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Solar System Game For Kids [Free Printables]

Yesterday we kicked off our brand new unit study that is all about space for kids with some fun coloring pages.

Today we’re sharing these space flashcards and a solar system game you can play to help teach your kids simple facts about each planet.

Read on below to see how to play this game with your kids.

Solar System For Kids Game

Solar System Headband Game | Download these free printable flashcards and cheatsheets to learn fun facts about the solar system and space! #kidsactivities #educationalactivities #learningactivities #elementary #firstgrade #secondgrade

If your kids are brand new to the solar system and everything in it, it’s best to first teach an introductory lesson about the planets or read some space books for kids.

If they’ve already studied space and the planets at school, you can use this game as a refresher.

Space Flashcard Game Supplies

  • Free printable space flashcards & worksheet (available via the form at the bottom of this post)
  • White cardstock
  • Tape
  • Laminator (optional but suggested for repeated use)
  • Laminating sheets (optional but suggested for repeated use)

To get set up, print out the flashcards on the white cardstock.

Next, laminate and cut out each flashcard. After laminating, I always round the corners so they aren’t so sharp for little hands.

Solar System For Kids Flashcards #kids #kidsandparenting #homeschool #homeschooling #teacher

Solar System Game Directions

To play the game all you need is 1 or more players and 1 tester (usually Mom or teacher).

If you’re playing with more than one player, the object is to have the most flashcards at the end of the game. A player earns a flashcard by correctly guessing the planet or space object on their flashcard.

If you’re only playing with one player, the child wins by earning 6 flashcards. You can always change the number of flashcards needed to win if your child is younger or having more difficulty learning the facts.

Before the game begins, tape one space flashcard onto each player’s back (not the tester). If you own the Hedbanz game (which is really fun btw), you can slip the flashcards into the headbands instead.

The youngest player gets to go first.

Players are allowed to ask 2 questions about their space flashcard on each turn. The questions cannot be “Is my flashcard Jupiter?” or any other planet’s name. They must be questions related to the facts about their card.

Solar System For Kids Game Cheatsheet #kids #earlychildhood #education #learninggames

Some sample questions could be as follows:

  • Am I a red planet?
  • Am I a planet larger than Earth?
  • Am I a planet?
  • Do I have rings?

If your child is having difficulty coming up with questions, have them look at the planet cheat sheet to see what questions they can come up with based on the facts.

Once the 2 questions have been asked, let the child have one guess about which card is theirs.

If they get the answer correct, then they get to keep the card. If they’re incorrect, they have to wait until their next turn (if there is more than one player) to ask 2 more questions.

Teach kids fun facts about the planets in our solar system with this printable game! #kids #homeschool #thirdgrade #gradeschool

Adapting For Younger Kids

If your child is young and doesn’t know facts about the solar system, have them ask questions based solely on the pictures like:

  • Is it the smallest planet?
  • Is it blue?
  • Is it a person?

Remember you can also print out two sets of these flashcards and make them into a memory game as we did with this free dinosaur theme preschool memory game.

This is such a fun way to learn about the solar system!

If your kids love playing games, try this game out with them (and also check out these fun preschool board games too!).

Don’t forget to enter your email in the form at the bottom of this post to download your free space printables.

Space Activities For Kids

Books are a great way to get even further into a theme! On top of that, reading to kids helps them develop a stronger vocabulary and helps them learn to focus. It’s a win-win situation! Try out some of these cool books about space:

8 Little Planets is a fun space book for the youngest of kids. It has engaging rhyming words and cute illustrations!

On The Launchpad is a simple space-themed book for young children learning how to count! Read it nightly to help them learn!

My First Book of Planets is perfect for children who want to learn more about space.

If your child enjoys sensory play, try this space play dough kit or this outer space sensory bin.

Want More Space Activities?

Free Solar System Flashcards For Kids

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.