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Free Printable Space Worksheets For Kids

With its twinkling stars and mysterious planets, it’s no wonder why so many kids love space! 

To nurture this fascination, our engaging space worksheets help combine education with fun. 

With bright colors and inviting illustrations, our space worksheets are sure to capture your child’s curiosity. Not only do they provide valuable handwriting and letter recognition practice, but they also help boost problem-solving skills!

Try out these space-themed activities when you need a creative way to keep your child entertained. They’re perfect for a day of at-home learning or for fun in the classroom!

We have tons of other preschool worksheets for your little one to explore. So why not take a look and discover a whole new world of learning today?

Space Theme Preschool Worksheets

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In this collection of space worksheets, you’ll receive the following activities:

  • ‘Ss’ is for space handwriting practice
  • Space pattern worksheet
  • ‘Ss’ letter maze

Space Handwriting Practice 

Have your child practice writing the letter ‘S’ with this fun space handwriting worksheet.

Your kiddos will trace both capital and lowercase letters, which will help with letter formation and recognition. This worksheet is also a great way to work on their fine motor skills and reading practice!

space worksheets collage

Space Pattern Worksheet 

Continue your child’s learning journey with our space pattern worksheet! Once your little learners have identified each missing item, they can cut and paste the correct image to the right spot. 

Our space-themed pattern worksheet helps strengthen problem-solving, visual discrimination, and scissor skills!

S Is For Space Letter Maze

Can your kids find all the letters ‘Ss’ on this engaging worksheet? 

This exciting letter maze will help children practice recognizing the letter ‘S’ while developing hand-eye coordination. If your little ones don’t feel like coloring each letter, have them use pom-poms, buttons, or coins instead.

space worksheets letter s

Space Theme Ideas For Kids

Don’t let the fun stop here! We have lots of activities to get your kids excited about learning.

From space-themed arts and crafts to sharing a good book, check out some of our favorite space-theme ideas below!

Best Space Books

As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want them to grow into intelligent, well-rounded individuals who can navigate the world with ease. Reading books with your kids is a simple, but effective way to help make this happen!

When you read with your child, you’re not only giving them a lifelong gift of learning, but you’re also giving them your undivided attention and showing them how much you care.

8 Little Planets is a fun space book for the youngest of kids. It has engaging rhyming words and cute illustrations!

On The Launchpad is a simple space-themed book for young children learning how to count! Read it nightly to help them learn!

My First Book of Planets is perfect for children who want to learn more about space.

space worksheets letter maze

Space Day Crafts

Rocket Ship Name Craft – Blast off on a crafty space adventure with our rocket ship name craft. Your kids will practice their spelling and have fun with this creative project! Our free printable template makes it super easy, and your kids can use stickers or markers to add a personalized touch.

Alien Headband Craft – Do your little ones love dressing up? Have them make a colorful alien headband to take their role-play fun to the next level! This easy craft only requires a few simple supplies, and it’s perfect for young kids who want to explore space. 

space crafts

Astronaut Paper Bag Puppet Craft – Your little scientists will love playing with their very own astronaut puppets! Paper bags are the perfect base for this fun craft, and kids can add their own unique touches, like sequins or glitter glue! They’ll have so much fun making their puppet come to life.

Paper Plate Sun Craft – The sun is the center of our solar system, and this craft helps kids explore it in a fun way. They’ll work on their fine motor skills as they paint, cut, and paste to make their sun. When complete, hang this craft up to brighten any bedroom or classroom!

Outer Space Activities For Preschoolers

These space color by numbers add a fun twist to traditional coloring! Your little ones will work on their number recognition while coloring in each intergalactic space scene.

Our color by number worksheets are perfect for introducing young learners to counting in an engaging way!

For an activity that works your kid’s fine motor skills, try out our space do a dot printables. Kids can complete each page with dot markers, stickers, or cotton balls!

This set of worksheets offers everything you need for a fun day of learning – from letter and number recognition to coloring pages.

space worksheets patterns

Our space pattern block mats help foster problem-solving skills and encourage kids to think outside the box.

They’ll have the best time identifying each shape and using their blocks to complete each image! Use these printable block mats to teach your kids all about shapes, geometry, and space!

Give your kids an entertaining way to practice writing, and try these space letter writing mats. Each mat has traceable letters, fun illustrations, and details to spark their imaginations! Before you know it, your little ones will be masters of the alphabet!

space activities

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Fun Space Activities

Space Worksheets

Space Worksheets

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