember correctly, I think it was Amazon. But I just checked and didn't see them on there. These ones look similar:


Sunday 4th of August 2019

How soon will i be able to get it ? Or is it by email?

Sam T

Monday 5th of August 2019

It is a digital download, so you'll receive the file via email.


Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

Can you add my son’s name on the banner with the purchase of the whole set?

Meaghan Bennett

Tuesday 13th of July 2021

@Sam T, how do we print the banner out? and what material do you use to print out all the items?

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Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Hey Vara! Sorry, that's not one of the things that are editable so it can't be added. Please let me know if you have any other questions :)


Sunday 23rd of June 2019

Is there any war to only purchase the 3 table signs (4”x6”)?

Sam T

Monday 24th of June 2019

Hi Adriana! Sorry, at this time, they're only available in the set.

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