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Free Snowman Do A Dot Printables For Kids

It’s so fun to see a child’s face light up with delight when it snows! They brave the cold to build a snowman and have snowball fights for a bit but then need to come inside to stay warm.

During the winter when they have to spend more time inside, it may not be easy to keep the kids engaged. That’s why we bring the snowmen indoors with these fun and educational snowman do a dot printables!

With these cute printables, they’ll get extra practice with their fine motor skills, counting, and letter recognition. These pages are great to use at home or in the classroom since they’re a great indoor activity that your kids will love to do again and again.

Keep the kids warm and around snowmen with our big list of snowman activities for kids to do indoors! Check out the ideas and plan some activities to keep the kids entertained and learning this winter!

Fun Snowman Do A Dot Printables

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  • Dot markers
  • White paper
  • Scissors (optional for fine motor page)

Simply print out the worksheets, grab those dot markers, and let the kids go to town!

Educational Snowman Printables

These snowman printables are so much fun, your kids won’t even realize they’re educational! They’ll help with fine motor skills, counting, letter recognition, and scissor skills.

And they’re great to use at home or in the classroom. Just print them out and let the fun begin! The best part is, when your kids are done, you’ll have cute and festive snowmen worksheets to hang on the fridge.

Not only were these worksheets fun, but they were also educational at the same time! Check out our other do a dot printables as well.

dot the number snowman worksheet

Winter Ideas For Kids

Looking for some more projects for your kids to do this winter? We’ve got you covered with all sorts of crafts and activities that will keep your kids busy.

We’ve compiled some of our favorites so all you have to do is pick a few (or all) projects and get to crafting! Keep reading below for some great ideas that your kids are sure to enjoy.

Winter Books For Kids

Reading out loud to kids has a number of benefits. For one, it helps to improve their language skills. Hearing words spoken aloud helps children to learn new vocabulary, and understanding the context in which words are used helps them to grasp their meaning.

In addition, reading out loud also helps to improve children’s listening skills and attention span. As they follow along with the story, they learn how to pay attention for extended periods of time and how to pick up on important details.

Finally, reading aloud also fosters a love of books and a desire to learn. When children see that reading can be enjoyable and entertaining, they are more likely to develop a lifelong love of learning. All of these benefits make it clear that reading out loud to kids is an important part of their development.

Below are some of our favorite winter-themed books to buy!

The Biggest Snowman Ever – When the mayor of Mouseville announces the town snowman contest, Clayton and Desmond claim that they will each make the biggest snowman ever.

The Snowy Day – This story shows a child’s wonder at a new world and the hope of capturing and keeping that wonder forever.

Sneezy The Snowman– Sneezy is COLD! And he’s trying to warm up without success. But, the kids know exactly how to help him!

snowman do a dot art page

Winter Crafts For Kids

Crafting is a great activity to do this time of year since the kids can stay warm inside having fun and learning.

This beneficial learning tool helps kids develop fine motor skills, gain decision-making skills, learn how to follow instructions, and more. All while they’re having fun creating, they are also learning about counting, patterns, shapes, and colors.

Kids build up their confidence when they complete a project, so get to crafting with your kids this winter!

Handprint Walrus Craft – Give our arctic friend a hand, handprint that is, for their cute flippers in this fun walrus craft! Kids will love to see this adorable animal come to life with their own personal touch added. Download the free printable to have the kids crafting in no time!

Puffy Paint Snowman – This winter craft is two projects in one! Kids will learn how to make puffy paint and then use it to paint their own snowman. Since the paint is puffy, the snowman has more of a three-dimensional look! They’ll finish building their snowman by adding the classic snowman apparel!

winter craft ideas image collage

Paper Plate Winter Hat Craft – A fun activity that will have kids painting and decorating their own beanie! We love a good paper plate craft, and this one will get the kids’ creativity going! Grab the free template to get crafting!

Photo Eskimo Craft for Kids – Your little Eskimos will be so cute in this personalized craft. They’ll love to see themselves all dressed up in their big fluffy coats in this fun craft.

Kids Winter Activities

do a dot printable page

Give the kids a hands-on activity using their pattern blocks and these cute winter pattern block mats. Not only are these mats fun to use, but they’re also great for helping to identify shapes and work on their fine motor skills. They’ll love all the different winter scenes in this set!

Entertain the kiddos with this set of winter do a dot printables. These pages will help children with number and letter recognition, math and reading skills, and fine motor skills. Grab the dot markers and these printables for a fun time learning. Laminate the pages for continued use throughout the winter!

letter s for snowman dot worksheets

Have your little cubs practice using their scissors with these polar bear cutting activity pages. As they master using their scissors, they will also gain hand-eye coordination, hand strength, and dexterity. The kids will love to see what adorable antics the polar bear gets up to in this free printable!

The kids will waddle on up to work on these free printable penguin worksheets! With these pages they’ll work on letter recognition with the letter maze, handwriting practice learning the letter P, and scissor skills when they label a penguin. This winter-themed activity is great for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Winter Fun

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Free Snowman Do A Dot Printables

Snowman Printables

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