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FREE Forest Animal Alphabet Maze Worksheets For Preschool

The world’s full of wonderful opportunities for kids to develop and explore. Nothing compares to watching your child’s face light up as they discover something new!

One fun way to encourage learning is with printable activities. Our free forest animal alphabet maze worksheets help your child learn their ABCs while also introducing them to the animals of the forest. 

With this activity, children can work on letter recognition as they color in the correct letter relating to each forest animal. They’ll also develop their problem-solving skills as they find a path to connect the letters.

Download these printable worksheets to keep your little ones entertained and learning!

For more resources perfect for little minds, check out our preschool worksheets. They’re full of fun activities to help your child learn and develop.

forest animal letter maze printables image collage with the words free printable forest animal letter mazes

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Free Forest Animal Alphabet Maze Worksheets

In this collection of forest animal alphabet mazes, there are the following worksheets:

  • W is for Wolf maze
  • B is for Bird maze
  • H is for Hedgehog maze
  • S is for Skunk maze
w is for wolf letter maze

Kids must locate the start and finish points and find a route in each maze that passes through every animal letter. These activities are perfect for introducing preschoolers to capital and lowercase letters, as both are included in each maze! Understanding the different forms of each letter will help them when it comes to reading and writing later on.

b is for bird letter maze

For something a little different, kids can use dot markers, buttons, or pom-poms to mark their way through the maze! Once complete, your kiddos can color in each forest animal image – making these worksheets a fun, all-in-one activity.

Download your free printable forest animal alphabet mazes and print as many copies as you like!

Easy Animal Ideas For Kids

From the farmyard to the pets in your home, there are so many animals for kids to learn about! We have lots of easy animal ideas and activities to help your little ones explore the world of animals

Keep reading to discover some of our favorites!

Animal Books For Kids

Reading books to your kids is one of the best things you can do for their development. Through stories, children learn about different emotions and how to manage them, as well as build their understanding of the world around them.

Reading together also enhances language development, as kids learn new vocabulary and grammar while listening to you read. As these skills grow, children become more confident and curious learners, preparing them for success in their future life pursuits!

The Fascinating Animal Book For Kids is a great book for curious kiddos! Find facts on almost any animal your child is learning about. This is a great resource to have in your home library collection.

The View At The Zoo is a silly book about all the animals at the zoo. When the people come to take a look at the animals, they see all sorts of sights! But, there’s a twist to this book that you have to read for yourself and laugh about!

Giraffes Can’t Dance is a sweet and fun book about Gerald the Giraffe. He can’t dance, but doesn’t stop trying! He finally finds his own rhythm when he meets an unlikely friend.

s is for skunk letter maze

Printable Animal Crafts For Kids

Engaging children in creative activities, such as crafting, can enhance their fine motor skills, improve their problem-solving abilities, and even boost their self-esteem! By making crafts with your kids, you can encourage them to use their imagination and explore their interests while creating something unique and special.

Additionally, crafting can promote concentration and patience, two important traits that will serve them well in all areas of life.

Tissue Paper Turkey Craft – This animal craft will have your kids gobbling with excitement! Perfect for Thanksgiving or just for fun, your little ones will have a blast making this easy paper craft. Will your kids choose classic brown, red, and yellow, or make a unique colorful turkey?

Skunk Paper Bag Puppet – Kids can make their own paper bag skunk puppet using some simple craft supplies. Our skunk puppet template makes this activity super easy – all you need to do is print, cut, and stick!

animal craft ideas collage

Moose Handprint Craft – We love a handprint craft, and so do kids! They can make a moose using their own handprint and a few basic craft supplies. This moose handprint craft is the perfect way to have fun and capture a moment in time.

Wolf Paper Bag Puppet – Your little ones will howl with delight at this fun paper bag puppet! Once assembled, kids can use their imaginations to create stories and act out fun scenes. Have them make more than one to create a full pack of cute wolves!

Animal Activities For Kids

Our complete collection of animal do a dot printables are a great way to practice counting, letter recognition, and even color recognition. With these activities, kids will use dot markers or dabbers to complete each fun worksheet!

Our fox coloring pages are the best no-prep activity for any animal-loving kid. Each page has a simple sentence relating to each image, making these pages ideal for introducing your preschooler to reading too.

animal activity ideas collage

These cat color by numbers combine fun with education. Kids will practice their numbers as they color in each cute cat! As they work through each page, their number recognition and counting skills will improve – without them realizing it!

Each page in this animal alphabet book features an animal with its corresponding letter and a handwriting practice section. Kids will love coloring in each page, and you’ll love watching their skills progress as they practice the letters of the alphabet!

h is for hedgehog letter maze

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Download Your Free Forest Animal Alphabet Worksheets

Free Forest Animal Letter Mazes

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Monday 5th of April 2021

I would like to use these with older students who need to review upper and lower case recognition. Please send me the download link.

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Thursday 4th of March 2021

Can you please share the mazes? They are wonderful. Thank you

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