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Free Printable Narwhal Worksheets For Kids

When you think of the ocean, what creatures come to mind? Dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks are probably some of your top choices! However, one creature may not be as well-known but is equally fascinating – the narwhal!

Our narwhal worksheets will introduce your little ones to the ”unicorn of the sea” in a fun and educational way! With letter recognition, reading comprehension, and handwriting practice, your child will dive deep into the world of narwhals while honing essential skills.

Download and print our worksheets to set sail on an undersea adventure with these unique and majestic creatures!

These are just some of our many printables that make learning fun and engaging for kids. Each of our other preschool worksheets has been carefully designed with little learners in mind!

Narwhal Learning Printables

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In this set of narwhal worksheets, you’ll receive the following printables:

  • Nn is for narwhal handwriting practice
  • Label the narwhal activity
  • Nn is for narwhal letter maze

Narwhal Handwriting Practice

Your child will learn how to form an upper and lower case N in this handwriting practice worksheet. As they carefully trace each letter, they’ll also practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

We love making handwriting practice fun, and what could be more exciting than learning how to write with a narwhal?

Encourage your child to say the letter and its sound as they trace. This will help solidify their knowledge of the letter N and its corresponding sound!

Label the Narwhal Worksheet

In this activity, your child can practice their reading and cutting skills while learning about the different parts of a narwhal.

Simply have your child read each label and see if they can match it to the correct body part. Then, they can glue or tape the picture onto the correct spot on the narwhal. This activity is perfect for reinforcing vocabulary and teaching little ones how to follow instructions.

Nn Is for Narwhal Letter Maze Activity

Finally, get the crayons or dot markers out for this engaging letter maze activity! Your kiddos can work through the maze by following the path of N’s and n’s. They’ll gain further understanding of the differences between upper and lower case letters while having lots of fun! 

Plus, their fine motor skills will get a workout as they carefully color in the correct letters!

Narwhal worksheets collage

Winter Project Ideas

Narwhals aren’t the only ice-loving creatures out there! Take advantage of the winter season by incorporating other arctic icons into your child’s learning activities. From snowmen to penguins, there are many fun winter themes to choose from!

Keep reading to find some of our favorite winter project ideas to enjoy with your kids.

Winter Books For Kids

Here are some of the best winter animal books.

Polar Bear Island is a fun book for winter! Polar Bear Island is just that – only for polar bears! That is until Kirby the penguin comes to visit. She turns the place around and adds tons of interesting excitement, but will the polar bears let her stay? You have to check it out and see for yourself!

Tacky The Penguin– This is a great book for children to learn about acceptance and valuing others for exactly who they are.

Owl Babies– A sweet book that teaches kids that Mom always comes back! It’s especially great for children who may have separation anxiety.

Narwhal worksheets letter N maze

Winter Crafts For Kids

Walrus Arctic Animal Craft For Kids – Your kids will love this adorable walrus arctic animal craft! It’s not only fun to make, but it’s also a great way to teach kids about arctic animals and their habitats.

With our template and easy instructions, they only need to cut and glue the pieces together!

Abominable Snowman Craft – Brr-ing on the fun with this abominable snowman craft! Have your kids take a walk on the wild side and create their own yeti.

They can even use their imaginations to make up stories for their new furry friend when they’re done!

winter animals craft ideas

Polar Bear Handprint Craft – This polar bear handprint craft is a sweet and simple winter activity that’s great for younger kids. With some basic supplies and a little creativity, your child can use their hands to create a cute polar bear!

This craft is the perfect addition to any winter unit or as a fun project on a snowy day.

Popsicle Stick Arctic Fox Craft – Ready for some arctic adventures? Our popsicle stick arctic fox is perfect for bringing icy fun into your home or classroom.

Simply download and print our free template, gather some popsicle sticks, and let your kids unleash their imaginations!

Winter Activities For Kindergarten

Keep your little ones busy and learning during the colder months with our printable winter pattern block mats.

These mats are great for developing fine motor skills, learning shapes and colors, and practicing counting. All you need to do is download and print, and watch as your child’s creativity and knowledge grow.

Do a dot printables are an easy way to keep your child entertained while working on their fine motor skills. Our winter do a dot printables have activities that focus on coloring, counting, and pattern making.

Just grab some dot markers and let your child explore the winter wonderland!

Narwhal worksheets label the narwhal

Cutting is an important skill for young children to learn, and what better way to practice than with adorable penguins? Our penguin cutting activity printables are fun and help kids develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Each page features something different, so get ready to have a blast with these cute penguins!

This winter printable book is the perfect way to engage young readers and have fun with literacy. The book features simple sentences and cute illustrations your child will love!

You can also use this book to teach new vocabulary related to winter, such as snowballs, skating, and hot cocoa!

Narwhal worksheets letter N trace

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Narwhal Printables

Narwhal Worksheets

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