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Make This Glittery Ocean In A Bottle For Kids

This glittery ocean in a bottle is a perfect companion activity to ocean unit studies. It’s the latest addition to our ocean kids art, crafts, and activities for kids.

Have you seen the whole sensory bottle craze?

For a while, I was seeing them everywhere and wondering why everyone seemed to love them so much.

And then I made a glittery ocean sensory bottle.

Now, not only are my kids hooked on them but so am I!

There’s something so mesmerizing and calming about watching the objects and glitter move around the bottle.

This last week we’ve done a ton of ocean activities for kids including this handprint fish craft, these ocean coloring page bookmarks, this ocean printable matching game, and so much more so this ocean bottle craft fits perfectly.

Read on below to see how to make one for your family too.

Ocean Sensory Bottle For Kids

Glitter Ocean In A Bottle | Make this fun ocean sensory bottles as a calming jar, for an activity for ocean unit studies or just for fun! #sensoryplay #sensorybottle #kidsactivities #kidscrafts #craftsforkids

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Ocean Glitter Sensory Bottle Supplies

DIY Ocean Sensory Bottle | Make this simple ocean in a bottle with hair gel, glitter, ocean animals and water. #kidsactivities #childrenplay #kidsandparenting #ideasforkids

Ocean Sensory Bottle DIY Directions

1. The size of your water bottle will depend on the amount of hair gel and water to use. For a slow-moving sensory bottle, mix approximately 6 parts water to one part hair gel in a mixing bowl.

2. Add one drop blue food dye and one drop green food dye to the water/gel mixture. Mix well.

3. Add as much glitter as you would like to the mixing bowl. I used about 2 tablespoons small aqua glitter and 2 teaspoons large aqua glitter. Mix well.

4. Pour the gel, water and glitter mixture into your cleaned plastic water bottle.

5. Add the mini ocean animals to the sensory bottle.

6. Twist the cap on, shake the bottle and see if the mixture is as thick as you’d like. If the mixture is too thick, add a bit of water to the bottle and shake again.

7. Once you’re happy with the viscosity of the bottle, use hot glue to seal the lid to the bottle.

Ocean Calm Down Bottle For Kids #sensoryplay #sensory #sensorybottle #kidscrafts #kids

This ocean in a bottle sensory toy is so much fun for kids and adults!

I’ve had it sitting on my desk for the last week and it really is quite relaxing to shake it up and watch the glitter and animals move around the bottle.

To make this activity even more interactive, have your kids try to count all the ocean animals and name each one.

I’m sure your kids will love this sensory bottle just as much as mine do!

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