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Simple DIY Ladybug Rock Art Even Kids Can Do

It’s a new week and we’ve transitioned from dinosaur activities to nature activities for kids.

If you haven’t been following along with our at home summer camp for kids, be sure to check out our first week of ocean kids art, crafts and activities too!

Today, we’re going to show you how to do one of our favorite activities:

Rock painting. 

If you’ve never spent time painting rocks with your kids, you have to try it!

It’s a great way to be together as a family and to utilize your creativity.

Read on below to check out how easy it is to make your own ladybug rock art!

Painted Ladybugs

Ladybug Painted Rocks For Children | These simple, DIY ladybug rocks are perfect for elementary aged kids beginning at 1st graders and above! #art #paintedrocks #kids #ideasforkids #boredombusters #kidsactivities #kidscrafts #craftsforkids

If your kids have never painted rocks before, it’s best to stick with paint pens like these, since they provide a lot more control than a paintbrush.

We paint rocks often as a family and we all love the ease of paint pens.

Quick Tip: When you start with fresh markers be sure you vigorously shake your pens and get them started (by pushing the tip down firmly) on a test rock before using them on your desired rock.

Ladybug Rock Supplies

How To Paint A Ladybug Rock

1.  Rinse the rocks in warm water until clean. Let dry until completely dry.

2. Paint the entire rock red and let dry completely before moving to the next step.

ladybug rock art

3. Paint black spots, a vertical line, and the black head on all the rocks. Let dry completely.

4. Color white eyes on the black head and white dotted antenna lines. Let dry completely.

5. Use the black pen to paint eyes.

Ladybug Painted Rock Art For Kids | These simple and fun DIY ladybugs are so simple to make, kids will love them! #kidsactivities #ideasforkids #kidsactivities #kidscrafts

6. Finish the eyes by using the white marker to paint a dot on each eye.

That’s all there is to it!

For us, the hardest part is waiting for each part of the rock to dry before moving on, but you definitely need to wait. If you don’t you’ll end up with mixed colors that don’t look very nice.

But the Posca pens actually dry really fast; about a minute of waiting and they’re ready.

If you follow these directions, I know you’ll have some cute ladybug rocks ready in no time!

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