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Snowman Dot To Dot Printables For Kids [Freebie]

Winter can be a tricky season for parents and kids alike – after all, the snow is fun, but so are those warm cuddles by the fire!

If it feels like too much of a hassle to get the kids all dressed up in their bulky winter gear just to come right back home, chilly and wet, our fun snowman dot to dots printables might be the perfect solution!

Let your child stay warm indoors while they enjoy connecting dots together to create adorable snowmen – it’ll make them feel cheerfully festive without having to brave those blistering winds.

Who needs that when they have these fun printables at home?

Plus, we have an entire list of snowman activities for kids that will keep them entertained for hours, all from the comfort of home! Be sure to check them out.

Snowman Connect The Dot Printables

Printable snowman dot to dots cover image

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Connect the dot printables are a classic, fun way for kids to have some educational entertainment when it’s cold and wintery outside. Kids absolutely love these simple yet stimulating printables.

Dot to dots help young learners to build their fine motor skills while also providing a wonderful opportunity to work on spatial awareness, creativity, and focus.

It’s a simple activity that not only lets kids practice sequencing but also helps them learn to recognize numbers. Plus, when they’re done, the end result is always rewarding – a beautiful picture!

snowman dot to dots finished example

We are certain that your kids will love this fun snowman activity. Be sure to check out all of our winter crafts for lots more ideas!

Winter Ideas For Kids

It’s cold and rainy outside, so now what? Don’t panic! With a little creativity, we can transform this dreary winter weather into a blast of fun with simple at-home activities.

From cozy fire-side story time and paper crafts to artsy creations, this winter season will be filled with entertainment for you and your kids!

Get the crayons, the construction paper, and all your imaginations ready, because you are about to become the all-star winter superhero to your kids. They’ll have no more complaints about being stuck indoors when they see how many awesome things they get to do.

Let the winter indoor extravaganza begin!

Winter Books For Kids

Have a blast this winter trying out your best dramatic reading theatrics with your kids! Reading to them is an absolute pleasure because it fosters imagination and creativity.

Not only that, but it’s beneficial for language development too! Your little ones will love snuggling up in your arms as you share a story over winter break – sharing your enthusiasm and excitement while reading will also help create an even more special atmosphere!

So, put down the screens and dive into a world of words with your kids today: I guarantee you’ll all have tons of fun!

Below are some of our favorite winter-themed books

The Biggest Snowman Ever – When the mayor of Mouseville announces the town snowman contest, Clayton and Desmond claim that they will each make the biggest snowman ever.

The Snowy Day – This story shows a child’s wonder at a new world and the hope of capturing and keeping that wonder forever.

Sneezy The Snowman– Sneezy is COLD! And he’s trying to warm up without success. But, the kids know exactly how to help him!

three examples of snowman dot to dots

Winter Crafts For Kids

Handprint Snowman Craft – Kids will create a paper snowman with their own hands! Not only is it an eye-catching decoration to hang up around the house, but they’ll also be making a special memory. Kids of any age can enjoy and find success with this project; it’s simple enough for the little ones too! So gather your supplies, turn on some festive music, and let your kiddos take over and make something magical!

Penguin Tissue Paper Craft – Are your kids looking to make a new friend? With this tissue paper craft, they can construct their very own! By using pieces of black and white tissue paper, your children can create their own cozy little penguin pal. Not to mention, it’s an activity that is also great for developing fine motor skills! With some creativity and patience, your kid will soon have a friend for life.

Winter craft ideas image collage

Snowy Owl Contact Paper Craft – Snowy owls are a magical sight, with their brilliant white feathers and yellow eyes. Now kids can make their very own majestic snow owl, with the help of this fun and easy craft! Spend some quality time crafting together while allowing your little one’s creativity to blossom.

Toilet Paper Roll Olaf Craft – Olaf has stolen our hearts and kids are now able to bring him home with this unique kid-friendly craft! With just a few easy-to-find materials, children can create their very own Olaf in no time – and all without the help of a magical talking snowman.

Winter Activities For Kids

Looking to add a bit of educational fun to your next family outing? With these snowy owl worksheets, you can take your kiddos on an indoor adventure. By exploring the wild, wintry world of this majestic bird, your littles can practice their letter S. Even better–they’ll hardly even know they’re learning! So put those pencils to work and uncover the mystery of nature with these adorable worksheets!

As any experienced crafter knows, mastering the use of scissors is essential to creating beautiful projects. With these polar bear cutting activity pages, novice crafters will have a blast while they master this vital skill. Whether they are snipping away or simply tracing the outlined shapes, your little ones will explore their newfound creativity while they get their scissor chops in tip-top shape!

snowman dot to dots finished example

If your child loves snowmen to the point of being, in a sense, all things snowman, these snowman do a dot printables could be the perfect activity to keep them smiling while they develop their fine motor skills away from screens! Enjoy your free time with your little bundle of joy as they practice their hand-eye coordination!

As the winter chill kicks in, it can be hard to find fun activities for kids that will keep them entertained for longer than five minutes. It turns out that the perfect solution can be found in the form of these unexpected culprits – winter pattern block mats! With their creative shapes and eye-catching designs, these mats provide tons of entertainment while helping kids to hone in on important skills like shape recognition and problems solving.

three versions of snowman dot to dots

Winter Fun

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Free Snowman Dot to Dots Printables

Snowman Printables

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