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7 Fun Frog Books For Kids To Welcome Spring & Summer

Inside: Welcome spring and sunshine with these fun frog books for kids.

The warmer weather and blossoming of plants can only mean one thing:

Spring is here and it’s time to celebrate.

Welcome springtime with these adorable books all about frogs. Each one will capture your child’s attention and imagination.

Read on to find the best ones for your kid’s library.

7 Fun Frog Books For Kids

6 frog books for kids

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I Don’t Want To Be A Frog

Little frog wants to be anything but, you guessed it, a frog.

He tries his hand at being a cat, rabbit, pig, and an owl, but he just can’t manage to be like them. All along the way, his dad encourages him to just be a frog, but it’s not until he has a surprise run-in with a wolf that he rethinks what it means to be a frog.

This book is an excellent story that teaches kids about self-acceptance and what it means to be true to yourself. It’s also beautifully illustrated and captures the feeling of the characters perfectly.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Frog

In this spinoff of the classic, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly, we read along as the quirky old lady swallows a frog and everything after that.

This silly book is the perfect springtime story that kids love. It’s rhyming pages and charming illustrations engage kids and keep them wondering, what will the old lady do next?!

You’ll never guess what wonderful thing is created from all the craziness in the end!

A Frog In The Bog

This likable frog story is a great read-aloud book for young children.

A Frog In The Bog follows the story of a very hungry frog who eats and eats and eats until something surprising happens to the log he’s sitting on. Suddenly frog finds himself in a very startling situation and must do something to get himself out of danger’s way.

Loaded with repetition and rhymes, this storybook has all the right elements to keep kids captivated until the very end.

Frog And Toad

The Frog And Toad books are considered classics for good reason; They’re enjoyable to read, funny and do a great job at teaching lessons in every story.

Beginning readers will love learning all about the fun adventures of Mr. Frog and Mr. Toad!

Too Many Frogs

Too Many Frogs is an endearing story about a tidy, simple rabbit who lives alone and reads himself a story every night.

One night, Froggie comes to the door and invites himself inside to listen to Rabbit’s story. Froggie has a wonderful time and comes back night after night, making himself even more comfortable with snacks and pillows until one night Rabbit has had enough!

Annoyed with the clutter and fuss, Rabbit asks Froggie to leave only to realize his nighttime story has lost its magic.

With a heartwarming ending, Rabbit asks Froggie and his entire family to come inside and listen to the story. The entire gang ends the night happy and glad to be together.

This frog themed book helps teach kids that it’s good to get outside your comfort zone and be with other people (or frogs).

Little Green Frog

The littlest of kiddos will love exploring this frog board book.

Little Green Frog is a story about a small frog who travels through his habitat to explore all sorts of creatures who live around him.

Each page is loaded with engaging illustrations and a durable flap so children can interact with the story.

999 Tadpoles

This frog book takes kids along the adventure of one very large frog family.

After Mother and Father frog watch all of their 999 eggs hatch and grow into frogs, they quickly realize their pond is much too little. They know it’s time to move ponds and set off out of the security of their tiny pond to find a new home big enough for the entire family.

Not long into their journey, the frog family runs into some serious trouble when a hawk grabs Father frog for lunch. Silliness and quick thinking ensue and the big frog family ends up finding the perfect home thanks to their hilarious adventure.

This book is a charming story that will have little ones laughing the whole time!

Have you read all these frog books? Let me know your family’s favorite in the comments below.

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