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Valentine Connect The Dots [Freebie]

Valentine’s Day is such a fun day for kids and parents alike.

Whether you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids or just need something fun for them to do on the holiday, these Valentine connect the dots are perfect!

These printables can be used as a quiet time activity at school, an afternoon project for daycare, or even as a before bedtime idea.

Kids will love completing the picture into shapes that they recognize – it’s not only great practice for their fine motor skills but also number recognition and counting!

It takes just a minute to prep this activity and best of all, there are no special supplies needed.

Valentine Dot To Dots For Kids

Valentine dot to dot image collage with the words free printable Valentine connect the dots

Inside this freebie set, we’ve included the following images:

  • lovebird with heart
  • flying heart
  • koala with heart

We love dots to dot pages because they’re so simple to use. Just print, complete the picture, and color in.

Not only will kids enjoy finishing the picture, but they’ll also get to color it in any way they want. This is great for fine motor skills and creativity!

flying heart connect the dot printable

More Valentine Activities

Don’t stop here! We have lots of fun ideas that will keep the kids busy, learning, and having fun. Read on below for our top ideas.

First, let’s start with books. Reading to your kids can help them in so many ways. Reading aloud can help kids learn to focus, improve their vocabulary, and build communication skills.

Try adding some of these books to your February activities.

Love From The Crayons If your kids love any of the Crayon books, they’ll want to read this Valentine version where the crayons explore the bright colors and subtle shades of love.

The Invisible String – This is a sweet story all children will want to hear. It’s about a mother who tells her two children that they’re all connected by an invisible string.

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine – Join Little Blue Truck as he delivers Valentine’s Day cards to all his farm animal friends. As he does, he wonders, will anyone give one to him?

koala connect the dot printable

Crafting with kids is a great way to help them develop their fine motor skills. It’s also a fun way to help them exercise their creativity and can even help relieve stress! Add in some of our favorite Valentine crafts for kids.

Bear Valentine Craft – Kids can create a bear Valentine craft that they will love. It’s a simple papercraft with just the right amount of cuteness to be perfect for any age. The template is free, easy, and cute! Make this one at home, school, or daycare!

Unicorn Valentine Card Craft – This Valentine’s day, make a card for someone special. This unicorn is cute and easy to make in just a few steps. Download our free template and make it this February.

Love Monster Craft – This craft is perfect to do with the little ones! It’s easy and it lets them be creative. Plus, it’s a fun Valentine’s Day activity that will have your kids feeling loved, just like a love monster should.

Llama Valentine Card Craft – This llama card is a super easy and fun craft to do with the kids. It’s perfect as an inexpensive handmade gift for parents, grandparents, or any loved one! Download your free template today.

bird with heart connect the dot printable

Kids will love these fun Valentine dot a dot printables that combine fine motor skills, letter recognition, counting, and more. No preparation is required! Simply print and grab those dot markers to get started.

Download and print these free Valentine coloring pages to give your kids a fun activity that will help them develop their fine motor skills. They’ll also enjoy the creativity of designing and decorating each page!

Do your kids need some Valentines to hand out to their friends or classmates? If so, check out some of our favorites:

More Valentine’s Day Activities

Free Valentine Dot To Dots

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.