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Earth Day Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable]

Earth Day is coming up soon on April 22nd, so it’s a good time to plan some fun activities that will be engaging and get the kids excited to learn more about this global holiday!

Incorporate learning and fun this holiday with our Earth Day Worksheets. When kids complete these sheets, they’ll practice writing the letter E for Earth, complete patterns of different ways to take care of our planet, and make their way through a letter maze.

Be sure to check out some more Earth Day printable activities the kids will love to do this April.

For even more learning fun, head on over to our other preschool worksheets!

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Earth Day Printables

These free activities are a great way for kids to build on their beginning literacy and fine motor skills. The pages also give kids a chance to practice handwriting, cutting with scissors, identifying patterns, observation skills, and letter recognition.

Our interactive worksheets are a perfect addition to your Earth Day lessons or independent work stations. They’ll help get kids talking about different ways they can conserve resources while working on important skills. 

To get started, just download these free Earth Day printables, grab the scissors, glue, and a pencil. 

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In this free set of fun Earth Day worksheets, you’ll receive the following pages:

  • E is for Earth handwriting page
  • Earth Day patterns worksheet
  • E letter maze worksheet

Earth Handwriting Practice Worksheet

Up first on the handwriting practice sheet, kids will learn that E is for Earth! They’ll practice spelling out the word “earth” and uppercase and lowercase Ee’s with the help of the dashed lines.

When they trace the shape of the letters over and over, it helps them master how to correctly form each letter. It also allows for them to hone their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and writing skills.

Earth Day Patterns

On the Earth Day patterns worksheet, kids will cut and paste the squares at the bottom of the page into the correct space to finish out each pattern.

Earth day worksheet letter maze

As they use reasoning skills and understand what comes next, they’ll build pattern recognition. When kids understand patterns, they are able to make predictions, plan, and make logical connections.

This printable Earth Day worksheet is filled with illustrations of kids helping out their environment. When your children complete this page, take the chance to discuss different ways they can help, too.

E Is For Earth Letter Maze Worksheet

Finally, in this pack of printable worksheets, kids will make their way through the letter maze by identifying all of the uppercase and lowercase Ee’s.

This page is an easy way to reinforce letter recognition as they find the correct letters to get them to the finish line. They’ll also work on problem-solving and sharpening their focus when they navigate their way through the maze.

Your kids will love these free resources, and you’ll love that they’re learning important skills while becoming more aware of the world around them!

Activities For Kids

Earth Day Ideas For Kids

Celebrate Earth Day with some more craft and fun activity ideas that are perfect for the holiday! We have several fun ones to get them excited about going green and keeping the Earth beautiful. Add them to your lesson plans or just do them for fun at home!

Keep reading below to see some of our favorite ideas to add to your Earth Day celebrations.

Earth Day Books For Kids

Reading books to your kids is one of the best gifts you can give them. As we celebrate Earth Day, there is no better way to teach young children about the world around them than through books.

By introducing new ideas, words, and characters, books can stimulate their creativity while improving their communication and social skills. These books can also introduce kids to various environmental issues, such as global warming and climate change, in an age-appropriate and engaging way.

Here are some Earth Day books for kids that will educate, entertain, and inspire them:

I Am Earth is a great book to introduce children to the planet. It has simple and easy-to-understand text and fun illustrations that will keep kids engaged!

Heal The Earth takes kids on a magical journey around the world to help solve the problems we’re facing on this planet. The message of love and compassion is great for every child.

My Friend Earth is a favorite of parents and children alike! It has an environmentally conscious message and amazing die-cut pages kids can’t get enough of.

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Earth Day Crafts For Kids

Earth Day is a great time to get to crafting! Teach kids how they can create and use their imaginations by reusing materials and recycling items. In addition to learning about how to upcycle ordinary items around the house, they gain so many essential skills.

Crafting gives kids an opportunity to master using scissors, develop fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and so much more. Inspire your kids to craft with some of the fun Earth Day crafts below.

Earth Paper Craft – Did you know Earth Day is an annual event? Celebrate with this happy little Earth craft; it’s bound to bring a smile to your kiddo’s face! They’ll have a blast creating this cute paper craft and bring it to life with its bendy arms and legs.

Earth Day Printable Headband – What better way to show your excitement for a holiday than with a festive headband. Kids are excited to color in and wear their own headbands, so be sure to grab the free printable to get started. Kids can wear them on their next nature walk, or while sharing some Earth Day facts with their friends!

Collage image of Earth Day Crafts For Kids

Earth Day Card Craft – A fun card to make for either Earth Day or for a space-loving friend featuring our favorite planet. Kids will cut and glue this cute card together in no time with the help of our printable PDF file template. It’s the perfect way to say ‘Happy Earth Day’ to someone you love!

Handprint Earth Craft – This Earth Day let’s celebrate and party with planet Earth on its own holiday. Kids will love seeing their handprint become part of the Earth’s land, and then decking it out with a fun party hat and confetti all around! The kids won’t want to miss this fun craft.

Earth Day Activities For Kids

This April, use these Earth Day activity pages to get kids thinking of ways to conserve resources while also working on important skills. These four pages will have them counting, graphing, matching, and problem-solving. These pages are such an awesome Earth Day activity that still teaches important lessons, like environmental protection and Earth-friendly practices.

Get kids counting with these fun and cute Earth Day connect the dots. Kids will count from 1 to  24 connecting the dots to complete the pictures.

These free Earth Day activities are great for kids practicing counting, fine motor control, and drawing connecting lines, and spatial awareness. Plus, kids will love to color in all 3 activity sheets.

Collage image of Earth Day Activities For Kids

It’s time to break out the play dough with these Earth Day alphabet mats! Kids will practice forming various letters and objects with their play dough. Each page also has handwriting practice for each letter featured on these printables. You could even make them into a fun Earth Day game!

Set up an Earth Day math sensory bin for a fun way for kids to explore sensory play and work on number skills! They’ll love diving in and feeling the different textures and matching up the numbered eggs.

For even more counting practice, have them count out the corresponding number of marbles for each numbered egg! It’s the perfect activity for kids in different grade levels to enjoy together.

Earth Day worksheets trace the letter

More Spring Activities

Earth Day Free Printables

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