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DIY Ladybug Rock Art For Kids

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time to get outside and start exploring!

One fun way to do this is by looking for ladybugs. These little insects are not only fun to watch, but they’re also great subjects for a springtime craft project.

Collect some rocks from your yard or buy some from the store, then let your little ones get creative with paint and make this ladybug rock art.

They can add spots, eyes, or any other design they can imagine.

Once the rocks are dry, put them in your garden or place them around your neighborhood for others to enjoy. Who knows, you might just start a new springtime tradition!

Painted Ladybugs

ladybug painted rock image collage with the words ladybug painted rocks

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If your kids have never painted rocks before, it’s best to stick with paint pens like these, since they provide a lot more control than a paintbrush.

We paint rocks often as a family and we all love the ease of paint pens.

Quick Tip: When you start with fresh markers be sure you vigorously shake your pens and get them started (by pushing the tip down firmly) on a test rock before using them on your desired rock.

Ladybug Rock Supplies

How To Paint A Ladybug Rock

1.  Rinse the rocks in warm water until clean. Let dry until completely dry.

2. Paint the entire rock red and let dry completely before moving to the next step.

ladybug rock art

3. Paint black spots, a vertical line, and the black head on all the rocks. Let dry completely.

4. Color white eyes on the black head and white dotted antenna lines. Let dry completely.

5. Use a black pen to paint the eyes.

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6. Finish the eyes by using a white marker to paint a dot on each eye.

That’s all there is to it!

For us, the hardest part is waiting for each part of the rock to dry before moving on, but you definitely need to wait. If you don’t you’ll end up with mixed colors that don’t look very nice.

But the Posca pens actually dry really fast; about a minute of waiting and they’re ready. If you follow these directions, we know you’ll have some cute ladybug rocks ready in no time!

More Insect Ideas For Kids

Keep the little ones occupied and learning with these fun spring activities! They’re not only entertaining but also educational.

Reading aloud to kids is a great way to help them develop language skills. By hearing different words and sentence structures, they can learn new ways to communicate. In addition, reading aloud can also help kids learn to read faster and with better comprehension.

And it’s not just academics—reading aloud can also help children develop social and emotional skills. Listening to stories can help them understand different points of view and build empathy for others. Try one of these popular insect books for kids:

Whenever we introduce a new theme or if we want to go deeper into it, we always start with children’s books! They’re an easy way to fill time and help kids learn to read or develop their vocabulary. Below are some of our favorite insect books for kids!

The Very Quiet Cricket– Everyone loves Eric Carle and this book is just as good as all his others! In it, a cricket is trying to discover how to make a sound, but when he rubs his legs together nothing happens. Follow him on his journey to find his very own sound! Kids love the ending where he and your child can hear the chirping!

Bugs A to Z is a great introductory insect book for kids. It’s great for kids to browse through and look at pictures and to find a short snippet about each bug.

Ten Little Ladybugs – This cute book is not only fun to read, but also fun to touch! Kids will want to read this book day after day and it helps them learn to count.

More Insect Crafts

Crafting is not just a fun activity for kids, it also has some great benefits. Crafting helps to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative problem-solving. It also encourages kids to use their imaginations and be creative. And, it’s a great way for kids to express themselves.

ladybug rock painting image collage with step by step pictures

Add in some of our favorite crafts below:

Handprint Bee Craft – This cute bee craft is perfect for springtime or for any time your kids are interested in bees! It’s a simple paper craft that doesn’t require any paint, so it’s perfect for younger children. Plus, it’s a great way to recycle some of that extra construction paper you have lying around the house.

Ladybug Headband Craft – This ladybug craft is perfect for any little one who loves insects! All you need is some paper and a few basic supplies. Your child will look so cute wearing it!

Popsicle Stick Butterfly Craft – Butterflies are one of the most beloved insects, and they are often associated with the arrival of spring. These colorful creatures can be difficult to spot in nature, but you can easily create your own butterfly with this craft. All you need is a few popsicle sticks, some paint, and a little bit of imagination.

More Insect Activities

ladybug painted rocks in grass

Looking for some fun, no-prep preschool bug activities? These activities are perfect for helping kids learn about insects while practicing scissor skills, handwriting, social-emotional learning, and more. They’re also tons of fun!

Looking for a fun way to keep your kids entertained? This bug playdough kit is the perfect solution! Not only is it sensory and hands-on, but it’s also a great way to teach kids about insects.

Plus, what could be more fun than squishing and shaping bugs out of playdough? With this kit, your kids can let their imaginations run wild as they create all sorts of unique creatures!

Let kids explore real bugs that have been preserved with this cool bug collection. Or learn from a living example when kids grow their own butterflies!

Looking for a simple activity for your kids? Our butterfly shape craft is perfect for them! It is easy and super fun to create. It is a great way to learn about shapes and turn learning into an exciting adventure.

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ladybug rocks on white wood background

DIY Ladybug Rock Art For Kids

Active Time: 20 minutes
Additional Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Medium

Create this easy ladybug rock art at home with your kids this summer! They're a great art activity for kids that will get their creativity flowing!


  • Rocks
  • Posca Pens
  • Pencil
  • Mod Podge


  1. Paint the entire rock red and let dry completely before moving to the next step.
  2. Paint black spots, a vertical line, and the black head on all the rocks. Let dry completely.
  3. Color white eyes on the black head and white dotted antenna lines. Let dry completely.
  4. Use a black pen to paint the eyes.

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